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the name is Bond, James Bond....

The story begins...

Dah tengok, AT LAST!!!

The new Bond is just simply awesome!
This time, no more weird, special gadget! hahaha! Bond, you're no longer as perfect as you were! Yeah, you heard me! :P

This new Bond prefer to work on his own... Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "bodoh sombong"
He is not good enough in fighting like the previous bond but, he's very smart!
Good at gambling too... From the beginning to the end, I LOVE IT!
Some people said that Daniel Craig reminds them of Sean Connery as Bond.
No wonder my parents doesn't like Pierce Brosnan... hehehe.

I'm sure my grandpa would love this one!
It's funny, shocking and I'm sure you can't get enough of this...

I saw this movie earlier today with Syahmi, Hamdan and his childhood friends... :)
Happy 19th birthday, Syahmi!

Watch it. Casino Royale.

The End.

p/s: the ending is a bit hanging but you can guess it! no more spoiler