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ONLINE RADIO: Malaysia Unite Tonight

The Story Begins...

Don't forget to catch these local DJ acts on the 6th of December 2008 LIVE in your house, in your room, in your computer. Direct to you LIVE over the Internet.

These guys gonna rock your socks off!

Danny Oh, DJ Love, Mister Ariffin, Celtique, Fono and the duo from KUL Radio; Simon Lee and Alvin.

Here are the details

Malaysia Unite Tonight: A Worldwide Broadcast

Listen through http://www.neradio.com/

6th December 2008, Saturday
4pm to 4am

Danny Oh
DJ Love
Mister Ariffin
Simon Lee and Alvin

Just click here

It is 12 hours of non-stop Dance music, 6 DJs back to back in ONE online radio event!

I think this is the first ONLINE RADIO event ever from Malaysia! Cool thing!
Join them and be a part of the history!

Grab your 7.1 Altec Lansing soundsystem and plug it in, baby!

Adli Syahril says: All the best to you guys! I know y'all can rock us hard.

The End


AFTER PARTY: Zouk Grand Launch

The Story Begins...

The only thing that I could say after I got the whole picture of Zouk KL was "OMG, WTF! I never knew this place is this big!"

I reached Zouk around 9.30pm and the rain was drizzling since I don't know when and it became heavier by the time Serena C announced the launch and open the door for everyone at 10.15pm. Terrace Bar was too packed with people who wanted the drinks cuz the free-flow session end at 10pm. Some gave up to get the drinks because the line was too long. I thought the whole free-flow thingy is all night for the invitees & VIPs. Damn it.

After the door opened, I took a little tour around the premise.

There were too many doors and I don't have a clue on which one is what! Zouk, Phuture and Velvet are connected with shortcut doors. It's a cool thing cuz we all could enjoy different music at different room.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Let me give you some clues of the rooms

1. Zouk
  • The amazing new flagship venue will feature one of the region's most impressive club installations of LEDs, Plasmas and CO2 jets. Zouk Will play the best dance music in the world featuring residents and international guests.
  • Tuesdays - Ghetto Heaven; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays - Global; Saturdays - Fuze
  • Age limit - 21 above for Men & Ladies (Tuesdays); 23 years for Men & 21 for Ladies (Thursdays - Saturdays).
2. Phuture
  • Experience the Phuture. A funky and intimate clubbing venue that will blow your senses away with the multitude urban events heightened by the groundbreaking sound and light system and excellent service standars.
  • Wednesdays - The Original Mambo Jambo; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays & Saturdays - Flava; Sundays - Loco.
  • Age Limit - 23 years for Men, 21 for Ladies (Wednesdays - Saturdays); 21 for both (Sundays)
3. Velvet Underground
  • Velvet Underground is already synonymous with being the fashionable, high class and altogether more grown-up affair. KL's premier party haunt is given a stunning makeover to cater for more retro Mambo Jambo nights in sophisticated surroundings.
  • Wednesdays - The Original Mambo Jambo; Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays & Saturdays - Mambo (Every fortnightly Friday - K.A.M. @ Velvet)
  • Age Limit - 25 years for Men, 21 for Ladies (Wednesdays - Saturdays)
4. Barsonic (YEAHHH!!!)
  • Let's get sonic! Fashionable, edgy, credible and downright fun new venue for the trend-setters and night owls. This is where indie, electro and mash-up fans run riot.
  • Thursdays - 4PLAY; Fridays - Twilight Actiongirl; Saturdays - Supersonic
  • Age Limit - 21 years for both Men & Ladies
5. Aristo
  • By all standards, a drop dead stunner of a venue and another jewel in their already bulging crown cabinet! The new house music venue and dedicated Moest & Chandon champagne bar for the party lifestyles of the creme of society.
  • Open from Monday to Sunday
  • Age Limit - 25 years for Men, 21 years for Ladies
6. Terrace Bar
  • Reinvigorated with an exciting new partner - the award winning team from Relish. A bar, a bistro, a restaurant and the escape from the madding crowd.
  • Opens from Monday to Sunday

I really, really like the new Zouk. The whole new concept.

Phuture was totally packed. Great music played by Terence C & Leonard T at the Zouk Mainroom. The electro house was great. The new door policy kinda suck. I can't attend the Sasha appearance in Malaysia :(

Anyway, the Grand Launch party was good. At least we all get the clearer image why the place took a very long time to construct and had to re-schedule its opening from a date to another date.

Overall, it is worth the wait. Good job, Zouk.

Now we all can't wait to jump on the cushions at Barsonic! We want Twilight Actiongirl and Lapsap!

Check out the photos!

The love behind the DJ console at Velvet Underground

Packed at the bar of the mainroom. :(

Aryn and her boyfriend, Firdaus

Me and Aryn. The Lapsap freaks! :P

Miss Catherine Lee

The good people. Thanks, guys for letting me join ya! :D

Now I realize that I have a fat face.

Thanks to Advertlets for the invite

Adli Syahril says: let's get ON THE MOVE!!!

The End


MUSIC: Justice - A Cross The Universe

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Justice has just released their live album and documentary album yesterday (November 24th 2008). Justice who is famous with tracks such as "D.A.N.C.E", "Waters of Nazareth" and the clash sound with Simian titled "Never Be Alone (We Are Your Friends)".

The live portion of the album was recorded at their concert in San Francisco on March 27th 2008.

The DVD portion is the release of their documentary during their North American tour in March 2008 and it is directed by Romain Gavras, So-Me and the band themselves (Gaspard Auge, Xavier de Rosnay). The documentary is mainly covers their personal experience during their tour and some of their live shows.

Their music style has been said as a mix of heavy metal influence and combines cut-up bass lines with a compressed and distorted synth sound. Their music also includes bass slapping which makes'em a bit of electro house style.

Check out the trailer of the documentary

and their live video...

Live at Summer Sonic

Live at Rock Werchter

As quoted by the duo in the Montreal Mirror:
“Yes, we are actually Christian,” the thoughtful AugĂ© carefully reveals. “But the cross that we use is something that we prefer to let people interpret in whatever way they want. Because that way it’s more stimulating to the imagination than things that are explicitly explained, like saying, ‘Okay, we’re Christians, gotta go to church,’ or whatever. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We find it far more interesting to allow people to create their own version of the image.”

The ostensibly Christian demeanour certainly lies in stark contrast to the general behaviour witnessed at the events at which Justice perform. The music too is somewhat at odds with the supposed austerity of Christianity.

Adli Syahril says: I am still a Muslim :)

The End


POPCORN: Even More Awesome! Disney Animation "BOLT" Available in Digital 3-D

The Story Begins...

Disney's latest animation "Bolt" will be make it's debut in 3-D digital format on the 27th of November 2008. Confirmed participating cinemas are Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC) and Tanjong Golden Village Cinemas (TGV) both will extend this 3-D facility to GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1 Utama (New Wing), TGV KLCC and TGV Sunway. There will be a dedicated queue to selling tickets to this special show.

This move will pave the way for more 3-D movies available in digital format tentatively slated to be released next year.

For movie goers who are hungry for more movies in 3D digital format they can look forward to catch more titles next year like Disney's "Jonas Brothers in Concert" (April), life-action 3-D move "G-Force" (July) and Disney's Pixar "Up" (August) and "A Christmas Carol" (December 2009). Disney also plans to re-release "Toy Story" (November 2009) and "Toy Story 2" (Feb 2010) and "Toy Story 3" (June 2010) in 3-D digital format.

The 2-D version of "Bolt" will also be sneaking in cinemas from 28th November to 30th November and available in cinemas nationwide from December 4th.

Both GSC and TGV 3-D in digital format offering will feature the Dolby Digital Cinema System which features outstanding Dolby audio quality and reliability. With the Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema, movie goers will be engaged in a much richer and compelling manner in terms of realism. The events on-screen will be closer to real life i.e. larger than life. The experience will be more vivid and enthralling.

The Dolby 3-D digital cinema projects alternating full-colour images from the left eye and right eye that are not quite identical with respect to their primary colour frequencies. Movie audiences with the passive glasses with filtering lenses that are precisely tuned to these differences, thereby preventing each eye from seeing the images intended from the other eye. The digital projection would eliminate the usual "scratches" on screen with the wear and tear for film projection. The 3-D digital is an advance technology from the existing IMAX 3-D version in Malaysia which happens to be on analog format as it is on film.

Movie Synopsis - "BOLT"

For super-dog Bolt (voiced by John Travolta), every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue - at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the canine star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet, a cross-country journey in the real world.

Armed only with the delusion that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely travelling companions - a jaded, abandoned house cat named Mittens, and a TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino - Bolt discovers he doesn't need superpowers to be a hero.

Miley Cyrus of "Hannah Montana" fame brings her vocal talents to the role of Penny, Bolt's human co-star on the TV series. Catch "Bolt" in 3-D at selected GSC & TGV cinemas from November 27th, and 2-D format from December 4th onwards (sneak preview will be available from 28th November) in cinemas nationwide.

Look out also for new song and music video, "I Thought I Lost You" by Travolta and Cyrus! :D

Adli Syahril says: What an awesome 3D experience since "Journey to the Center of the Earth"!!! It is wayyyy better than the old-fashioned Jaws 3D... heheheh. Go and catch it. It's worth the money!

The End


AFTER PARTY: Freedom Elite @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

The Story Begins...

No one can say no to free party and free flow of drinks. Yeah! Me and other 4,999 people attended the current best local event production since the last 2 Days of Freedom in Port Dickson.

Freedom Elite party was held on the 22nd November, Saturday at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Everyone were pretty excited of the event because it was the only remedy for the no-longer-exist-Recharge-Revelation party.

Big names of act came to keep us stomped our feet with their great skills of rap, turntable, mixing and awesome tracks.

Blink and Inquisitive were great but their set was too short to me. LCK, Mike Koglin and Scot Project were totally rocked the house!

Kudos to Scenique Production for doing such a great event production. Great lightings, lasers, the show and stage. Good selection of DJs... and the most important thing, we all had a great time partying with our friends!

Thanks to everyone who came and say hi to me. Let's party again soon.

A great R&B session

Dude, you're too tall!

Some people just love to pose at the party! hahaha

With the backbone of GLAM magazine

Everyone loves Mike Koglin!

The Bangkok Invaders vs Money Exchange Movement on stage

Party people!

Blink of Lapsap and Inquisitive

Fuzz, Sue and Shereena!

Ok, this photo is weird!

Dhaima before tipsy... hehehe

Chip was in a higher state of unconsciousness!

This is Bob. He uses Fat Burner before attending the party.

Jeremy and Ilya

Melvin and his friend

The real party rockstar, Bad!

Dhaima and Ollie (before the ambulance people came)

The main man of Advertlets, Mr. Josh Lim


Mr Jenkinyat!

Ies and her friend

The UiTM students who are party animals

It was all good. Two thumbs up!

Adli Syahril says: Too bad Tasya, Zack, Najib and Aizat couldn't come to join us. :(

The End


BLOG THING: Graduation.

The Story Begins...

After 3 years of blood and sweats, now I'm officially graduate from my diploma program.

21st November 2008 was the best history ever in my life. Seriously, I never had this great feeling. The feeling of "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THE DAY HAS COME!!!"

Everyone was looking good in their baju melayu, baju kurung, formal attire... Many came with their big family member to witness their most historical day. Good friends gathered to celebrate the convocation. We laughed, we cheered and we had a great time with each other.

Oh, I will never forget this date. 21st November 2008.

Thanks to my parents and my friends who came.

Nano, Aisyah, Afiqah, Azhar (Shah Alam), Syafiq, Azhar (PJ) and the teacher who has been close to us since I was form 1, Puan Hanim. Thank you for coming and thank you for the gift.

Not to forget...
Our awesome Pre-convocation party at Zouk. Also in conjunction with the re-launch of Ghetto Heaven.

Love ya, guys! :D
This would probably be the best week that happen in my life.

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Pure Passion @ Sunway Lagoon (UPDATED)

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What's up, people!

How much do you think you have to pay to enjoy wide range of music genre?
Don't know?

Now check this out!

Pure Passion

6th December 2008

Sunway Lagoon




... and many more

Pre-sale ticket for RM25 (only ticket) and RM55 (Ticket with T-Shirt and glowstick)
Door-sale price - RM35

tickets will be sold from the 18 th of november onwards
tickets available at sunway lagoon theme park, asia cafe , orange (sunway) and orange (setapak)

According to the Facebook event:
Pure Passion encompasses musicians of talent showcasting a zest for music in its essence, hand in hand with showmanship creativity and passion.

Upcoming talents from institutions of higher learning gathering, to showcast their talents and ability to merge education excellence and passion for music. Striving to prove that our nation has what it takes to make and produce talents of a stature.

Pure rock. Pure hip-hop. Pure dance.

The event is supported by Capital FM's Turn It Up. So don't forget to catch Joey G and Gabriel at the venue.

To those who are disappointed for Deserters not playing at Rock The World 8, you guys can watch them playing here! hehehehe

I think it's worth paying RM25 here...



The person from Pure Passion organizer sent this in the facebook:

"guys i am so sorry to inform you that we have postpone pure passion till next year

the official date will be announced tomorrow..
dont worry all the artist / bands / acts and dj will still be the same..
we promise you a better input and show..

do stay tune and support us ..
if we cant support all these artist who will

again as part of the organisers we apologise for all inconvenience caused

thank you "


Source: Image from MASH, Information from MASH and Facebook Event

Adli Syahril says: One down. :(

The End