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What can I say about Rock the World 7? One word, AWESOME!

The story begins...

My, Lah and Azhar went to the biggest rock concert in Malaysia! (I guess that's the only rock concert that held every year like Big Day Out and Bay Beats).
We got out of our house roughly around 1pm. Fauzi (Fiqah's brother) also going but he went with his friends. They don't know which way to go there, so he called me for directions.

We reached there around 2.30pm because I had to go to Bangsar before hitting the stadium. Anyway, we did got the t-shirt! YAY! heheheh... I promised Matt that he could join us. Yay, more companion. Azrina text my phone and She just woke up at 2pm. I told her that we got there early because we need to park our car there (we're from Shah Alam, please understand us.)

We had lunch at McDonalds near Petaling Street and then, kitorg pergi balik to the stadium. We met Azlan (Azfar's brother) and their friends. Then, Joy (his real name is Johan from JB. My friend when I was in form 3. We went out together with Anis and Azrina before.) Then, We met Mang and Arif, our degree seniors. Who else? Matthew, my schoolmate! I did gave him a very big bear hug at the concert! hahahahha! Amal, Madi and her sister too... Azrina, Zah and their friend. Our part 4 seniors too. Not to forget, Aznin and Syefri. Owh ya, I guess I saw the "HEY-YA" boys. They were doing the "HEY-YA" thingy like they did at the Distortion concert back in 2003. Lots of familiar faces at gigs. Owh, Ariff, Anas from SS2 PJ with their friends. Ayie and his friends too. I guess they did came all the way from Kelantan for this concert! hahahaha... That's the spirit! Music did brought all of us together!

Me and Aznin

Me and Joy.

Me and my best buddy, Matt.

Me, Lah, Azhar, Matt and Joy at the Main Stage.

About the performances,
There were 3 stages... Main, Indie and Discovery. First one, I went for Indie stage because I really want to see Y2k perform! They were awesome and they did made the crowd go crazy!
I would say that most of our time, we went for main stage. When the sky turns dark, we keep changing places from Main Stage to Indie Stage. After one and another because both stages gave us good bands. Overall, I saw the performances from Y2k, Pop-Shuvit, Lo, Kluk Kluk Adventure, Lucy In The Loo, Love Me Butch, The Times, Infectious Maggots, One Buck Short, Dragon Red, Koffin Kanser, Nervewreck, The A.C.A.B. and OAG.

The best band on stage would be Love Me Butch, Dragon Red, The Times, Nervewreck and of course OAG. hehehhe. The show ends at 12am and I got back with the feeling of satisfaction. This year is the best Rock The World!

The End.

p/s: Velocity KL Music Festival... You're next... if i have the cash... hehehhe