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"... Sorry Jason Lo, I couldn't make it"

The story begins...

This afternoon,
I thought of going to Jason Lo's solo performance at the Laundry Bar in Mutiara Damansara. So I called up my friends to gather at his show.
So, I called Azhar, Leo and Lah.
Azhar invited me and Aisyah to go out for a drink after I called them.
I invited Leo and Firdaus came along too.

We planned and we thought of going there...
The people who confirmed to go was Me, Azhar, Lah, Leo and Firdaus.

That night, I've text Azhar and asked what time that he wanna go.
He said 9.30pm. OK! I text the others too...


It's 9.30pm and he didn't show up.
I rang his cell... He said that he is in USJ and I heard noises.
Owh, he's playing bowling!
He promised that he'll come at 9.45pm
Ok, I accept his promise.
I text the others that he might gonna be late.
At first, I thought that he was with Aisyah because she said that her friend is playing for tournament or something... yada yada yada...

The time was 9.45pm and I didn't even see his shadow.
So I waited again...
I called Wani Idayu to catch up with her.
After that, Leo called at 10pm. He said that he's not going if it's late.
I told him not to stop waiting for him because he's always late.
So he did...

10.15pm: I called Azhar again! He was still at USJ. On his way back...

10.30pm: Leo called and he said that he couldn't wait anymore. I called Azhar to say IT'S OFF! I couldn't wait any longer.

Seriously I have had enough of this! Not the first time... but it's the 4TH TIME!!!
I've took it very well for the previous four... this time, NO WAY! Your sorry is like a habit to you!

Let's check out the history!

1st time: We planned to go for a movie. We waited for 2 hours and canceled after 2 hours of waiting. Fadli was very disappointed.

2nd time: Same thing happened. Me, Aisyah and Afiqah waited almost an hour. He felt guilty and doesn't wanna talk about it. Me and Aisyah called Iznie and we went for McDonald because we were disappointed by him.

3rd time: Waited for 2 hours and a half... We did go because Aisyah really really wanted to see the movie but my mood was already spoilt. We even missed the 4 o'clock show. We watched it at 6.45pm show.

4th time: Waited for an hour... Sorry Jason Lo, I couldn't make it.

I called Leo's cell and Azhar is at his house. He passed the phone to Azhar... He told me the truth.
He said that he was with his brothers to play bowling. They were begging him to go out.

I said back to him that he can go out with whoever he wants but please inform us earlier so that we don't have to wait. I don't mind missing the show... Better one will come soon, right? If he's having a family time, just tell me! Don't make us wait like stupid! Even if it's my plan, I'm sorry if it's clashing with your plan. ... but please don't let us wait! Just tell me so that i can cancel!

After that, Lah came to my house. He gave me the chance to drive. He asked what did happen. I told him and when it comes to the part of the "waiting history", I started to cry while driving... I didn't even know which road that i go. I lost myself... This is the first time I confront with someone and I really got pissed off! I don't want to ruin the friendship but he made me ruin it for one stupid thing...

Come on... Azhar, don't be too eager for something. Please think! If you're busy, just say no!

Thanks to Lah, Amir, Leo and Firdaus for cheering me up after the incident... I came back home at 3am from Subang and we really had fun!