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Party with Alex MORPH this June @ Maison (image uploaded)

The Story Begins...

Hey guys! Chekkidout!
The flyer has released!

Maison presents: I LOVE TRANCE with ALEX MORPH is a must not miss event!

Why? Because his music is MAD! Crazy!
I have already listened to his "Walk the Edge" Single EP with remixes of that track. It's really awesome!

FYI, the flyer is his current primary photo in Myspace. I guess he can't wait to rock Malaysians!
You can check out his music in his Myspace.

If the image is too small for you to read. CLICK IT! hahaha...
The detail is there.

So, can you imagine how his party is going to be?
Let me attach some videos for your viewing pleasure.

Owh yeah, the song in the video is Paul van Dyk's Let go. Remix done by Alex MORPH.

Alex MORPH & Woody van Eyden playing AvB's Shivers. Ermmm... Woody won't be coming here. It's gonna be Alex Only! (like Armin Only? hehehe)

Of course, my current favorite "Walk the Edge" taken from the recent Mayday rave party.

Want more?

Head down to Maison this 20th June. I LOVE TRANCE!
Beauty has a beat.

For more info, check out these websites:

and don't forget to RSVP in facebook!
Click here

I have a friend who is willing to travel from Sarawak to KL for this great party. It's his first ever appearance in Malaysia.

Why wait? Plan your schedule and mark your calender cuz this is the party that you must not miss.

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Now I serve nuffnang ads.

The Story Begins...

Beginning today, I'll be serving Nuffnang advertisement.

Thank you.

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I Love Trance with ALEX M.O.R.P.H. (Updates!)

The Story Begins...

Hey guys,
Alex M.O.R.P.H full event detail is already out!

Maison presents ‘I Love Trance’ with Alex M.O.R.P.H.(GER)

Date : 2008-06-20 (Friday)
Venue : Maison
Contact No: +603 26983328

More Info
Maison presents ‘I Love Trance’ with Alex M.O.R.P.H.(GER)

Day/ date: Friday/ 20 June 2008

Deejay:Kughen -Maison 'Twisted' Resident Dj
Rafee, Ex God'sKitchen Resident DJ, Shang Hai, China
Alex M.O.R.P.H (GER)

Cover charge: Limited Pre-sale ticket, RM30+1 drinks
Door Sale, RM40 Ladies/ RM50 Man/ All night long

Witness and experience Alex M.O.R.P.H 1st solo performance in Malaysia for the first time on 20th June 2008 at MAISON Kuala Lumpur.

Who is ALEX M.O.R.P.H.? No clue?

With gigs all over the globe and an impressive array of highly respected productions, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is one of today’s most wanted producers/remixers in the uplifting trance genre. He made over 70 Remixes for fellow artists and released more than 30 own productions as well as big collaborations, which all found their way into the record boxes of the worlds top jocks, like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren or Above & Beyond, to name a few.

He always tries to show his versatility in multiple aspects, including a well-known radioshow (HeavensGate) and a stunning solo artist debut album coming soon. Bringing the most upfront trance music imaginable in his sets, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is able to make a crowd go wild any time. He also teams up with Woody van Eyden to perform legendary Back2Back sets the people don’t forget too soon - if ever...

Even the world’s most credible magazine for dance music (M8 Mag) supported them with a covermounted Christmas CD in December 2006, mixed by Alex & Woody. Furthermore, their weekly radioshow HeavensGate is broadcasted on a worlwide network of radiostations, such as Sunshine Live, BFBS Radio/Sky Digital or Kiss FM Ukraine.

So come on, guys!

Experience the sounds of Alex M.O.R.P.H! It's his first ever gig in Malaysia.

Check out the Facebook of this event

p/s: Will update the visual image soon. Thank you

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Death Cab For Cutie will be coming to Malaysia [RUMORS! Not confirm yet]

The Story Begins...

Boys & Girls!
What would you do if Death Cab For Cutie is coming to Malaysia?

Alrite, this is not a fully confirm information.
According to Junk, they are might coming to our shores in August.

Death Cab For Cutie just recently release their new album, Narrow Stairs.
I haven't got my chance to get my ears on their songs but I'll find the time soon.

So I've checked their tour dates in their official website. Looks like they are coming to Asia in August. Two shows in Japan!

Wanna know more what I have found?
Words from Pirates of the Bargain Bin; "Apparently a date has already been set for this, either between Aug 12 or 13. And the organizers have also placed some moolah down to the band's management for the performance. So it's basically all systems go."

The full information is not release yet. I hope the rumor is true.
Let's cross our fingers for Death Cab For Cutie.

Oh yeah!

I am a fan since The O.C!

Let's enjoy their new video, "I Will Possess Your Heart"

p/s: The information was found in Junk & Pirates of the Bargain Bin (Blog). I hope that it will happen and not just a rumor.

The End


I Love Trance with ALEX MORPH @ Maison

The Story Begins...

Alex M.O.R.P.H. is coming to Malaysia!

He is famous with the track "Life Less Ordinary".

Party devils, mark your calender!
20th June 2008.
Run down to Maison!

Alex MORPH will be MASSIVE!

"I Love Trance wt. Alex Morph @ Maison
8 Jln. Yap Ah Shak, Asian Heritage Row, KL. T: 2698 3328

Alex Morph hails from Deutschland and is one of trance music’s hottest properties. His material has found its way into Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond’s DJ sets and on the deck he’s no less capable of making the crowd lose it. Kughen and Rafee lay down the foundations before the grand finale. Admission tbc."

Source: Juice
Photo: Myspace

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Support your local EDM scene!

The Story Begins...

Hi everyone.

In today's post, I would like to promote the websites that support our local Electronic Dance Music scene.

You want to see internation DJ live in Malaysia?
You want to go party but don't know where?
Wondering when and where is the best club night?

So here are the websites that you guys should look out for:

1. Klubbers.net (http://www.klubbers.net/)

Home to a truly distinguished lifestyle and social phenomenon in Malaysia, Klubbers.net aims to connect clubbers via interest in dance music and clubbing scenes; and also aims to promote nightlife & clubbing events mainly in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia.

Registered members will be able to manage their own profiles, upload and maintain personal photos collection and communicate with other members in the community. Other channels of interaction include photos upload in public gallery, chat box and many more.

Klubbers.net also features an exclusive photo gallery consisting of photos taken at KL's most prominent nightlife / clubbing events. So watch out for the continuous updates as they strive to cover the best party scenes.

(source: Klubbers)

I have been joining Klubbers since the end of 2006. I started blogging in the same year and Klubbers was my source of information and party updates. Since then, I promote the local events & party in m blog.

The forum section is fun too and I've made few friends there :D

2. Mash (http://www.mash.com.my/)

MASH - Uniting The Dance (Version 2) is claimed to be as Malaysia's Biggest Online Clubbing/Dance Community Forum Portal. You can find lots of updates regarding the local dance scene, introduction of new clubs nationwide, local and global events, sharing/promoting with free downloads of DJ's mixes, discussion on Electronic Dance Music (EDM), discussion/sales on Raving Gear and also discussion on DJ's Software/Equipments.

(source: MASH Facebook group profile)

Mash was found in July 2005 but I joined the website since the early of '06 after the Tiesto's PitParty cuz I was looking for the review and photos of the event. In fact, Bass Agents did join the forum too :D

3. Clubbing9 (http://www.clubbing9.com.my/)

Clubbing9.com.my is your local & global online clubbing and nightlife information destination. If you are looking for the low down on the what’s up in your community, you've landed on the right page. Clubbing9.com.my is full of Kuala Lumpur & Singapore night club, restaurant, bar, lounge, and special event information. Their online community section is a place where like-minded Malaysia nightlife party people can chat, start discussions and connect with other members. They are local with their content, but global with their goals.

They provide their clubbers :-

  • Centralized Platform for Popular nightlife hotspots within Malaysia

  • Encompasses Clubs, Discos, Live Music, Pubs, Bistros, KTVs, Popular F&B Outlets and interesting hang-outs.

  • Listings of Local & Global Deejays.

  • Reliable info on various surveys, polls, comments and real fedbacks on popular nightspots around Malaysia.

  • Cover charges, special events listing, hotspots, clubs review, DJ profiles, club location listing

(Source: Clubbing9)

I've just become a member of this new website. It's mostly focus on clubbing nights. They had a gathering recently but I didn't join. I was busy with XLive in Genting. hehehe.

Besides the websites that I've stated above, my blog would be a definite choice in keeping yourself updated on the latest party and event in town with my random life activities too.

http://coolerclubbers.blogspot.com is my favorite choice to read about the local clubbing scene. You guys should check'em out!

The End


XLive Music Festival @ Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland.

The Story Begins...

XLive Music Fest was totally off the hook, y'all!

For the first time, I drove to Genting.
And yes, as the newbie in driving, of course I would be very scared to drive up the hill.

Faridah wanted to do her make-up. So, she asked me to drive her car.
I was like, "SHIT!"

We started our journey at 6pm. We reached there at 8.30pm after few stops.
Afiqah called to borrow some cash and we had to look for the cash deposit machine in KL.

Hahaha! The road was killing me. Other cars were super fast and It did scares me. :P

First thing I did when I parked the car, grab my big mac! I was sooooo hungry and thanks to the free big mac (I managed to finish the 4 seconds chant!!! eheheheh). Later on, we had few drinks! and we were all "weng!"

We went in and join the others around 9.30pm.
The first thing Aizat asked us was "Dah KENYANG?"
We were all laughed to that question.
Aizat is well known with his sarcasm.

We entered the theme park and first thing we all went to see was Maliq & D'Essentials.
I really really love this Indonesian jazz band since their first song "Terdiam".
Lots of mature faces dancing and enjoying their music.
Maliq & D'Essentials was really good.
Their show performance, singing movement, their voice. WOW!
Really good stage showmanship.
They are not commercial in Malaysia but they are really really good compared to those commercial indo bands! hahaha.
Their performance was around 40 minutes and they sang "The One", "Blow My Mind", "Free Your Mind", and "De Javu" to name a few. They didn't sing my favorite "Terdiam".

Later on, we checked out the other stages.
Goodnight Electric was performing at the XLR8 (accelerate) stage.
The XLR8 stage comprises of electronic & elctroclash acts such as LapSap, Twilight Actiongirl, B4C, and headlined by Goodnight Electric & Dan the Automator (Gorillaz).
I didn't stay long for Goodnight Electric cuz we wanted to check out other stages too.

After that, we went to the XL-Tronic stage to see the crowd.
XL-Tronic stage is for the fan of Trance music.
Thousands of people were at that stage.
Good staging and lightings.
But soundsystem wasn't that loud for me.
Marcus Schossow were on stage spun his good mix.
Oh well, Zack did his mad dance moves. hahaha!
We were all dancing too!
Later on, we went out for more drinks.

By 1am, we got in again and gather at the XLive main stage.
Because Missy Elliott was going to perform!

Missy came on stage doing medley of her best hits such as Get Ur Freak On and One Minute Man.
Awesome introduction by her!
Good stage performance from her crew.
Her dancers were really good.
She came down to the crowd to ask people to dance and jump like crazy.
She sang her famous songs from Get Ur Freak On, One Minute Man, Lose Control, Work It, Ching-A-Ling (from the Step Up 2 Soundtrack), and Shake Your Pom-Pom!

Her outfit was cool too. Love those Shake Your Pom-Pom bling-bling sweater with her bling-bling Adidas kicks.
Cool breakdance moves, the fireworks, visuals, everything.
She didn't lip-synch. Her rap was good.
She burnt down the house real good.
I enjoyed your show.
Thank you, Missy!

Lastly, of course.
It was the time for Yoji Biomehanika!
Yoji's music was good.
Somehow, I can say that the crowd seemed tired.
But that didn't stop me and my friends to dance!
We saved our energy for some hard dance.
I miss his set last year at Speedzone.
It was so good.
What do I really enjoy about his mix last night?
Of course, he did played "Samurai"
With harder beats & sounds!
and he mix it with the most memorable track at last year's Speedzone, Fabio Stein's TECHTRIS! I was jumping real good with my fist up in the air.
I told awan, "weh! ni lagu tetris tahun lepas!"
Hahaha! And surprisingly, he is a good dancer for trance music too.

Later on, Yoji played his latest song. The "Techy Techy".
Not everyone knew the song. I could hear few people shouted to his "Techy Techy".
But I think his music is going harder than before.
Is it because he is now known as Yoji without the "Biomehanika"?

We were sort of tired before the clock nudged at 4am.
So we walked back to Arena of Stars to sit & enjoy the R&B tunes.
Stylustiks on the deck.
Suddenly, the Soulja Boy track played.
We all got on to the dancefloor and show'em our moves!

The party finished at 4am.
We really enjoy the party.
But i did missed few acts.
I missed LapSap, Filo & Peri, and Twilight Actiongirl because there are lots of good act on the other stages too.

Overall, the venue on top of Genting is a very good choice.
It's something new to do it in the theme park.
To me, it's different compared to Zoukfest in 2005 and Chivas Destination Space party in 2006.
Music wise, good choice of acts. Missy Elliott in Malaysia? She's a real good performer. The main arena lightings was a blast!
Maliq & D'Essentials? I really love them. Eventhough the album is not available in Malaysia, but Khaleeq Shahzada bought me the CD when he was in Indonesia for holiday in 2006. Thanks, Man! The XLR8 stage was a bit deserted from other stages. It's a bit hidden.

The only thing that the event could be improve is the stage schedule.
3 stages with lots of good act. Of course, we need to know the timing of each acts so that easier for us to stage hopping.

Overall, the party was FUN! I really had a great time enjoying the party together with my friends. It's a different experience with a BLAST! :D

Photo time!

Me, Meera & Aizat. The blurry person behind Aizat is Meera's fiancee dancing to Maliq & D'Essentials.

Party up with Zach, Haziq & his Gombak friends.

The REAL party goer! Luq & Bad!

Aizat (pergi haji ke, bang?), Moon (she couldn't stop laughing after few glasses), & Me (the sober one)

Doyok & his friend (forgot his name) flashing the XLive wristband.

Faridah & Moon.

Jaja, Reezal & Me. Sorry Zul, bad photo!

Zul is in the image with Min. Jaja jilat angin.

Some said, "Party till your ketiak basah!" (Party till you wet your armpit!)

Haziq was pushing me *too high*

Ursya & Aizat!

From Alam Megah to Genting! Shuznain & Me.
Look at that guy behind us! That's what you call high party spirit!

Matt, Awan & Zach at the XL-TRONIC stage.

Good party pic!

I'm hoping to see more great music festival like this and yes, Genting outdoor theme park would be the best place to party. It should be held again next year!

The End


Oh yeah! Party! Party! Party!

The Story Begins...

I heard the redeem counter queue was crazy long today for XLive Festival!

The party will be super crazy cool!

Missy Elliott and her crew will be arriving today in Malaysia.
This is super crazy! The hip-hop queen will keep us party all night!

Me, Aizat, Intan, Zack, Matt, Haziq, Awan, Dolah, Faridah and few more will confirm to party with us to rock uphill! yeahh!

2 more sleeps and we're up to party on top with 17 acts, 3 stages, 9 hours and 1 venue WITH ALL NIGHT THEME PARK RIDES!

Can you feel the vibe?
we're gonna be mad partying like those people in the video!

So, are you Xcited for XLive?

See u there. If you bump to me at the party, don't be shy to say hi. :D

The End


XLive is near!

The Story Begins...

Hey there, people!

As you all know, XLive party is coming this weekend and me with my fellow party mates are really looking forward for it.

Do you want to miss Yoji (formerly known as Yoji Biomehanika), Marcus Schossow, Filo & Peri, Dan the Automator, & the queen of Hip-hop, Missy Elliott?


I dropped by at the Pervert Music office on Monday to pick up my free tickets. Thanks to Eva! You rock! Hope to ROCK with you at the party this Saturday.

Oh yeah! Thank you, Eva!

Oh before I forgot!
Thanks to Lee Tanker (Klubbers) for the free ticket to 2 Days of Freedom. I really had fun.

Thanks, Lee!

Me striked a pose!

So people!

Mark your calender! This Saturday, 17th May, GENTING OUTDOOR THEME PARK!

XLIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming your way!

Don't miss it!

The End


Tiesto's video (2 Days of Freedom @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson)

The Story Begins...

I would like to share with you guys the collection of tiesto's live gig at the recent 2 Days of Freedom festival in Admiral Marina, Port Dickson.

I found all these videos in Youtube. Thank god. There are so many people recorded one full song. not the whole set (duh! crazy ar?)

The prologue about the definition of "Elements of Life" followed by Ten Seconds to Sunrise.
Tiesto came up on stage at 3.11 and made everyone go crazy!

Break My Fall with cool laser show and visualizer.
"Break my fall... I found what's missing inside you."

One of the good track from the album, Elements of Life

Traffic. It was played on the first night.

Oh yes! I love the track "In the Dark". this one is the Dirty South Remix. Staging fireworks!

The soundtrack of Pirates of Caribbean; "He's A Pirate (Tiesto Mix)". It's the bonus track for the soundtrack and also his album.

Love Comes Again! You gotta believe that... LOVE COMES AGAIN!

Followed by Lethal Industry!

My favorite track. Before we go for Adagio for Strings, we had "Breathing". A track by D'Alt Villa. The track was featured in the "In Search of Sunrise 6".

Crazy track! "Adagio for Strings" for the last track before encore!

Another Adagio for Strings. yeah! cool recording! the confetti, lasers, lightings and fireworks. GOOD BLEND!

Lastly, the encore track; Marcel Woods - Advanced.
Sorry for the crap quality (from the uploader)

The videos were all taken from another person. Source: youtube (DUH!)

I'm searching for the Carpe Noctum and Platinum video but nobody uploaded it :(

The End


2 Days of Freedom

The Story Begins...

Everyone was so excited about the recent 2 Days of Freedom.
I can see it's a pretty international event.
Cool staging, awesome soundsystem and the best security in any rave event.

Me, Khaleeq (Sarfaraz), Zack, Awan and Haziq got our car parked around 8.30pm after the massive jam along Port Dickson road. The night market was also happened to be at the same night. Policemen were everywhere to ensure the road to be smooth.
Many cars were parked at the roadside. Hahaha. Thanks god, we found one that is very near to the entrance.

Our stuffs.

We entered the venue around 9pm.
Well, the boys wanted to change their pants. Slip on their flip-flops. Exchanging belts and so on.
Gosh! I was already prepared from home!
Oh, Zack! He lied to his mum that he's going to sleep at his friend's house in Damansara. hahaha. We called it "Port Damansara".

Let's talk about the entrance security.

I thought Recharge event security was already on the highest level.
For this Freedom event, we have to remove everything from our pocket for them to check.
They check everyone's wallet. Inside out. Even the smallest compartment of it!
I was so embarrassed. I brought 2 phones (Maxis and Happy. Just in case of the coverage jammed and it did happen!), and a camera. Well, better be safe than sorry. Haziq was using DiGi and easy for us to contact each other if Maxis' line got jam.

Back to the security story.

Those who wore shoes were asked to REMOVE their shoes for their security procedure.
They even checked the cigarettes too. Plus, a body-check. We passed!

There were a few stalls there. You can even find manicure and pedicure there. Nail coloring for RM10. Body coloring too. Ciggy stall. Well that is a must. Freedom (Winston) is the main sponsor. And then... Another security. But it's not for those body checking. Just no food and drinks allowed. It was a very tight security event.

We were checking around the places. Friday's, Dominos were there. Pretty expensive but I think it's pretty reasonable for a rave party. Normal hot dog with no brand name is already RM10! Regular Dominos was RM25. Beer? RM12. That was worth the money! hahahah

The event had 2 stages. dB arena (The main stage. Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate & Tiesto), and DimenXion (Hip-hop & Retro). The crowd was entertained by Metalrob (Robots with lasers like Terminator), Theo Dari (The laserman experience before Tiesto came up on stage), and UV-Flouro (the glowsticks thingy).

DimenXion arena staging was so cool! The graffiti, the fire, lightings and soundsystem. The music was pretty massive too. We didn't stay long because we wanted to catch Cosmic Gate at the dB arena.

The DimenXion arena

Cosmic Gate. My second time experiencing their music. This one was even better compared to the previous MyNation. Those 2 guys (DJ Bossi & Nic Chagaal) was awesome that night. They warmed us up with their good selections mix of songs before Tiesto came up. They played "Body of Conflict", "What You Need", "Should Have Known", and Tiesto's "Everything" to name a few.

The massive lighting! Cosmic Gate on the decks!

Metalrob on stage!

by 12am, Cosmic Gate end his mix and it was the time for a "half-time" show by the laserman experience.

Few minutes later, the introduction of Elements of Life began. All cameras recorded it eventhough Tiesto wasn't on stage yet.
And then... the voice said "ELEMENTS OF LIFE" and everybody became crazy because they can see Tiesto walked on the stage. The fireworks colors the sky and Tiesto played "Ten Second to Sunrise" from his latest album followed by "Carpe Noctum". Same goes with the "Dance4Life (Freedom Mix)". He played "Driving to Heaven", "Bright Morningstar" and lots more from the Elements of Life album. Of course! Malaysia is actually a part of his Elements of Life World Tour.

Tiesto playing Ten Second to Sunrise!

Everybody loves his music!

Everyone became crazy and sing along throughout "Break My Fall" and "In the Dark". Tiesto played Klaus Badelt - He's a Pirate (Tiesto Remix) taken off from the Pirates of Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest soundtrack. Not my favorite track but I could hear people imitate the beat of the song and they were jumping like there's no tomorrow. Well, it's a rave. People can go crazy. Girls sitting on their friend's shoulder to get a clear view of Tiesto and waved at him.

Cool visuals!

Throughout the end of his show, he played his famous classics such as "Love Comes Again", "Lethal Industry", "Adagio For Strings", and "Silence (Feat. Sarah McLachlan)".

Love Comes Again introduction! Liefd Karlek Dragoste Amor

Put your hands up in the air!

Haziq & Awan asked me during "Silence" were playing, "Sapa nyanyi lagu ni?" (Who sang this song?) and I said, "Sarah McLachlan". They were shocked, "YER?!"

The best part of the show was the last hour of his mix. Lots of progressive tracks. My most favorite was "More Than Anything" by Gareth Emery (Remix by Stoneface & Terminal). The craziest track for me and also my personal favorite too was "Platinum" by Nenes & Pascal Feliz. Crazy one!

The Nyana bird!

Hello Malaysia! I can't hear you!

When he played "Breathing" by D'Alt Villa, I've guessed that he was almost done like the Copenhagen DVD tracklist. It's a really soothing ambience track and it was feature in the sixth installment of In Search of Sunrise (Ibiza).

My guess was wrong. At the last beat of "Breathing", we heard the slow introduction of "Adagio For Strings". Everybody became very energetic and party harder! The visuals shows various of city names in random such as San Paulo, London, Copenhagen, Budapest, Moscow, Los Angeles and it stops at "Malaysia" when the music breaks. The crowd was high! I was so proud to see Malaysia in one of the names and then when the music ends, the visuals show the Malaysian flag.

Adagio For Strings! Malaysia!!!

Our national flag

He got off stage and the music that played was the crowd shouting for more.
The only sentence that I could hear from the whole Admiral Marina was "WE WANT MORE!"
They chanted it like zombies that needs more blood.
I was one of the zombies too.
He came up on stage again and hit us with a tune.
The beat was really familiar. Even myself could forget such trance anthem!
When the music builds up, Tiesto signed on his headphone and then throw it to the crowd.
I heard voices saying "FUCK! Damn Lucky" and various of unsatisfied crowd for not getting it.

And then the beats made me thinking again. Shit. What took it so long?
Later on, as the music builds up more and more. The crowd shouted and blew their whistles. And I was like "OMG, Marcel Woods?"
What a classic?
It was purely massive to hear the song in a big crowd. Everybody couldn't help but to dance as hard as they can to the last mix of Tiesto.
Whaddya expect? Everyone gave all out for the last track! :)

Foreigners wore crazy color wig with their rave outfit. Hundreds of local raver with the paintball mask. Many people came with clown hats, showing off their glowstick's move. This brought back to the old days of rave. Many old time ravers showed up. I saw lots of husband with their wives. Old guys, old women too. Wow. Tiesto really brought all the ravers from the older generation to the young ones in one event.

Thanks to Tiesto for bringing back the good old days. All ravers from Malaysia unite as one in this event. And the good part is, this event showed that Malaysia is also a rave destination in the eyes of the world.

Thanks to Scenique for giving us the night that we'll always remember :)

My favorite bloggers. Thaiboxingirl and kimberlycun.

Khaleeq, Awan, Zack & Haziq

Me, Khaleeq & Awan

The End