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BLOG THING: Upload your photo and win! Simple?

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Oh yeah! It is simple.

Congratulations to Aaron Sim for winning the opportunity to party like a rockstar with Pop Shuvit! I guess he's already on board with the band to Japan. Haha! Congrats to ya.

... and I didn't win anything. *boo-hoo*

That did not stop me from winning other prizes offered by Xpax because the contest is still on. No worries, guys. You all can still win the weekly prizes such as XBox 360, Blackberry Storm (uuuuu!) or a limited edition Celcom Broadband MTV World Stage modem as well as be featured in the upcoming Xpax print ad or starter pack. (ehem!)

Wear'em fancy clothes and work on the pose cuz you might gonna be in the weekly top 15 best photo.

My photo and Ilya for the contest

OMG! Check me out in Junk Online.

"Resident party animal and music lover Adli Syahril has joined in the Got X, Got Friends fun as well! He might be just a 22-year-old accounting student (no way!), but he's super passionate about his music, his friends and his FUN. He's absolutely everywhere, and not a bad photog to boot. Don't believe us? Head over to his blog (www.adlisyahril.blogspot.com) and see for yourself. You can follow Adli on Twitter at @adlisyahril."

Nice... :)

What are you waiting for? Upload and win! Isn't that simple?

See you at http://xpax.com.my/gotxgotfriends/

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AFTER PARTY: Dig-It-All @ Capsquare, KL (8/8/2009)

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The first of its series, Dig-It-All was like an all sorts box of chocolates: every type of music lover you can imagine congregated under one, erm, sky for one of the most exciting live rock and dance music showcase the country has seen.

Tokyo Blue trio kicked the show off with their distinct instrumental sounds, a mix of adventurous bass, aggressive yet sensitive grand piano and solid rock drum beats, thrown together with some jazz, prog rock and Latin beats. Then our local artists and DJs put their collective foot on the gas on the main stage with music from Twilight Actiongirl, Yuna, Pesawat, Deserters, John Thomas Trio, The Times, Bunkface, Komplot, Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit and Hujan, before Diplomats of Drum hit the stage.

Music from the indoor arena, Red Square, started at 4pm, and showcased the best of local EDM such as Funkadelics, Transient Vortex, Funkie Junkie & DJ Yansi, Nicky C, RaySoo/Love International, LapSap, Victor G, Eclectic Bots, Labrtz, Foulworks and Nu-Tandique.

Goldfish rocked the stage alongside Terry T on the mic, painting the city skyline red with their electro beats, and they were followed by the return of CosmicSpaceMunkys. The squid-haired Reshmonu joined them on vocals for the live remix of 'Oh, Anok Anok' and 'The Way It Makes You Move', and the crowd went insane. And as if that wasn't hot enough, fire-eaters appeared in the middle of the crowd before the main headline act took hold of the stage: Dirty Vegas.

When the Grammy Award-winning Brits appeared onstage, the crowd began to rush forward and started dancing vigorously to the beats. The gifted Ben and Paul Harris (not related though) wowed the crowd with their powerful and energetic percussion, complemented by the remarkable vocals of Steve Smith. The band mashed their original songs with some popular sing-alongs such as Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' and Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'.

Then the man with the sexiest wife in the biz, Tocadisco, took charge of the stage and totally blew the crowd away with his infectious beats and basslines. The mood began to build up when he shouted, "Do you love house music?" Guess what the answer was. He almost literally tore up the dance floor, but caused some to go WTF by dropping the overplayed 'Day N Nite' by Kid Cudi. But it was all good.

Later, the international Dutch MC Vika Kova went onstage to do a song and introduce Mason to the crowd. Mason took the crowd on a journey, spinning his cutting-edge music with Vika Kova performing 'One More Time' and successfully tantalising the crowd. His electronic beats got the crowd going and cheering for the man. At 2am, Mason waved goodbye with MGMT's 'Kids'.

30 live acts and DJs comprising locals and internationals for RM78/RM88 with an exclusive limited edition Dig-It-All album compilation to walk home with was an outrageously good deal. Definitely worth digging into your wallet for.

Article taken from JunkOnline
Photos Courtesy of GWP Events Sdn. Bhd, Soundbox Sdn. Bhd and Wan Atif (Junk)


AFTER PARTY: MTV World Stage @ Sunway Lagoon (15/8/2009)

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It was AWE to the SOME! Rocking from 6pm to midnight with international big names which it's hard to assemble them here in one event.

I mean, tell me! Who could possibly bring Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, Hoobastank, All-American Rejects and Kasabian for one event? Oh well, thanks to the existence of MTV!

Hell yeah! MTV World Stage was a total blast. Malaysians are lucky enough to witness the first MTV World Stage in South East Asia... and I am very lucky for getting the money-can't-buy ticket at the very last minute. ehhehe

I didn't get the chance to catch Boys Like Girls performance. I heard the set was as short as 4 songs. Urghhh... Wish I could turn back the time and be there early.

Raygun wasn't really my cup of tea. Same goes to Pixie Lott but her performance was good though! Hoobastank totally moved the crowd followed by All-American Rejects who made us went wilder than ever! I guess most of the people left the floor when Kasabian went onstage because we managed to move closer to the barrier. Boo to those who left early. Frankly, Kasabian got me high... I mean natural high... without any substance. hehe

All-American Rejects played few singles such as "Swing Swing" and "It Ends Tonight" with a number of songs from the latest album ("Gives You Hell", "I Wanna" and "The Wind Blows").

Kasabian was great! I'm not familiar with any of the songs besides "Fire" but I think they did a great performance (from the viewpoint of a non-fan like me).

I'm looking forward for All-American Rejects full-fledge concert! Yeahhhh!



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AFTER PARTY: GLOBAL presents Joachim Garraud's Space Party @ Zouk KL (31/7/2009)

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Joachim Garraud was down in KL last month and it was amazing. His set was undeniably unique and he tore the house down!

I wasn’t up for his gig at first because I wanted to save my energy for Heineken Green Room. Thank god, he did not let me down. In fact, Garraud’s gig was wayyyyyyyy better than Green Room. Hands down! You should’ve experience it yourself.

Once he put his magic fingers on the play button, the crowd began to scream and cheer wildly for the man. I think he put a spell on us!

The most awesome part was when he played the keyboard-guitar (I don’t know what you call it!) playing the “Love is Gone” by David Guetta. Believe me, his set was one of the best I’ve heard so far. That man was crazy! A track after another, back to back! He knew when the crowd wanted for more and he hit the note of Tetris’ theme. Wow! He killed us all!

The night was totally off the hook. His jaw-dropping set was unbelievable. A friend of mine who never experienced his music converted to become his fan! Nevertheless, we skipped Juice Anniversary for this awesome gig though.

*sorry for the bad pic. I've just got my camera fixed.

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BLOG THING: Jom Party in Japan!

The Story Begins...

Yo guys!

I think everyone knows that ADLI SYAHRIL love contest a lot. Now guess what? I’ve found another contest that seems kinda easy to win!

It's the Got X, Got Friends contest!

All you gotta do is upload any creative photo of yours and VOILA! You got the chance to win tons and tons of prizes. Most importantly, you get the chance to party like a rockstar with Pop Shuvit in JAPAN! As mentioned, upload any photo and prove to them that YOU ARE A Pop Shuvit FAN! Anyway, you can upload as many photos as you want though!

You also get the chance to win other weekly prizes as well. Xbox 360, Blackberry Storm and limited edition MTV World Stage modem could be yours! Well, I am participating also. Uploading photo is a no hassle at all. :)

What are you waiting for? Log on now to http://xpax.com.my/gotxgotfriends/

Hurry, man! They are only gonna choose 15 creative photos. Think creative, think WIN! I wish you all the best.

Psst... Join Moots on Facebook and follow the band's Twitter to get updates on the winners. Your name might gonna be appear :)

OMG, Pop Shuvit did a great performance at Dig-It-All! hehehe

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The Story Begins...



... and I am totally regret for not getting it early :(

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AFTER PARTY: Clef Tunes #4 @ Cloth & Clef (24/7/2009)

The Story Begins...

Cloth & Clef and Indonesian denim label Pot Meets Pop tempted the boys and girls out to play with the July instalment of the monthly Clef Tunes And this time round, they were serving music exclusively from Bandung, Indonesia.

United By Haircuts banging it out hard on the stereo to kick off the night. They performed amazingly, with a good vocal combo by Aditya Surya and the man on bass, Fandy. You may remember Fandy as one part of Agrikulture that rocked out Sunburst ’09 so it’s not so much of a shocker to see him go crazy live. The frontman of United By Haircuts also went berserk by screaming and jumping off from the speakers. No question then that the standard had been set for the night. Shame that there weren’t more people watching.

The setup changed to make space for Electronic Groove’s (EGRV) live set. Few machines and two laptops occupied the whole table with wires everywhere. The duo of Lawrence and Ade Habibie mixed some electro with their original tunes throughout the set, but the transition was somehow a turn off at some parts. Still, the synths and beats were mighty enough that it didn’t stop the quarter-filled floor from grooving.

Halfway through the set, things went chaotic along Changkat Bukit Bintang when the cops arrived. Most of the pubs closed their doors to patrons, but turns out the cops were actually towing the illegally parked cars. After the momentary diversion, the party went back on inside.

The crowd who had stepped outside for the commotion rushed back inside to be electrified by the electro guru himself, ElectroFux. His mind-boggling live mixing caused spirits to soar and people to fill up the floor. Electro lovers couldn’t stop nodding their heads to the beat. The ones stood next to the speakers couldn’t have cared less about the health of their ear drums, for the sake of enjoying pure electro.

If there were any doubters before, there cannot be any now. Clef Tunes is definitely the event you need to hit up if you want some new regional music of the highest order.

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