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Today, I went out with my friends for lunch at IKEA... hhehe really missed them! We bought "Transamerica" and we watched it at Juli's house... anyway, back to the topic!

More about Cinta... I searched some websites regarding to the movie cinta... Just to know some review from other people. I guess that everybody loves this movie so much! Wow, I think it's much better than the Indonesian flick "Heart".

Here are some of the review that you should read!

Suanie - http://www.suanie.net/2006/11/16/cinta-the-movie/
Lyanna - http://lyanna.vox.com/library/post/cinta-movie-review-by-yours-truly.html
KY - http://kyspeaks.com/2006/11/16/ky-review-cinta-movie/
Fireangel - http://www.fireangelism.com/archives/187
Sultan Muzaffar - http://sultanmuzaffar.wordpress.com/2006/11/26/50-sebab-mengapa-saya-suka-cinta-panahan-cinta-terus-ke-hati/

The movie is not suck but not perfect... :)
It's worth your rm10... (rm11 for weekend movie at Mid Valley, KLCC and Sunway Pyramid)

Oh ya, just got the soundtrack today! I really, really love the song from Zainal Abidin which is played at the starting of the movie for the opening montage... :)