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BLOG THING: Upcoming Parties!

The Story Begins...

Hey there. I'm just back from KLue Urbanscapes 09. Whoah! I had a serious fun. Gerhana Ska Cinta and Fono topped all performances (for me la). I heard Deepset x Nyoba Kan was beautiful and Khottal, the ten piece band, was totally off the hook and made other new-growing bands look ugly. hahah! No pun intended. Will update you guys more on this soon...

Before we proceed to the review, I would like to share with you guys on the upcoming events with interesting acts.

Think Fatman Scoop and Lil' Jon! Yeah, the crunkmeister is gonna serve us some freshly squeeze pimp juice. WHAAAATTTTT!!!??

You heard me right! It's another episode of HENNESSY ARTISTRY event which will be held at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena this July 25th. The king of crunk will gonna crunk' you up!

Not enough for ya?

Heineken Green Room will blitz the floors of Zouk KL with supersonic beats by Filthy Dukes and Verbal of Teriyaki Boyz a week after Hennessy event. August 1st, to be precise. Psst.. It's also by invitation only!

Both events are by invitation but I will post a full update on both once the invitation is out, aaite?!

Stay tune.

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BLOG THING: Justice!

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This little bugger arrived at my house safe and sound last week! Thanks to the creator of ebay for allowing me to buy my happiness online! hahaha

It's the limited edition of Justice's live album plus documentary directly from UK. I'm a fan of Justice and I don't paying extra for the limited edition. Plus, it comes together with the booklet too! Cool huh?

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time. I had no time.

Will update you soon on Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 and Global Trancemission's finale, Gareth Emery!

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ADVANCE WARNING: Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 @

The Story Begins...

It's back, boys & girls! Gear up, our favorite Indonesian acts are coming invading our town!

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

Stadium Bukit Jalil (Car Park A)

20th June 2009

Dewa 19
Sheila On 7
Andra & the Backbone

RM60 (inclusive of RM10 iTalk card)

Ask anyone who was there—Pesta Malam Indonesia 2, organised by Fat Boys Records, was a right blast. Held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, the all-day music fest boasted Indonesia's best bands, like Samsons, Dewi Dewi, Sheila On 7, Slank, Ungu and Peterpan. Even our local boys Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain got in on the stage action, although in a now memorable incident, Noh (frontman of Hujan) had to leave the stage halfway through the band's performance as he was about to pass out from the heat and dehydration.

That wasn't the only hullabaloo of the night that had to do with the heat. Ariel, lead singer of Indonesian ├╝ber-band Peterpan, stirred up controversy of a different kind when he took off his shirt during Peterpan's set. Oo-er, people are so easily riled up by antics like these aren't they? Still, these incidents couldn't take away the fact that the music was strong and nobody can rock quite like the Indonesians. The madness will most likely repeat itself with the third installment of Pesta Malam Indonesia, taking place away on the hard-hitting asphalt of the carpark at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

On the line-up are music heavyweights Padi, Sheila on 7, Andra & The Backbone, Gigi, Dewa and more. Padi has been on the music scene since 1997 and its members, Fadly, Piyu, Ari, Rindra and Yoyok have enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years. Their album, Sesuatu Yang Tertunda has chalked up over a million sales in the domestic market alone, making Padi one of the region's most influential bands. Currently, Padi has a new album out entitled Tak Hanya Diam so look forward to hearing tracks performed live at this festival.

Another big Indonesian act to look out for is Andra & The Backbone, whose live shows are frequently praised. The side project of Andra, guitarist for Dewa who will also be playing at the fest, Andra & The Backbone invaded radio airwaves with monster hits like “Sempurna” and “Musnah.” Expect sing-alongs. Also expect body-surfing, mosh pits and a crowd with an up-for-anything attitude. This is one festival not for the faint-hearted and we totally love it for that!

Info Source: KLue (Text by Sarah Chan)
Photo Source: Pesta Malam Indonesia official website

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AFTER PARTY: UOX Play Future @ Kiara Indoor Arena (30/5/2009)

The Story Begins...

Phew! Sorry for letting this post long overdue. I had no time to upload and post new story in my blog. Heheheh... anyways....


Hundreds waited outside the venue to get their tickets by topping up their XPAX/UOX prepaid... That includes myself. Me and my buddies got there as early as 5pm and we got our tickets without any hassle. Pity those who bought their simpack at the very last minute because thousands had to wait for their activation done. Take note, always prepare early! hihihi

Twilight Actiongirl kicked things off roughly around 7-ish while more people were filling the floor. Of course everyone knows TAG's usual set. hehe. Followed by Stretch Armstrong which alarmed us that the Dim Mak party has began! A friend was disturbed by her acquaintance and made us walked away from the crowd. Therefore, we did a short tour of the whole venue and visiting booth to booth. hahaha! Cam-whoring actions can never be neglected too.

Pase Rock brought the energy to another level before Shitdisco turned the house into a mosh-pit frenzy.

LapSap joined Shitdisco on the turntable when a few Bloody Beetroots' track were played. Darren Cullen of Shitdisco were crazy as he was at last year's Shitdisco gig at Zouk KL... Oh, thank you for pouring some whiskey to my mouth, mister! That's very considerate of you. I was thirsty, though! hahahaha

As the clock pointed to midnight, Steve Aoki was presented by Denise of MTV, who is also the host of the night. But Aoki was seen to face some difficulties behind the console and another Shitdisco track was played too with Darren flashing his crazy dance moves. It was a non-stop fist-pumping action, man!

As soon as Aoki got hold of the set, the crowd became wilder than ever. He played numbers of his new remixes such as NASA's Gifted and also his new track, I'm in the House, a collaboration with Zuper Blahq (claimed to be Will.I.Am's alter-ego) and everyone's favorite Bloody Beetroots' Warp that got him screaming and jumping on stage.

In the middle of his set, he played few tracks from his Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles mix CD. He screamed to New Noise followed by Pase Rock rapping for Waters of Nazareth's remix. Pase Rock also did his rhyme for Green Velvet's Shake and Pop.

The night ended by 2am and everyone was not ready to go back. Hats off to Steve Aoki! You gave us the real boom boom pow!

UOX Play Future was the mecca of all electro lovers in Malaysia! Thank you Future Sound Asia for organizing this fantastic event. This event is our own version of Sahara Tent in Coachella Festival! Big ups to everyone who made it happen.

Check out the photos!

The End


AFTER PARTY: 2 Days of Freedom @ A'Famosa Resort, Melaka (29/5/2009)

The Story Begins...

*Correction as on June 10th 2009*
A little bird told me something about the Friday Freedom, "Markus played a 2 hour set from 9-11pm...ferry at 11 and there was more than 150 peeps la"

Sorry for the wrong info... I guess my informer had trouble with his maths! hahaha

2 Days of Freedom was a blast with improved stage set up, activities and parking space (duh!)
I did not attend for both nights because I had to attend another event but let me enlighten you on what went down at the first night of 2 Days of Freedom.

The stage production looks good! I love the Expression Stage because it look like the Daft Punk's Alive 2007 Tour staging. When we got there, DJ Kurt of Clash the Disko Kids spun there with numbers of cool electro tunes. If you were not in a good state of mind, his set can spin you around. Unfortunately, less than ten souls were seen at the section.

We spotted few cool activities as we walked towards the Freedom Stage (the main arena). The Ferris Wheel ride located at the opposite of Expression Stage can let the patrons to enjoy the bird's eye view of the whole arena. The swing ride or also known as Sky Rider was kinda cool too. Not a good choice if you're drunk, though! Other signature Freedom activities such as Freedom Trampoline, Freedom Cheer and Freedom Tattoo can be found scattered around the arena too.
You can also find the Blue Man, MetalRob and also BlueEye harrassing people to take photos with them! Hahahah!

The Freedom Stage is the main attraction for most party animals that night with big acts headlining the night, Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten.

As what I was told by a friend, not many people were there when Markus Schulz spun because it was too early. Well, the crowd started to fill the arena as Ferry Corsten began to play. His appearance in this installment of 2 Days of Freedom is very special to everyone because Malaysia is the first location for his Twice in a Blue Moon: The Experience tour. His first ever album tour in Malaysia!

Betsie Larkin joined him as the guest vocal. The last time we had guest vocal was JES during Tiesto's PitParty: In Search of Sunrise 5 Tour back in 2006.

I was amazed by Betsie's vocal on Made of Love. It sounded exactly like in the album. I don't think she was lip-synching because I was there at the front row! hahah!

Ferry Corsten played lots of his famous singles in his 4 hours set and it includes almost all tracks from the Twice in a Blue Moon album. It was a very euphoric moment when he played We Belong. The track was so good and made some of the crowd singing along with the lyrics looping on the screen. Fire and The Race were also played in his set.

The party had to end by 2am. I don't know why...

Above all else, Scenique has prove to us in organizing big raves like 2 Days of Freedom and Freedom Elite. I'm looking forward for more Freedom events.

Even though it ended early, it did not disappoint me.

Thanks to Fuzz, Dhaima, Edmund and Khoo for letting me join you guys :)

Now watch the live performance of Betsie Larkin with Ferry Corsten.

The End


AFTER PARTY: Upfront feat. RATATAT (A Junk Music Project) @ Zouk KL (28/5/09)

The Story Begins...

Last week's Ratatat was great! We hardly gets any electro band playing a full set in Malaysia. I guess most of electro lovers are pretty tired of too many bands playing DJ set at clubs and such. (That excludes Shitdisco because the energy they brought is different! haha!)

Ratatat is a two-piece band from New York who experiments music ranging from Electronic rock, House, Hip-hop and Post-rock by using guitar, bass, and synthesizer as their instruments. The members are Mike Stroud and Evan Mast.

We waited quite long for the band to come up on stage but as soon as we heard the loud guitar distortion, we knew it was the time for them to rock the shit out of us. The screen behind the stage projected the band's name and cheering the crowd.

Everybody move their body and nodding head after the band played Lex, which was everyone's favorite song. Some were seen enjoying their good times by throwing fist up in the air

The management had to stop by 11pm and it was a maximum anti-climax to all of us! The band had to stop after they played Shempi and there was no encore. Plus, we didn't get the chance to hear Seventeen Years. :(

Dang man! Gaga killed the show! (JK)

Despite the negatives, I love their show and the music is a pure pleasure.

The End