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The Opening Day of "Cicak-Man"

The story begins...

Thursday, I went for the opening day of Cicak-Man at Summit USJ. I watched it with Amir and Lah. We went for the 3pm show... It was packed with KIDS! It's terrible to watch a movie with kids all around... because they will jump around the cinema, non-stop-talking, kicking my chair and always go in and out of the cinema...

OK, the movie is about this bad guy named Prof. Klon who wants to have the power to control the city of Metrofulus. So, it's a job for Cicak-Man to stop it! NO MORE SPOILER! see it for yourself... ehhehe...

Friday, nothing much... It was great to gather all my frens from school.. :-)
Me, Lah, Fadli, Leo, Shazwan, and Safwan. Went out with Hafizuddin and Amir too.. great to see them...

Saturday, which is TODAY, goshh... I saw CINTA for the second time! Great movie there.. I know that my mother cried a bit! hehehe... She said the introduction is very nice and creative! My dad loves the movie too.. Owh ya, FYI, I went with my parents! ehhehee... Alrite, We got a very good seat. We saw it in GSC One Utama. My most favorite cinema! After that, FRIENDS GATHERING AGAIN!!! hehehehe
This time, Hafiz from Bangi came along! YAY!!! He hasn't hang out with us for quite a long time. Owh ya, Rita and Puteri came along too! :))
At nite, me and afiqah hangout at the Shah Alam's Uptown.. nothing much, she was searching for a new prepaid number and I was hungry.. so we had our dinner there too.. :)

the end... more stories will come


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    haha buddy...i saw u there...:p