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This New Year Eve will be great!!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone!
I think that most of y'all are curious asking "What's with his asshole muthafuka's title?"
Wanna know why?


Please don't let me ended up in those usual boring New Year Eve...
I don't want to celebrate my new year by playing party sprays in Bukit Bintang and Bangsar.
I don't enjoy to see rempit creating a scene in KLCC and Dataran Merdeka.


I prefer to dancing the night away with great music and hard pumping beats!
Enjoying the uplifting beats and loud bass.
Watching the choreographed fireworks as the audio visualizer. (Hey, it's the first in Malaysia at the MidZone Countdown)

Hope it's not like MY Nation party at the last Merdeka Eve.
I was so excited to see Cosmic Gate but they were a flop.
Gosh, counting down to the midnight with bad introduction of music by Cosmic Gate.
That sucked! But Thrillseekers saved us with harder tunes.

Oh whatever, Stoneface & Terminal will bust us all with hard beats like what Judge Jules did during Velocity! hahahah! :P

Come on, let's party! Don't stuck yourself this new year eve with bad concerts in The Curve, bad crowds in KLCC and dirty yourself in Bukit Bintang.

Enjoy rave!

The End


The Intern has begun!

The Story Begins...

I couldn't believe that I am already in the 6th semester.
Wow. Two years and a half has already gone. And now, it's the final one!

Alrite, me and the team chose GLAM magazine for our final project.

I'm sure most of y'all would ask "WHY GLAM?" to me... I'll get back to the question later on.

me and my team-mates, we had an appointment with Wirda Adnan (the editor of GLAM magazine) to discuss about our final project for part 6. The meeting was fine. She did lent her ears listening to what our needs and wants for our final project. Even more, we did gave out ideas for what the magazine needed to improve. Ilya did gave brilliant ideas. She loves it a lot!

After listening to our "gedebak-gedebuk", she gave us few tasks!
OMG, it is a VERY, VERY important task for GLAM.

How should I tell it here...
It's going to be a very big surprise. Why don't y'all ask me? heheheh

As for today's meeting with Wirda Adnan, it really opened up my eyes towards this magazine. What I'm trying to say here is, this task gave myself a big challenge. Personally, I don't have a fashion background but through the tasks given, I could learn a bit about the fashion industry by local and also international. So, it's a challenge! Adli Syahril, the boy who loves to party, concerts and attending events ended in the fashion industry. Hmm, I could learn. :)

After finished meeting with her, we went to Bukit Bintang just to check on the previous issues of any fashion magazines. Anyway, Ilya called Wirda Adnan just to wish her with "Thank You" and later on, our first task began... "Pick up two dresses from Bernard Chandran boutique in KL Plaza since you guys are already there and bring it to the photoshoot this 26th." That's not all...
"I want you all to get some clothes from The Gardens & Pavilion this 26th too."

I'm sure the challenge will turn out to be great & fun.

So, back to the question... If you ask "Why GLAM?"
You asking the wrong question.

It should be, "Why not GLAM?"

The End


Trip to Kuala Lipis, Pahang

The Story Begins...

Last Tuesday,
me and my fellow mates, we went to Kuala Lipis, Pahang.
Oh well, we just wanted to hangout with each other, have a real good peace and away from the busy Klang Valley.

The people who went there was me, Najib, Hamdan, Amal, Bond, Tasya, Fido, Khaleeq and of course, the host; Awan. :)

We slept at Awan's house.
His family is so friendly.
The great grandma, the grandma, the parents, the aunt, they all are really cool.

Hamdan fetched me at 2.30pm and we went to Subang's Komuter to pick up Najib. Later on, we had our lunch together at Jaring in Sunway. For your information, I'm a sucker for Jaring! hahahaha. Totally. The food there is simply amazing. Lots of choices. Very good kampung food. Great ikan bakar. Alrite, now I'm tempted to eat there. Please someone! Bring me there for lunch! I'm sure you'll like the food there.

Anyway, we reached Petronas Gombak near UIA around 3.30pm but yes, of course, we had to wait for the others to come. As usual, everybody were late. hehehe. We continued our journey by 5.30pm after Amal came with her KIA Picanto and Awan came with his Gen2 after he picked up Tasya from Pudu Bus Station. For your information, Tasya came all the way from Parit Buntar to join us.

The trip was kinda long. Roughly around 3 hours of journey duration. We had to make a detour since there was a flood at Raub's main road. Owh, the flood was so horrible in Pahang, Kelantan and Johor.

We got there at 8.30pm. Took our bath. We had our dinner together. We had a little chit-chat, some sort of an ice-breaking session with the mother.

I was so surprised that her mother look so young. Awan and his mother look so cute together. It's like Awan is still her little baby. Momma's boy, I would say. Hahahah

What did we do there?

Oh my god. We really had a great time hanging out together. Smoking cigarettes while enjoying the morning breeze after breakfast with a great chat. Playing cards like there was no tomorrow. It was so funny to see that Bond just learn how to play Uno! Guess what, we got addicted to Uno. Gosh, it's like 5-6 years since my last Uno game. We drove around the Kuala Lipis town. Enjoying the sceneries of old buildings. Owh, FYI, Awan was previously had his education in Clifford High School in Kuala Lipis. It's the first school in Pahang since 1913. The buildings are beautiful. The roads and the forest made the place look even more awesome.

What else?
Owh ya, we traveled to Bukit Betong just to hang around at the railway tracks. It was awesome. Walking on the tracks up on the bridge and staring at the good view of the Pahang River.
It was kinda scary because the bridge was so high but the good view was worth it. And then, we had a BBQ at night. I love BBQ! How can I not miss it, right? hehehe. The best part was, we had LAMB! But it was limited :(
Thanks to Bond & Khaleeq for sharing it with us.
Yes, again... We played cards until morning.

We went back home on Thursday. We really had a very, very great time there!
Please AWAN! Do this again anytime soon.


Here are the photos of our trip.

Me & Najib while waiting for the others at Gombak

Hey, it's them! "Khaleeq, lama tak jumpa!" kata Adli! Hahahah

Group photo! :P

I'm in that car!

Awan's crib!

The living hall. I can't remember how many halls were there...

Are you sleeping, Najib?

BLACKJACK! Awan as the dealer.

One of Awan's ride.

The Resident's House on the hill

The Bukit Betong Railway.

The railway track on the bridge.

Us on the bridge!

Shop for the BBQ!

The BBQ!

Enjoying Uno, Amal?

Way back home.

I just love it there...

Wish that I could go there again :)
For more photos, please view Hamdan's Picasa Web Album

The End


MidZone Countdown 2008

The Story Begins...

MidZone Countdown 2008.
This is the party that you must not miss before the end of 2007.

Ok, I've been to almost every outdoor party this year. The year 2007 outdoor rave party started off by Speedzone at Menara KL, UV Nation at One Utama, MY Nation at Sunway Lagoon, IndepenDance at Putrajaya, Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering at Melaka and now... The year close with another great event; the MidZone Countdown 2008 at The Boulevard, Mid Valley.

The Visit Malaysia 2007 year has given us great parties and I believed that this one would be the best New Year Eve party compared to other years.

We've seen Yoji Biomehanika, Marco V, Benny Benassi, Scot Project, Thrillseekers, Cosmic Gate, Drum Connection, Sander van Doorn, Simian Mobile Disco and many other acts before this in this year. But... Don't forget. Everybody have to experience the sounds and vibes of DJ Stoneface & Terminal from Germany and DJ Matthew White from Hungary. Plus, VJ Sort from Japan will blow us away with great audio visualizations at the event.

Source: Myspace

I've few remix from Stoneface & Terminal and it's purely MASSIVE!
I really love their remix of Ronski Speed's Soulseeker and Gareth Emery's More Than Anything.
They are the headline DJ for MidZone Countdown 2008. I really would want to experience their amazing beats.

As for DJ Matthew White, I haven't listen to any of his mix but I'm sure he'll blast us off with a good mix too :)
That's what a DJ suppose to do; lift us up with euphoric tunes! hahaha

Click the image to enlarge

Other DJs to entertain the crowd are DJ Nesh (the resident DJ for Laundry Bar), DJ Jungle Jerry (this guys is brilliant... seen him lots of times this year), DJ Gabriel (he co-produced the album for Camelia!), and DJ Rowan (great guy!)

So, is there any reason not to miss this event?
Hmm, I don't think so...
The first ever in Malaysia to marry choreographed fireworks display with pulsating dance, and it is Fireworks Artistry at its best! That will be an experience for everyone at this rave party and also a New Year Eve celebration!

Spectacular line-up of international DJs, world class experience and also not in the middle of the city! You can avoid the traffic jam at the city centre.

Anyway, I think I'm up for this party.
Come on, everyone. This is everybody's rave destination that you must not miss.

Here are the details for the event

Event name: MidZone Countdown 2008

Location: The Boulevard @ Mid Valley

Date: 31st December 2008

Gates open: 7.00pm

Party time: 9.00pm

Ticket: RM75 (Pre-sale) - at any Ticketpro counter such as ROCK CORNER in One Utama, The Gardens, The Curve & Subang Parade, and Fantasy in Sunway Pyramid.

RM100 (Doorsale) - at the event itself.

For more ticketing information, please visit www.ticketpro.com.my or call 03-78807999

The End


Event Updates!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone!
The year 2007 is going to an end.
Oh man, I don't think next year's event will be as great as this year because Visit Malaysia 2007 pon dah nak abis, kot!

let me update you with the coming events.

1. Channel X by XPAX presents Dewa19 Malaysia Tour 2007 @ Various venues (15th-22nd December 2007)

There's no need of introduction for Dewa19. I'm very sure everybody has already know their songs (DUH!)
Here are the list of venues for the concert:

Stadium Likas @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - 15th December 2007 (Opening by Ella, Jinbara & Dewa-Dewi)
Stadium Perpaduan @ Kuching, Sarawak - 16th December 2007 Komtar-Geodesic Dome @ Pulau Pinang - 17th December 2007 Stadium Tertutup MBJB @ Johor Bahru, Johor - 18th December 2007 Stadium Negara @ Kuala Lumpur - 22nd December 2007 (Opening by Sheila Majid, Rabbani & Mulan Kwok)

The sitting plan for Stadium Negara is as shown below.

I would really love to go for this concert because they are the gods of rock in Indonesia. It's a great opportunity for everyone to attend this concert because they can rock you like hurricane! Unfortunately, I have to say "PASS" due to my family vacation. :(

2. DJ Aligator Rave Party @ PWTC Tun Razak Hall No. 1 (29th December 2007)

DJ Aligator is coming to Malaysia! the "Blow My Whistle Bitch" guy! Pre-sale is RM103 and doorsale price is RM123.

Personally, I think it's too pricey! There are still many event for the New Year Eve.

3. MidZone Countdown Party 2008 @ The Boulevard, Mid Valley (31st December 2007)

I guess that I'm up for this.
Hey, Stoneface & Terminal, and Matthew White are the headline DJs for this event. Stoneface & Terminal is coming to town, BABY! RM75 with 3 f&b per ticket. ;)

So, if anyone interested to come with me for this one, please... contact me! :)

4. H2O New Year Eve's Beach Blast @ Sunway Lagoon Beach Resort (31st December 2007)

Nick Riley & Andi Durrant with Gina Dootson & Switch MC are the headlines alongside with Bittersweet & Deserters as their opening act. Pre-sale RM100 and Doorsale at RM120.

Hmm, good headline! Gina Dootson on vocals! I'm going to stick with MidZone Countdown as it has a better price & offer.

5. Just One More Party @ Laundry Bar, The Curve (31st December 2007)

Hey, if you are looking for something free, 3 different rooms and different genres which consists of Indie, Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, House & Electro, Laundry Bar is the right place. DJ Raysoo mentioned in his Myspace that he'll be spinning some decks OUTDOOR for this event. Other line-ups? Not sure. :P

So, have you made your decision yet?
As it's the end of Visit Malaysia 2007, I'm sure that all these events would be a BLAST!
Drop some comments if you have any information on any event which I didn't cover :)
Thank you.

The End


My Chemical Romance @ Stadium Merdeka (9th December 2007)

The Story Begins...

This week would be my 4th week of entertainment.

My Chemical Romance concert at Stadium Merdeka.

I went there with Juli & Joanne from Subang.
We gerak from home at 6.15pm.
We had a GREAT traffic jam.
We hitted a Vios, thank god that person is a really nice guy. He didn't mad at us.
We reached there at 8pm.
The ticket for the blue zone (RM163) was sold out. DAMN!
We got the green zone (RM103) ticket for only RM73.
It was drizzling.
Thanks to the organizer for giving out free raincoat to everyone.

The concert was good.
Gerard's voice is not that bad for a live concert.

Muse did better compared to MCR but it's still great to have MCR here in Malaysia.
We really did enjoy the concert!

The crowd.... MOSTLY KIDS!
It's like the kids brought their parents to the concert... not the parents brought their kids.

The most memorable song of the night was Helena, Cancer, Mama, Teenagers and Famous Last Words. They did something different for the Helena's introduction. I didn't expect that they were going to perform Mama because of the word "Mama, we're all going to hell" but of course, Malaysians are getting more open minded. :)
Teenagers was really really fun moment. Famous Last Words as their last song. IT WAS THE BOMB!

Muse played 19 songs.
My Chemical Romance did 17 songs.

Songs that I expected but didn't play that night:

1. It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
2. Thank You For the Venom (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
3. Disenchanted (from the Black Parade)
4. The Ghost of You (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)

Here is the set list for the concert:

1. This Is How I Disappear
2. Dead!
3. I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
4. Give 'Em Hell Kid
5. The Sharpest Lives
6. Mama (the BEST!)
7. Cemetery Drive
8. Welcome to the Black Parade (the BEST!)
9. I Don't Love You
10. House of Wolves
11. You Know What They Did To Guys Like Us in Prison
12. Helena (the BEST!)
13. Teenagers (the BEST!)
14. Sleep
15. Cancer (the BEST!)
16. Desert Song
17. Famous Last Words (the BEST!)

My Chemical Romance is the closing concert for me as I couldn't go for Dewa 19's concert because of family vacation. :(

Here's the photo of us at the event.

The big poster outside the stadium

Me & Juli

The Crowd

Credits to Chenws of PhotoMalaysia Forum

Gerard Way on stage (Credits to Chenws from PhotoMalaysia Forum)

Famous Last Words! (Credits to Chenws from PhotoMalaysia Forum)

Us with Faizal Tahir

in our raincoat

Going back in a happy feeling, right joanne?

For more photos, please visit my Multiply.

Here's the video of Welcome To Black Parade live at Stadium Merdeka!!

The End


J.Co Donut & Coffee @ Pyramid 2

The Story Begins...

Last night,
me and my friends went to Sunway Pyramid.
We picked up Waney at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie as she stayed there for the weekend with the family.

In Sunway Pyramid,
I did my first attempt to line up at the J.Co Donut & Coffee. Hey, we survived in less than 15 minutes to get our donuts! Thanks to Waney because if it wasn't because of her, I don't think I would want to line up.

I had half dozen of donuts. I brought it back home for my parents because the other day, me and my mom wanted to line up at Pavilion KL but the line was too long. So we quit waiting.

That "Why Nut?" seriously look tasty!

J.Co Donut & Coffee was originated from Indonesia and the business is owned by an Indonesian Hairdresser named Johnny Andrean. Wow. A hairdresser?
The most popular donut from J.Co is Al Caponne. Even my mum said that it's her favorite.

See the quantity of boxes there. I can't find my box!

Alrite. I had Al Caponne, Coco Loco, Why Nut?, Caviar Strawberry, Heaven Berry & Tira Miss U.

The half dozen is for RM11.50... That is less than RM2 for a donut. :)

Not to say that it's the best but it's tasty and kinda addictive. You guys should give it a try.
You can find J.Co Donut & Coffee in Pyramid 2 and Pavilion KL (in Malaysia, of course).

The End


Live & Loud KL @ Equestrian Park, Bukit Kiara (Turn On the Pop)

The Story Begins...

Last Saturday,
Matt sms-ed me saying that he has 5 tickets for the Turn On the Pop concert.
He asked me to be there before 7pm.
I got excited because the night before the concert, Me and Aizat was like "OMG, tomorrow is Whitney's concert and it's her comeback. Please god drop us some tickets."


So, the first person that I called was Aizat because he is a ballad/pop maniac.
And then I called Anis because she can't follow me to the My Chemical Romance concert.
I called Juliana and she was shouting on the phone because she has a family gathering/bonding to attend. And I called Khaleeq because he enjoys good artist and we love big event!

We got out of the house by 6.15pm and reached there roughly around 6.50pm. We got our tickets from Matt & Fazli and then we went to Burger King in Hartamas while waiting for Aizat to come.

The road was crazy!
People parked at the side of the highway all the way from Kiara to Hartamas. The National Science Centre's parking was full and everybody simply triple park at the roadside up to the housing area in Damansara Heights. Crazy.
We managed to double park. We saw Mahirah, she did triple! hahahaha.

We entered the concert around 9.00pm. At that time, local performers were on stage such as Jaclyn Victor, Lah (V.E.), Noryn Aziz, Mode (Ruffedge), Azan (Ruffedge), Nikki and Anuar Zain. They sang English songs like the improvise version of I Will Survive by Noryn Aziz, other familiar songs which I can't remember the title and ended the medley with That's What Friends Are For. It was quite tiring hearing them because they performed one-by-one, 3 rounds, medley. Pop and ballad is not my thing, actually.

Later on, Shaggy came on stage. Woahhh, that man was awesome! He brought down the house, baby! Oh well, same as the K-Ci & Jojo's concert, Shaggy did those booty thingy and explicit moves to the audience. He played with the microphone like his dick, put it inside his pants like it's already erected, asked the crowd to show off the middle finger. WTF? Can't believe it's happening here in Malaysia. Kinda disturbing but very enjoyable. Hahahahah! He sang the famous Boombastic, In the Summertime, Oh Carolina, It Wasn't Me, Angel, Hey Sexy Lady, Strength Of a Woman, and he sang his new song for the upcoming album. I'm not sure of the title. The best thing is, he brought his sidekick, Ricardo, the one who sang It Wasn't Me with Shaggy, and also Rayvon.

By 12.30am, Whitney Houston went on stage singing If I Told You That. Alrite, the band and her singing doesn't suit each other for the first song. Whitney changed her clothes twice for her one-hour-and-a-half show. She seemed "high" on stage. I mean that she even crapped to herself on stage, her pitch was out, not as what we were expected. Come on, we are expecting something memorable like the high voice, giving us crazy goosebumps and she didn't even reach her high notes. She sang My Love is Your Love with her daughter on stage. That was one of the best part of her performance :)

She sang If I Told You That, My Love is Your Love (with her daughter, Bobby Christina), Heartbreak Hotel, Exhale (Shoop Shoop), Medley of Saving All My Love For You, Greatest Love of All, All At Once and You Give Good Love, Step By Step, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, It's Not Right But It's Ok, How Will I Know, I Go to the Rock, I Believe In You and Me (2 verses) I Will Always Love You and I'm Every Woman as encore. 10 songs from Whitney Houston? Wow man, that's worth it. Seeing her singing 10 songs in Malaysia. No wonder the ticket cost RM260.

We missed the performance by Elliot Yamin & Project Pop :(

The overall concert was just ok... Like Whitney said, "it's not right but it's ok". hahaha....
Apa kena mengena?

Whatever it is, everybody enjoyed the show eventhough her singing was a bit turn-off.
The concert finished at 2am and we went to eat at Murni with Mahirah & her cousin. :)

Here are some photos of the concert (Taken from Aizat camera):

The ticket

the crowd

Noryn Aziz in full band

Jaclyn Victor

The back side of Shaggy

Shaggy & Ricardo singing It Wasn't Me

We * Us * Kami * Kitorang

The three "sisters"

Zarra & Shariman

Me & "Boy George" of Malaysia

A video of Whitney's performance. Eventhought it was not her best performance but it's still great!

Updated: A photo of Whitney Houston's performance taken from Mahirah's camera (photo taken by me)

p/s: More photos in my multiply

The End