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The Launching of MNG Outlet in KLIA

The Story Begins...

Today, I went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for Kuku Bar promo thingy. It was for the event from MANGO (MNG) because they've just open their outlet in KLIA and today was its launching.

Earlier today, i was so f**ked up with the traffic and the bus service. I've wasted almost RM10 just for the fare... Stupid TRITON! I said that I wanted to stop at Sentral KL but they didn't use that road... FOR THE FIRST TIME!

I reached Kuku Bar exactly at 3.30pm and 5 minutes later... terus gerak already!
We arrived there at 5.00pm after making few stops and traffic jam at Damansara.

We had McDonalds for our tea+dinner and after that, the event starts!

My job was doing massage to the people who attended the launching. Not many people came to our booth. The event has few flaws! Firstly, the MC didn't announce that we were there until the main event began. Secondly, I really pity the models because they have to go down the stairs because the stage has limited space. Thirdly, we were very far behind from the crowd.

There was this one guy... A journalist from KarangKraf said that my "crocs" rocks! hehehe! He didn't know my top secret...

Overall, it was good... I did enjoy the event.. because we all were so free and not much work to do! ekeke...

The models on the stage wearing MNG's clothes

The End


  1. Azazil said...:

    wei takkan tu je kot gambo?? gambo bone takde ke ha?? haha