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Registration is now open!

The Story Begins...

Klubbers.net has opened its registration for you to score your complimentary entry to its Annual Party 2008 with Aly & Fila as their guest DJ.

So what are you waiting for? Register now or regret later?

hahaha! No regret, guys!
Cuz you still can buy the ticket. The pre-sale ticket is on sale now!
It's totally worth your buck!

Pre-Sale ticket is at the price of RM35 with two bottles of Heineken.
You can get the pre-sale through www.klubbers.net or call Klubbers at 014-6488660

If not, you'll have to pay RM45 (men) and RM40 (ladies) at the entrance of the mainroom. Why pay more if you can enter at the cheaper price with 2 bottles of beer?

So this is the chance...

Surf now to the official website for more info; www.klubbers.net

Wanna RSVP your attendance at Facebook? Click here.

From the sunny climes of the Egyptian capitol, Cairo through to the super clubs of Europe comes a new force in dance music... the dynamic DJ duo known as ALY & FILA. Be prepared and celebrate Klubbers.net Annual Party with a new sound of euphoric, hands in the air, rush-to-your-senses, sweeping and melodic trance. And now for the first time in Malaysia, a sound that is taking the world's best clubs by storm is exclusively here for you at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Theme: Klubbers.net Annual Party 2008 featuring ALY & FILA

Venue: Zouk Club Mainroom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Date: 9th August 2008, 10PM onwards.


10PM to 12AM - TERENCE C (MY)

12AM to 3AM - ALY & FILA (EG)


Complimentary entry for the first 200 Klubbers.net members.
More info at www.klubbers.net

Pre-Sale Tickets:
RM 35 + 2 Heineken Bottles.
Selling Fast! Visit www.klubbers.net to Book Online.

Cover Charge:
RM40 (Ladies) / RM45 (Men) (inc 1 drink)

All information correct at the time of publication.
Event opens to patrons aged 21 and above only.
Club Rules Apply.

Adli Syahril says: Gathering friends to the party at the moment

The End


Watch & Learn!

The Story Begins...

It's 12pm and I'm so bored at home doing the research assignment.
I've took the subject for 2 semesters during my diploma and surprisingly i have to face another research subject in my degree!

So I took a little time to browse through YouTube and I found a really great video by Broadcasting student in SMU (South Methodist University).

I'm a fan of Justice and this fellow did his own "Waters of Nazareth" video for his Basic Audio/Video Production. I was really surprise to see the video cuz I did really bad in my Audio / Video Production during my 5th Semester in Diploma.

Hope this would give a very good inspiration to all the Broadcast students around the world.
Who am I to grade him? I'm not a lecturer... But as a viewer, I do think it's creative with the effects that he did in it.

"Waters of Nazareth" - Justice - My Interpretation from Nicholas Nikides on Vimeo.

Here's the description of his video.

"This is my music video interpretation of Justice's song "Waters of Nazareth" off their album "Cross". Hopefully people really get a simultaneous feeling from both watching the film and listening to the music. Neon lights and roughness were a big inspiration for this film. I did it as a final project in Basic Audio/Video Production class at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas. I served as everybody on the crew besides the actors and the transportation (although at one point my actor films himself). It's starring Seth Thomas and Amanda Hinojos. The film is entirely shot in Dallas and edited on Final Cut Pro. Oh and by the way, some people may notice that the song is shortened from the original; given the time constraints, I had to do it. Let's just hope it gives "justice" to Justice"

I never learn how to use Final Cut Pro and i can see that the results turnout to be great in this video.

Good job, man!

Adli Syahril: Public Relations is really really tough!!! HELP!

The End


I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth!

The Story Begins...

Today was my first 3D movie experience at the cinema.
The movie that I saw was "Journey to the Center of the Earth".
It's a movie based on the Jules Verne novel and acted by Brandon Fraser.
This is the first 3D movie in live-action NOT animated.

I must say the 3D stuff is really, really awesome!
I've never experienced it in my life before cuz IMAX always shown those no-movies-but-only-3D-flicks.

Why I wanted to watch this movie so much even though I have heard lots of negative reviews?

It is the technology.
I was informed that the cinema had to use a special kind of projector to project the film reels to the screen. When I saw the trailers before the movie starts, I was WOW-ed!
The picture was really crystal clear! The projector they use for this movie is called "Christie Digital Projector". It's a Texas Instruments Technology. How cool is that?
The 3D glasses are not one of those normal red and blue plastic glass.
It was stated DOLBY 3D Digital Cinema on the glasses. So that means it's made specially for a Dolby experience in 3D.

The 3D glass!

It was amazing!
The journey through out the movie was like a roller-coaster ride!
Some parts do look unrealistic but the experience was the best!

Good job the management of GSC & TGV for blowing us with the best equipment to watch this movie.

Let's talk about the movie.
Hmmm.. It's for kids.
It has lots of science information. I even scratched my head for not understanding the science terms. No wonder I failed my science during school.

The plot was average, acting wasn't that good.
As for the actions, effects, soundsystems... whoah! I would give a perfect ten.
The picture was beautiful.
The 3D stuff was amazing!
I was speechless watching it.

I wanna share the some favorite parts of mine in the movie but I don't want to spoil the fun.
Experience it yourself. hahaha

Anyway, the movie was meant to be 3D. Don't go for the 2D version! Watch it in 3D and you'll be surprise!

Us in the glasses!

I would want to watch it again for the second time. Just for the 3D! :D

Check out the trailer in HD!

The End


Who's going for MTV Asia Awards?

The Story Begins...

Hey guys,
Let me ask you a question...
Do you wish to count the sequins on Nicole PCD's outfit?

Guess what?
I'll be the moshing in the pit of MTV ASIA AWARDS 2008 at Genting Highlands next month!

I passed the audition!
Party people will always be a party people, no?

I'll be joining the other 299 people to mosh in the pit.
You heard me right. Only 300 people will be at the front of the stage.
The best seats ever to see Pussycat Dolls, Jared Leto, One Republic, Leona Lewis, Panic At The Disco, The Click Five (not again!), Jabbawockeez, Super Junior and whole lot more of acts from our region!

I can't wait for the day to come!

Oh! Last night's Loveparade 2008 was fucking awesome!
Check out the clip of Paul van Dyk.

Paul van Dyk will be coming to Zouk KL for his VONYC sessions this 26th July. Same date as Daughtry's gig in One Utama. Wanna double the fun with me?

Adli Syahril says: I can rock hard!!!

The End


Loveparade 2008

The Story Begins...

I did realized that there are lots of traffic coming in to my blog and mostly is about the Loveparade.
I did not post about this year's Loveparade because it's not happening in Malaysia.

But guess what?
We MALAYSIANS can experience Loveparade 2008 tonight at Channel V!
I did checked the TV Guide and Channel V will be playing Loveparade 2008 tonight at 10pm till 8am. LIVE TELECAST VIA SATELLITE!

That is awesome!

Cuz DIGITALISM is performing at 5.20pm for their DJ set (sadly, not their LIVE set).
That is 11 something in Malaysia time!

wants more?
Armin van Buuren! Paul van Dyk! Richie Hawtin!

So catch LOVEPARADE 2008 tonight!

Watch the trailer below!

The End


Klubbers.net Annual Party 2008 featuring ALY & FILA @ Zouk KL (9th August 2008)

The Story Begins...

It's about time!

Klubbers.net did their annual party last year and I didn't attend it. Well, it was in the month of Ramadhan. Hehehe.

This time, they are having another party and ALY & FILA will be spinning to rock out the crowd! WOHOOOOO!!!!

If you guys came to the recent Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s party, this one will be as great as that one! YEAHH!!!

Here's the detail of the upcoming party.

Click on the image for full size

Klubbers.net Annual Party 2008 featuring ALY & FILA Venue: Zouk Club Mainroom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Date: 9th August 2008, 10PM onwards.

1st 200 Klubbers.net members Enter Free! Registration via Klubbers.net

PRE SALE TICKETS: RM35 + 2 Heineken Bottles

DOOR SALE: RM 40 Ladies // RM 45 Men (include 1 drink)

Be prepared and celebrate the Klubbers.net Annual Party with a new sound of euphoric, hands in the air, rush-to-your-senses, sweeping and melodic trance. And now for the first time in Malaysia, a sound that is taking the world's best clubs by storm is exclusively here for you at Zouk Club KL on 9th August 2008.

More Info: www.klubbers.net


Aly (Aly Amr Fathalah) and Fila (Fadi Waseef Naguib) is a trance duo from Egypt. They started DJing since 1999 and after they were established in Egypt, they began to expand their music internationally and they signed with the German record label, Euphonic records (same label with AvB, Stoneface & Terminal, Kyau & Albert, Above & Beyond, Ronski Speed etc...) in the year of 2002.

After finishing their contract with Euphonic Records, Fila met with Andy Prinz and they decided to launch their first sublabel of Offshore. Upcoming Egyptian releases would follow. Their first release through Offshore Music Switzerland / AP Pro Audio "Spirit of Ka" made it on numerous playlists.

Guess what? They played alongside with Armin van Buuren in A State of Trance episode 300 and 350. It was a big one!

Check out their radio show at Digital Imported every Monday called "The Future Sound of Egypt". You can find the link at my sidebar.

Check out their live video!

This is the party that you don't want to miss.

The End.


Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 08 @ Stadium Merdeka (29th August 2008)

The Story Begins...

Oh yeah!
The rockstar princess (or POPstar?) will be making her way to our shores this August.

*WTF? Adli Syahril blogging about Avril?*

Hey... I don't discriminate music!
I like what I like, so what?

Who is Avril Lavigne?

Hahahha! She don't need any introduction! If you don't know her, that means you don't know music! Pity you, I must say.

I was a big fan of her when I was in Form 3 (back in 2002). I even memorized every single track in the "Let Go" album. It was the most amazing CD I had in those days. Before heading to school, I played the CD every morning. Of course, I did search for the acoustic version of her songs to complete my collection of Avril Lavigne. I admit! I was a groupie. Plus, she's hot!

The angry-girl-next-door will be performing in town soon. Here are the details:

Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2008
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 29th August 2008 (Friday)
Time: 8pm till end
Ticket prices: (Free Standing) RM338, RM268, RM168
(Free Seating) RM188, RM138, RM98

Any takers for this concert?

For your listening pleasure, do listen to her albums before the concert!
There are so many singles that she might going to perform! hehehe...
Well, I don't know what's on her set list but let's just hope she'll sing all her hit songs.

"Let Go" is her first album with few singles such as "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip". 2 years later, she came up with "Under My Skin" album which she sounded very mature, in my opinion. Same as the first album, she had 4 singles out of it which was "Nobody's Home", "My Happy Ending", "Don't Tell Me" and "He Wasn't".

Lastly of course, her recent album. Well, not that recent. It was last year, i supposed, with the multi-language track, "Girlfriend". The album was called "The Best Damn Thing". After the track "Girlfriend", 2 more tracks called "When You're Gone" and "Hot" became hit.

What to expect from her concert?
Do I need to answer that since we all know how to sing along to 11 of her songs???!!!
She can sing live!
I love her singing the cover of Metallica's "Fuel". :D

For more info of the event, browse through Axcess Tickets Sdn Bhd.

Watch this funny video of Avril Lavigne.

Trivia: According to Canadian Business Magazine, she was ranked at number 7 as the most powerful Canadian in Hollywood in the year 2006.

Adli Syahril says: I'm trying my best to collect some cash for this event even if I have to go alone.

Source: Axcess, Galaxy Events

The End


Hipster Kids, Loud Music & Pure SHIT! (LapSap vs Shitdisco @ Zouk KL)

The Story Begins...

Last Saturday, I went to Zouk KL for the Shitdisco's gig and it was purely massive!
Crazy shit night! *excuse my language*

Reached there by 11.50pm and thank god, Amal managed to enter the premise before midnight so she got to enter for free and I was in the guestlist.

LapSap was on the deck with good tunes to warm us up before Shitdisco hit the decks. Crowd started to filling up the dance floor as the track went on and on. Funny thing, I saw few kids shuffling to the electro music. Hahahah. Wrong venue, i supposed? Oh, with the hip-hop cap and outfit? Silap hari la beb...

By 1 am, Joe Reeves & Darren Cullen came up and Joe shouted "WE ARE THE SHITDISCO!"
First track they played was a remix of their song "72 Virgins" done by Bloody Beetroots. Everyone went crazy!

As they played their hit song, "I Know Kung Fu", both of them became total lunatic! They did the crowd-surfing in the wave of hipster kids. Guess what? They kept doing it again and again.
Yeahh.. Great action after Steve Aoki's gig! :D

Joe Reeves & Darren Cullen didn't fail to bring up the energy to the crowd as they were singing, clapping, bodysurfing, bouncing and all that shit!

Check out the photos!
Sorry for the bad image. I was using the N73 to take all the photos.


Darren Cullen & Joe Reeves

Check out the deco...

Darren ready to surf!

Amal with Darren!

I took the chance to take photo with Darren... hehehhe.

The badge was already finished!

Joe playing with the spotlight

Playing good shit!

Sorry guys, it's already 3am!

We managed to get the Shitdisco badge!

Going back home... Where's my pillow?

Playing "72 Virgins"

I Know Kung Fu!

The End


Coming this mid of July...

The Story Begins...

Check out the preview. It'll be release soon.
Malaysia? We'll see

I'm so in love with "The Sound of Goodbye".
Here's the clip of the live one.

Adli Syahril: The song "Going Wrong" in Alex Morph's remix version is still fresh in my mind. :D

The End


Digitalism is my current addict

The Story Begins...

"If Franz Ferdinand are doing rock music that make people dance, Digitalism are making dance music that make people rock." -Dancenova.com

Who the fuck is Digitalism?

Digitalism is a German electro house duo consists of Jence and Isi, founded in 2004 under the french label Kitsune Music. Up to now, they have released four singles (Idealistic, Zdarlight, Jupiter Room and Pogo). I've checked out the album, Idealism, and it really kicked ass! The sounds of electronic and added with dance-punk element. That is unique.

Jence & Isi

In the new music generation, there are loads of rock bands making music for the dancefloor but these guys (Digitalism) make electronic music that everyone can rock to!

At one of their gig (taken from Flickr)

According to Wikipedia, they uses Macbook Pro, Behringer BCF2000 mixing board, a Microkorg, an Akai drum pad, a set of V-drums, some synthesizers, drum machine and vocals by Jence. With all those stuffs, they could create the sound of a full set-up band. That's what we call it creativity, my man! hehehe....

Digitalism performing live (Taken from Flickr)

Take a listen to their album for your listening pleasure. It's very good. The first time i listen to their song, it was "Magnets". I thought they were just some common electro act. As the track went on, I was totally impressed by these guys especially the track called "I Want I Want" and "Pogo". And now, I LOVE THEM!

Digitalism's album (Idealism) poster promo

They have done pretty loads of remix before they released their debut album. They remixed tracks from Futureheads, Klaxons, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, White Stripes and etc. Their remixes and tracks are now been played by DJs such as Boys Noize, Justice and etc. Hey, Malaysian duo, Lapsap also played Digitalism's track too :D

These guys are really really great. I'm really hoping to see them live here in Malaysia one day.
Check out their trailer from their official Youtube page.

Their official trailer with "Pogo" playing as the background music

"Pogo" live in Club Soda, Montreal

Adli Syahril says: Simian Mobile Disco & Black Strobe had played in Global Gathering, Malaysia. Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Steve Aoki also had played in ZoukOut, Singapore. I'm wondering which electro act will they bring this year to Malaysia's Global Gathering... hmmm...

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, Dancenova, Flickr

The End


Sh1tdisco vs Lapsap???

The Story Begins...

Guess who's coming down to KL this July?
It's the boys who know kung-fu; SHITDISCO!

I'm so crazy for their upcoming gig at Zouk.
They won't be performing their live set. Only DJ set.
The best part is that they'll be collaborating with LAPSAP!

Hey, it's LAPSAP, y'all!
My favorite!

let me quote from Facebook.

"Sh1tdisco is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the ever burgeoning Glasgow band scene. As a fearsome foursome, these guys have been playing everything from huge festivals to illegal lock-ins and what they call Turbo raves! Their DJ sets have seen them take on clubs, pubs and mega raves alike. What is apparent all the way through is their ability to balance a pop approach with downright unadulterated punk attitude. They are regular fixtures on Dim Mak shows and play at Aoki’s Cinespace night in Hollywood.

This is an act everyone talking about. Much like their support in the form of dynamic duo of Lapsap – Mr Puah and the 5ft. Get ready for a party of epic proportions."

If you think Steve Aoki's gig was crazy, let's see how this shitters do!

Cover charge: RM40 (ladies), RM45 (men)

RSVP now at facebook

Check out their video below

And this is their live DJ set video. Looks fun, huh?

Adli Syahril says: Anyone wanna go with me? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I have no friends to go with but i really want to attend it

The End