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AFTER PARTY: Green Room @ KL Live (15/1/2010)

The Story Begins...

It is no doubt, Green Room is listed in the best thing that happen in my life! If you were not there, you'd be daft! 2manydjs set is one in a million converging music and visual on stage, probably a new experience for most Malaysians.

People started to flood the arena as early as 10.30pm to catch the hottest electro act from Indonesia, Agrikulture, who rocked the stage at Sunburst 2009. They did a DJ set with electric drum set and Fandy on vocal performing their track, Disko Di Rumah and other top tracks from the likes of Major Lazer and Machines Don't Care alongside with Arabyrd. Something different than their usual performance but I'd be more happier if they play their band set.

GXXX (pronounce as "G Triple X") had their debut performance with crazy live drum set with Goldfish on the decks and thus putting us into a higher level before 2manydjs show us no mercy on the dancefloor.

As the clock ticks at midnight, the "Radio Soulwax" cloth was clipped on the big LED screen behind the decks, lights were blinking, the buzzing sound of radio, the Dewaele brothers appeared and the DJ console was pushed to the center. Suddenly, we hear the bit of Chemical Brothers' track... the signature "Hey girl, b-boy, *2many* DJs... HERE WE GO!" and put us straight into a dance floor mayhem!

15 mins after their set, the cloth dropped and Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control" was dropped with visuals at the back began to appear. 2manydjs pumped the night non-stop, back to back playing the hottest tracks and awesome mashups from Major Lazer, Aphex Twin, The Clash, Sidney Samsons and etc. I was awed by the visuals and I could not stop dancing throughout their set.

As soon as the screen showed a baby swimming in a pool, the tune from Nirvana was dropped, and the confetti exploded covering the whole place! 2manydjs end it with a bang before Lapsap create the mood for after party. Big ups to the Dewaele brothers!

Oh I think I went deaf after the gig.

I simply grab this live video from YouTube because this is my favorite part during their gig even though this one is not from Green Room. The Clash & Mr. Oizo FTW!

We want more Green Room! :)

The End



The Story Begins...

It was all about the House music! The Swedish invasion totally brought the house down at the first A Stellar Night Out series. Kudos to Stellar Entertainment for bringing over the 1/3 of Swedish House Mafia to town. Indeed, Axwell was off the hook!

Our homeboys - Blink, Gabriel and Suresh Nelson - was great as well in warming up the floor. Big ups to Gabriel as he managed to pull the crowd to the dance floor... but the main headline put us all in a frenzy!

Axwell served us with lots of favorite commercial tunes such as his remix of Dirty South's "Let It Go", my personal favorite "Open Your Heart" - the collaboration of Axwell and Dirty South, and the song that got everyone into a booty-shaking action "Watch the Sunrise". I was flying when he dropped the Fedde Le Grand / Empire of the Sun mashup for "Walking on a Dream".

It was a stellar night. Looking forward for more Stellar Night series. Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello maybe? :P


The End



The Story Begins...

Hello all!

Thank you for participating in my contest for M.C. Asia tickets. You and your lucky friend are gonna be partying with Richard Durand and Sean Tyas this Saturday at KL Live, man!

Check out the list and see if you are lucky:

  1. Muahamad Hariz Bin Abdul Manaf
  2. Christopher Yip Keen Tuck
  3. Tan Hoe Beng
  4. Kavhn Surendran
  5. Muhamad Shahran Bin Othman
  6. Fareed Al Firuz
  7. Zarith Sofia Bt Zainal Abidin
  8. Simon Liew
  9. Hazwani bt Mohd Mokhtazar
  10. Khairul Izwan Mohd Izam
The person in-charge will be contacting you all very soon. Congratulations to all the winners!
See you guys at M.C. Asia Music Factory - The Creation! Don't forget to say hi to me.

Come and join the Music workshop before the party! Durand and Tyas will be on the hot seat! YEAH! Details here.

See ya there!

The End


AFTER PARTY: Future pres. The Bloody Beetroots & Basement Jaxx (31/12/2009 & 2/1/2010)

The Story Begins...

NYE was packed with dance floor mayhem, literally yeah! Future Sound Asia threw a kick-ass party for two nights. Bloody Beetroots on the first night and Basement Jaxx on the second night with one day gap in between. I managed to check out both nights. Tiring but it was pure fun with good company :)

Day 1: The Bloody Beetroots

Road to Kuala Lumpur was not congested at all! If you know how to avoid traffic and find shortcuts, you'll be surprised. Jalan P. Ramlee was very smooth.

But KL Live was jam-packed with crazy electro, mind-wobbling beats and high voltage of blinding lights! The Bloody Beetroots totally killed us all with their blazing tracks. It was ke-ra-zy!

The Bloody Beetroots went onstage right after the countdown. Moshing and fist pumping are not an exception. It was fucking mad! The duo played the remix of Shitdisco's 72 Virgins, Ill to Destroy, Toxic Avengers' Escape and loads of their remixes.

Good stuff! It was one hell of a night.

Crowd surfing is a must.

Day 2 - Basement Jaxx

Malaysians witness the Grammy winning dance music genius, Basement Jaxx, on the very first weekend of 2010. The night was toned down as compared to Bloody Beetroots. It was all about feel good house music.

Unfortunately, the music was not as what we expected. Oh well, it was not their "live" set after all. In my opinion, the first hour was a bit awkward. The transition between tracks was very dramatic but I became immune to it after some time... Hypnotizing, indeed.

The duo dropped some electro anthems such as Major Lazer's Pon De Floor and La Roux' In for the Kill along with the visuals behind the decks. Hit tracks were included in the set such as Rendez-vu, Romeo (my personal favorite), and Do Your Thing.

They end it with everyone's favorite, Where's Your Head At? before hitting the encore track, the symphony of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Big ups to Future Sound Asia for bringing down Bloody Beetroots and Basement Jaxx to Malaysia!


Day 1

Day 2

It was nice meeting everyone at the party!

The End


AFTER PARTY: Rock the World 9 @ Bukit Jalil (26/12/2009)

The Story Begins...

My first Rock the World was nine years ago. It was exactly at the location of Gardens, Mid Valley before it was built. Remember Teh Tarik Crew was boo-ed and thrown with stones? Bad idea for a hip-hop performance at a rock show... But I got addicted to Rock the World since then.

2009's Rock the World was not as great as it seem.

The idea of 3 stages is brilliant but the whole event layout was messy for me. If you were there, you had to squeeze yourself to enter the main stage arena. The pathway was very small!

Sad. The weather was very bad and followed by a heavy rain. It stalled the show for 45 minutes. Thank god I was not there that early. The weather causing each band to cut their set short. That sucks. Imagine one band was about to warm the mood and had to stop after the second song? Hmmphh.

Anyway, the performance that I have to salute on that night would be The Otherside Orchestra for playing some good shits! Props to Bo, Rashdan Harith, Disagree and Azlan & the Typewriter too. They did great.

I'd have to say "NAY!" for Meet Uncle Hussain & Bittersweet. Sorry.

Overall, Rock the World 9 was OK for me. Not that too bad. If it wasn't raining, everything could have been better.

My Macbeth is wet. :(

Bo at the Chill Stage

Amy from Search special appearance during Republic of Brickfields set.

The Otherside Orchestra

Liyana Fizi

I hope for a better RTW next year.

The End