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The Story is About the Moon

The story begins...

Semalam adalah hari yg kitorg (bebudak puncak) keluar hangout bersama-sama! hahaha..
we saw tentang bulan dekat Mid Valley... The movie is great! kelakar, teladan yg baik!

It was me, aizat, wan pucat, amal and nisa... we really had a great time at Mid Valley!

Aizat and Amal (lunch at Pizza Hut)

Me, Wan Pucat and Nisa at Pizza Hut.

Me, Nisa and Amal

The house that made from bread and biscuits by breadtalk.

Me and Amal... (amal giler.. berdiri sengsorang kat tengah2 ambik gamba sendiri)

Kegilaan Adli Syahril melanda bertubi-tubi.. ekekke...

alrite, after lepas diorg semua balik... I wait until 8pm because I want to win the tickets for velocity. Unfortunately....

Millions of people came to win those tickets...
It turnout to be a treasure hunting competition... everybody was running around Mid Valley to search for the tickets! hahaha... I was so pissed! So, I text Aisyah and Azhar... they were on their way to KL Sentral from Genting.. YAY!!! Free transport (my wallet left rm2)

More from me and the camera whore! hahaha...

Waney di alam kesengalan! hehehhe...

The end

p/s: yay! velocity KL Music Festival is on tomorrow!