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Cerita Itu-Ini...

The Story Begins...

Hmm, quite lama jugak la aku tak update blog (it was like almost a week!)

apa nak buat... aku asyik kluar and balik after midnite! Bila sampai umah, mak aku dah tido. SAFE!

I went to Pyramid 3 days in a row from Wednesday to Friday. Wasting money! stupid me.
Saturday... Family time! It was fun because kitorg hangout dkt Putrajaya.

Sunday... SHOPPING!!! malangnya, The YEAR END SALE seem to be end pasal takde benda dah untuk aku beli. I saw this bag from French Connection the other day and it has already sold out!
I wanted to buy this shoe but takde saiz! End up, tak beli pape... Wasting time and money (for transportation) ehehhee

and now, i just got back from Uptown Damansara... The road was jammed! Christmas eve la katakan.. especially area Damansara, One Utama and of course, Mutiara Damansara...

now, aku dah ngantok... bye

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    well...kita serupe la...cume aku masih ade target lg nk beli..hehehe tapi ongkosnya spt sudah habis lak..ekekekkee :(