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Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2008 this March?!

The Story Begins...

Oh yes,
I'm about to reveal this upcoming event that you guys wouldn't want to miss!

Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2008 @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park (15th March 2008)

What event is this?

Imagine this! 22 live acts and 4 stages! ISN'T THAT MASSIVE!?

Acts that are in the pipelines are Incubus, The Roots, The Offspring and others will be reveal soon by the organizer.

The list of acts which I've found on Myspace:

1. Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army (Funk, R&B & Soul)
2. Incognito (Jazz Funk)
3. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (Funk, R&B)
4. Richard Bailey (Fusion, Funk, Jazz) <--- Play drums for Incognito as well
5. Kidd Funkadelic (Metal)

Those acts put up the event in their tour dates. Yang lain-lain, i'm not sure :P
Hopefully we could get to see great bands coming to Malaysia!

If you can't get enough of Sunburst, rumors saying that lots and lots of great acts are coming here soon!
Switchfoot & Explosions in the Sky are confirm coming here. I want to go for Explosions in the Sky if got friend coming along :)
Rihanna & Celine Dion are expected to perform in KL either March or April. So as the Click Five for a full concert.
Toto is coming this March in Cyberjaya.
Sean Kingston & Colbie Caillat are also scheduled to promo their album in Malaysia early half of 2008.

Who else?
Mika, Maroon 5 & Bon Jovi might be coming here too but no confirmation dates have been made yet.

Hey, hey...
Someone said that... SPEEDZONE TOUR 2008 will be held again at KL Tower this 22nd of March. A week after Sunburst KL International Music Festival. Shit, have to save up my cash by now!

Either this May or June, three superstar DJs are making their way to KL. This one will be BIG!
Why? You'll know it soon.. :P
I can't reveal it here because I've made a promise with the contact person! hehehe.

So, save up your money!
Book your air flight ticket!
Create excuses for your parents!
Get a new clothes!
Cuz this year's event is bigger than ever...

The End.


Estranged, you rock!

The Story Begins...

Shockingly! Shocking! Shocking!
Estranged... the newbie in the music scene!
Congratulations for winning the Anugerah Juara Lagu.
Wow! Surprising!
You guys are awesome!

To those yg tak menang sure SENTAP (nada mengaji)!
My guess was correct!

The End


Be Aware!

The Story Begins...

An info that might be useful for you!

"Hi everyone, not here to spoil your party mood but wanted to inform everyone that Operasi Chinese New Year Makan duit has begun. Raids and roadblocks in KL are very much confirmed. PJ area is safe at the moment. Operasi will begin in Maison Asian Heritage Row and lead up to the Cheras areas. Not that if you are clean its ok, but being trapped in a club (Squatting down) until 6am in the morning whilst those POLICEMEN call your name one by one isn’t great fun. So be safe, party in PJ areas near your homes, if you live in KL, good luck and Happy Chinese New Year."


Me and my buddies went for clubbing last night. The craziest party I had. Even the most quiet person in my batch joined us. Everybody was damn cranky especially Aizat n Fiq. But after I read this, guess i have to stop at the moment... for chinese new year. Selalunya time Chinese New Year la diorg *cough* the cops. hehehe...

February ni dah la Above & Beyond coming down to Zouk KL. Also an event night at Maison KL. Just be careful. :-)

Don't let this happen to u! Hehehhe

The End


I love audio visualization!

The Story Begins...

Few nights ago,
I went clubbing with my friends and the party was really really great!
Good house & electro.
The DJ played tunes from Josh Wink, Pakito, Bob Sinclair, Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz and whole lot of the latest electro (which you can find in the Ministry of Sound CD series & Hed Kandi)

The best part was the audio visualization is great!
They uses the LED screen as their visual display.
I've seen one in Ruums at the top of the stage. As for this club that I went, the wall behind the DJ is the LED screen. Senang cerita, dinding berskrin LED. hehehe.

And suddenly it reminds me of The Chemical Brothers.
Hahahah. Takde kena-mengena sebenarnya with my clubbing experience.
Tapi cuma nak cerita about the visuals that they use at clubs and rave parties.

I browsed through the Internet to watch The Chemical Brothers' concert.
The visual is really really great.
Nothing can ever compared to it.
It was done by their (Chemical Brothers) myspace creator.

Seriously, it's one awesome visual for a rave party.

As from what I've had experienced, the best audio visual was by VJ 4youreye for Speedzone in Menara KL. It was really dark, eerie, creepy and scary.

"the sound is always as good as the visuals" -4youreye-

Malaysia pun dah ada local VJ (Visual Jockey)
The most famous one is Altered Image. They are really awesome in making live visuals for parties.
They did the visuals for IndepenDance party and also Recharge: Global Arena.
I still remember those vintage ladies! heheheh

I don't have videos of their visuals but let's watch Chemical Brothers live concert.
Check out their live visuals + lightings.
It's really great! Don't you blink an eye! hehehe

I'm currently downloading the video of Chemical Brothers' concert live in Glastonbury.

It's very rare... You can't even find it in torrent!

It's been 3 days and still hasn't finished yet

Let's watch the YouTube version of the concert.

Check out the visuals!


p/s: Caution! Strobing content! hehehe

The End


Listen to this!

The Story Begins...

I'm a big fan of Tiesto.
So crazy over his mix since forever.
Oh well, you know. I browse through YouTube like almost every week to watch his latest concert. God! I can't wait for the tour to be in Malaysia. :P

Anyway, later on. I found that Tiesto played the remix of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack done by Mat Zo.
So, I clicked on it and watch the video.
It is a real massive track!

Guess what?!
Mat Zo, the man behind the remix of Motion Picture Soundtrack is only 16 years old!

Here's his bio from Myspace

"UK born, Matan Zohar (aka Mat Zo, Reif, Unripelemon), only 16, has made a sudden appearence on the EDM scene. After 3 years of producing varied electronic music, ranging from Drum and Bass to Trance, he discovered Progressive House. This discovery lead him to being trcklisted by some of the worlds top DJs. But still a teenager, Mat Zo is at the beginning of a long career.

Since his transition into Progressive Dance music, he explored all the flavours the genre had to offer including, Electro Prog, Markus Schulzish Trance, James Holdenish Minimal House and good old fashion Progressive House. All of his varied styles have gained huge recognition. His Remix of Holden and Thompson's 'Nothing' saw him gain a name for himself on a bigger scale. Mat Zo should soon become a popular name on EDM scene.

On the road to success, Mat Zo has gained great support from DJs such as DJ R-Man, DJ Tarkan, Jav D, Micah, Airwave, Andy Moor and Markus Schulz. Also his tracks have been spun by DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Mike Shiver, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and many others.

As a DJ, you could say that Mat Zo is a beginner. But he is already gaining credibility as a radio DJ, with mixes featured on many highly rated radio stations. Since he is still young, he hasn't been offered many bookings for clubs. However Mat will continue to grab audiences accross the world through the aid of technology."

Superstar DJs has already played his tracks on their gigs!

check out Mat Zo's myspace at http://www.myspace.com/matzomusic

Here are the videos of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack remix by Mat Zo.

The track itself

Taken from Tiesto's live concert

The End.


Untitled at the moment :P

The Story Begins...

What a stupid title for this post!
I have no idea to blog about right now.

I've just got back home from Universiti Malaya. They had this drama play competition.
Anis dengan Mursyidah berlakon! Hahahah! Funny.
Anis is a Medical student and Mursyidah is doing architecture.
Even I'm in Mass Comm tak berlakon! (oh well, Mass Commers are actors in reality)

Anyway, I saw this one guy who look very familiar. So, Mursyidah introduce him to us (me, Azrina, Cikgu Hanim n Azhar). He's the ensemble for PGL Musical rupanya. He told us the planning for PGL & P Ramlee both tak jadik. Supposedly by this time around dah start rehearsal. Huh, punah harapan. Oh ya, why did I said he' familiar... I've got the chance to see "Jarum Halus" at the GSC International Screen, Mid Valley and he looked like one of the supporting actors! Hahahha! kelakar. Mungkin pelanduk dua serupa.

Jarum Halus pada pendapat aku... I think it's good! Based on Shakespere's Othello. Tapi a bit dragging gak. Seni pon seni la beb... But I really think that it's just too long with a boring cinematography. Dah kata amateur kan? hehehe... But it's good storyline. I love the monologue of Iskandar tuh. It's recommended for you to watch it ALONE! Not with friends. Takot nanti member kata bosan sampai ko pon jadik bosan gak.

Owh, the eve of Muharam pon aku tgk movie gak dengan Erwan, bini dia n Najib. We went to Cineleisure to see Moliere. A french movie. It's only available at the PictureHouse in Cathay Cineleisure. Ala-ala International Screen gak la. Best giler movie tuh! I love french movie. Especially Run Lola Run. Ada banyak lagi movie french yg aku tengok tapi kat astro box office la. hahaha!

Both movies are recommended for you to watch! Jarum Halus cuma ada kat Mid Valley, Pavilion & One Utama. As for Moliere plak cuma ada dekat Cineleisure.

Back to the story about UM.
Whoah, Anis berlakon as a tomboy yang tengah koma. She could only communicate with her dead friend but in the same time, she could hear the visitors bercakap ngan dia. which is her another friend la. Apa aku merepek ni. But anyway, dia punya story flashback la. How 3 friends berkawan since the past 12 years. End up sorang mati. Lagi sorang koma. Yg sedih sekali is that they never celebrate hari raya together. Diorg mesti seperated at the last day of Ramadhan.
Ending dia.. Dia dah bangun balik dari koma waktu takbir raya. BEST! unfortunately, that play was just 45 minutes. The cut it short from the real duration of 2 hours 30 minutes. Sebelum ni diorg pernah buat play tu, katanya la! Congrats to Mia for winning best supporting actress!

Mursyidah punya play pulak pasal golongan hamba yang dihina dan ditindas oleh golongan atasan. Good one too! Menang dua anugerah! Congrats! Kalau tengok set korang pon memang nampak besar dan mahal! Ko mmg boleh jadik hakim! hahahah

As for this week, aku tengok 2 filem dan 3 teater... Semuanya berkisarkan masyarakat dan seni. Bila aku tengok, tersentuh hati pon ada. Tergelak pun ada. Tapi sekali-sekala bagi ruang untuk fikirkan hiburan berunsur berat ni best. Boleh buat kita fikir sejenak. Boleh buat AKU fikir (to be precise). Tanggapan orang kepada golongan rendah. Persahabatan yg akhirnya musnah. Memang aku tersentap bila tengok cerita tuh.

Hopefully apa yg aku tengok tu tidak akan menjadi satu realiti dalam hidup aku sekarang ni. Let bygones be bygones. Adli kena hidup!

The End


The New Semester

The Story Begins...

I hate it!
I really really miss my old housemates.
Matt, Khaleeq, Azmir, Fakhrul, Aizat and Paul.

I miss our crazy moments.
We were so loud! Did all those stupid actings. Main kawin-kawin la. Melayan kerenah Aizat. Climb the fence at 5am.

Boring la sekarang!
Aizat is still with me but I miss those who I can share my stories too...

Sekarang nak bergossip also dah susah since it's the whole new housemates & environment.
The person that I can trust is not there anymore.
Biarlah aku senyap sorang diri jer. Biarlah aku jadik pasif kat rumah baru tu.
Ye la, aku ni menumpang jer. Bukan rumah sendiri. Bukan orang di kalangan aku pon. :(

Anyway, intern with GLAM is great but it's kinda tough.
Firstly, aku takde knowledge sangat about fashions and trends but I really want to learn. Lagi satu, working with a very influential magazine would make a good resume too :P

Hmm, Alhamdulillah.
My idea of an outdoor MPG is selected!
Thanks to the voters.
We'll try our best to bring the greatest MPG ever.

What else...
Oh ya, Encik Fareezan just told me that Encik Lan showed my assignment to the whole class.
He said that mine is one of the best. I felt so grateful.
Yelah, aku ni boleh buat keje tapi takleh jawab soalan. pasal tuh la aku dapat C untuk puan nora. Takat puji kerja tak cukup kalau aku takde otak. hish.. :(

I just hope that this semester would turn out fine.
Insya-Allah, jangan ada masalah lagi.

Jangan menangis. Lawan balik. (bak kata Naz)

The End


The New Year Party!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
Happy New Year!

I had a great New Year Eve.
MidZone Countdown 2008 was totally blew me away!

Kudos to Forward Start Sdn Bhd for organizing this one great rave party!

I want to say thanks to Kimberly for giving me two free tickets and SiuPakChoi from MASH for selecting me as the winner of the backstage pass.

Everybody was friendly that night.

Sorry to Jeremy Paran for not attending the H2O Beach Blast in Sunway because I got free tix for MidZone.

Anyway, I went to the party with Dollah hitam, Faridah and Amalyna. We met Lah at the party.
Chip and his friends were there. Najibah and her friends too. Who else? Bad from Klubbers.

There were this guy who greeted me at the entrance. He said that he was from Klubbers too but I couldn't recall his name. Sorry dude! We did partied together for Stoneface & Terminal, right? hahaha!

The party was hosted by Serena C. She's making the whole rave party like a concert with her sore throat. hehehe.

Great staging. Lots of lasers. Great lightings. As for the soundsystem, the bass wasn't enough for me. :P
Fireworks show... AWESOME!
It was choreographed with the music. I love it when they played the slow song with the slow movement of fireworks.

Hmm, I did went to the backstage for the meet-the-fan session.
Stoneface & Terminal gave us (the backstage passer) their latest CD (Wide Range) and a t-shirt of their record label; Euphonic Records.

Bad's friend brought the Stoneface & Terminal vinyl for them to sign and Bad brought something for the DJs.

What else...
DJ Nesh was spinning R&B tunes with Vandal as the MC.
Dhol Federation played the percussion at the crowd's podium with the sounds of Trance.
Lion Dance!
The awesome laser show too.

Lots of familiar tracks.
Matthew White kicked off with Faithless' Insomnia. He played Let Me Think About It by Fedde Le Grand and Ida Cor alongside with the Dhol Federation playing percussion and also David Guetta's Love Is Gone.
For your information, Dhol Federation played at the Rainforest World Music Festival before this. :P

Stoneface & Terminal as the last DJ act for the night played lots of their great tracks!
My favorite Soulseeker & More Than Anything too.
I was pumping my fist up enjoying their mix of trance & NRG.
It was an experience that I couldn't forget...

Thanks again to Kim & SPC. We all had a great party!

Here are some photos:


Stoneface & Terminal with fans :)

Dhol Federation on the podium.

The laser dancer

DJ Nesh, MC Vandal & Jungle Jerry with the dancers


It's playtime, party people!

The fireworks

Faridah & the lion!

Last night the DJs save my life... with the SONG! Nyanyi pulak!


Happy New Year 2008!

The End.