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BLOG THING: Some friends in Got X Got Friends! Haha!

The Story Begins...

I can see that everybody wants to win the Blackberry device, Xbox and other prizes in Got X Got Friends photo contest. Guess what, I found some pics from my friends which are uploaded in the website! Check it out.

Tasya in Finding Nina... She's trying her luck to be in the U-Wei's new movie. Haha!

I can't stop laughing watching this!

Try harder, mang!

... and I couldn't find my photos! Urghh... Gotta do what I gotta do to win the prizes!

Drop by at Got X Got Friends website and rate their photos! :D

See ya!

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AFTER PARTY: Speedzone pres. Paul van Dyk @ Zouk KL (16/10/2009)

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Almost all Malaysian hardcore clubbers were down in Zouk KL for a special gig featuring everyone's favorite DJ; Paul van Dyk. His mind-blowing set moved the crowd and packed the venue before he appeared behind the console. Thank god I was there quite early.

Security was quite tight on that night and Marlboro new ciggies were sold at RM5. All hail to Speedzone, yo!

The beat was banging hard and I enjoyed the whole set especially the crazy encore whereby he mashed up his tracks including my favorite Forbidden Fruit. Thank you for playing "Home" twice. I love that track, PvD! :)

Psst... If you noticed, ANTM winner Jaslene was spotted at the club too!

It was packed and I couldn't move

If I'm not mistaken, Jaslene was somewhere behind there! (I can see you, Hazel!)

The nice peeps that rocked the dance floor


The PvD fan, Mia!

Farah and Marlz

Me and Marlz, the Trance guru!

Check out his setup.

Party people craving for more

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ADVANCE WARNING: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL presents V.A.M.P - Vampires And Monsters Party @ Zouk KL (31/10/2009)

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Don't know where to go this Halloween and want to avoid kids screaming "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" in front of your door? Don't fret cuz Zouk is having a massive party for you! Think costumes, zombies, draculas and loud music... Everyone loves theme party, right?

Zouk is transforming all 5 rooms into places to party beyond your wildest imagination and it's gonna be fun and crazy! Don't scream if you see a ghost on that night cuz it's not real (unless you see one at the opposite of Zouk - Tanah Perkuburan Islam, Jalan Ampang)

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL presents V.A.M.P - Vampires And Monsters Party

Zouk KL

31st October 2009 (Saturday)

Phuture - DJ “DR JEKYL” LUQE and his evil twin DJ RAY “MR. HYDE” ROX.
Velvet - DJ ALEX aka UNCLE FESTER and the truly dastardly DJ PIETRO aka LURCH.
Barsonic - 3 way DJ gang bang feat LAPSAP with special guest DJ GOLDFISH. Kaboom! Featuring GOLDFISH vs BLINK vs XU.
Aristo - DJ D and DJ C along with resident DJ SHAZZ “THE COUNT” M.



RM58 Ladies / RM68 Men (inc 1 drink)

RM28 Ladies / RM38 Men (inc 1 drink)

PREMIUM members: Complimentary entry

RM439nett / 4 pax

Whoooooo.... for one dark yet dastardly fun night Zouk KL becomes a haven for all the freaks and ghouls in us to come out and party. Dress up and turn your scare factor on to +10 and scream your lungs out (only because you've never had this much fun on a Halloween night!). Watch as we transform all 5 rooms into places to party beyond your wildest imagination. This is one of our signature nights and you would be spoooked to miss this!

Get this:
*We have a cash prize of RM1000 to be given away for you who turn up in the most 'killer' look. So dress your best!

*Also, RMxxxx worth of drinks to be drowning you.

Everyone is entitled to one good scare, come in a pack and let's celebrate the horror!!

Try to wear the Narnia's closet. You probably need someone to walk you everywhere. hahah!

For more info, check out this LINK.

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AFTER PARTY: Klubbers.net Annual Party 2009 pres. Niklas Harding @ Mist KL (10/10/2009)

The Story Begins...

It was a great night. Mist Club was packed with party revellers in town for a special gig for Klubbers.net annual party after a DJ workshop by Music Conference Asia (MC Asia).

The night was pumped hard from the home boys - DJ Affiq and Shane. These dudes were awesome! I think they can go far... but the main man took their limelight and thus, everyone graced the dancefloor as soon as he dropped his first beat. Niklas Harding was good, man!

He end it with a bang! bang-bang! Even I could not stop myself from lip-syncing to "Silence"!

Nahh, enough said! Photos below.

Ladies on the stage

Niklas Harding on the deck

Fist up!

Me, Alicia Goh, Simon Lee and their gang

Aisyah and Faris

The End


BLOG THING: H-Artistry Press Conference @ Quattro, Avenue K (1/10/2009)

The Story Begins...

Oh man, it's been a long time since my last post. Too busy with study and work.

Anyway, I was invited to the press conference for the last Artistry event and it was kinda cool... free drinks, free food and nice goodies too!

Unfortunately, I could not attend the event night because it was strictly for non-muslims... Nahh, at least I got Lenka and Boys Like Girls CD for free. :P

Check out the photos below!

Empty chairs

The host

Boys Like Girls' front man, Martin, dealing with the press

The performers. Lenka look different in person.

Thanks to Advertlets for the invites. :)

The End


BLOG THING: UiTM Shah Alam bringing the noise!

The Story Begins...

Hey guys!
The heat is on. It's the MotoGP season, baby! It's happening in this month and there will be roadshows, parties and of course, the race!

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) will be having a "Roving Truck" roadshow in conjunction with the season. Here comes the deets!

UiTM MotoGP 2009 Roadshow

VENUE : UiTM International Centre (UIC) Carpark, UiTM Shah Alam (Main Campus)
DATE : 15th October 2009
TIME : 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

This is something you would not want to miss this. Why? Here's the deal:
  • Malaysian Airlines Enrich Grads registration.
  • A meet-with-the-fans session with the Malaysian Wild Card riders (Shell Advance Moto GP 2009 125 Series racers!).
  • Motorbike Stunt Show performance by Shahfiez (former WaziBoyz) and team.
  • Shell Advance Moto GP 2009 Student's Price Ticket for sale.
  • Interactive games throughout the day
Tickets for MotoGP can be purchased at the roadshow. Grandstand ticket is half the price for students (RM40). Non-students can still obtain their tickets at the normal price of RM80. Phew, I'm glad that I'm still studying... :P

Experience the heat and the noise. It's gonna be massive. So get your ass down to UiTM. No kidding. hehe

See ya!

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Recharge @ Ipoh, Kuantan, Melaka, JB, KL, Juru & Kuching (2/10 - 21/11/2009)

The Story Begins...

Recharge is back with not only one, BUT 8 Recharge-s in different venues. Oh man, TyDi is back for another round! Gotta be there! :)



Where? When? Who?
It's a long list... Check the image below

No cover charge for all event except for Blanc KL (after midnight)

RECHARGE is back and this time it just got a massive overhaul. Amped and revamped, it is set to go on override this October 09 across the nation. 8 exciting locations are stoked to play host to some of the most riveting international and global performers this side of the globe has ever seen. With a fusion of world class acts with some glam, jam, and wicked fun, RECHARGE promises to be the resurgence of a whole new level of experience.

For more info, log onto www.rechargeroom.com

Image source: Recharge and Chris Yip
Info Source: Recharge

The End


HEAR ME: Hujan - Mencari Konklusi

The Story Begins...

Most of you are excited over Beyonce concert. Yeah, me too. Sorry, I digress. The feeling is the same when I first heard the latest EP from Hujan. I mean, who doesn't love Hujan? If you flaunt Beyonce tickets to the whole wide world, I'd rather flaunt my Hujan CD! haha!

"Mencari Konklusi" has been heard in every radio stations for the past few months and Hujan came out with an EP recently with 7 tracks. This is the kind of vibe that I like. More rock & roll stuff with a little of effect samples here and there. "Kau Harus Ada" and "Benci" are my favorites.

What more?
Grab the EP and enjoy it.
Seriously. Recommended.

The End