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Cintailah "Cinta"

The story begins...

Earlier today, I went to Istana Budaya to buy the tickets for "Muzikal Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu". My dad picked me up at Bangsar and after I bought the ticket, he sent me to KLCC. So, I called Matt and Anis (a friend from Petaling Jaya). Matt couldn't make it.

While waiting for Anis, I bumped into Fadzli. He booked 2 tickets of Cinta for him and Nadia. I was so stupid for not making any reservation because the showtime showed FULL.

Half an hour later, Anis came and THANK GOD! The reservation seats are open for everyone!
We got two good seats!

Ok, the movie was good... Not great but I can say it is something for us to sit and enjoy good story and good cinematography of sceneries... I can say that the camera shot is really, really good!

The movie is about 5 different stories with different situations of love conflict...
My favorite one is the story about the old couple and the husband and wife!

I'm not gonna give you any spoiler because it's a must-watch malay movie! With the english subs, it would be easier for other races to watch it, right?

I'm sure you can cry your heart out throughout the ending...

You guys should give it a try! It's worth it...


  1. Naddy said...:

    the movie is tearjerkingly awesome!!!! hehe it was great bumping into u ;)