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ADVANCE WARNING: Sunburst KL 2009 - International Music Festival @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club (21/3/2009) - UPDATED!

The Story Begins...


Sunburst KL 2009 - International Music Festival

21st March 2009

Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

  1. N.E.R.D.
  2. Russian Winters (Australia)
  3. KORN (updated)
  4. Erykah Badu (updated) - CANCELLED AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE!
  5. Skye - ex-Morcheeba (updated)
  6. Naturaly 7 (updated)
  1. Butterfingers (minus Loque)
  2. Hujan
  3. Bunkface
  4. Estranged
  5. Estrella
  6. Pesawat
  7. They Will Kill Us All
  8. The Otherside Orchestra
  9. Joe Flizzow
  10. Meet Uncle Hussein
  11. Gerhana Ska Cinta
  12. Dead Mushroom
  13. Arabyrd
  14. Aseana Percussion Unit
  15. Twilight Actiongirl
  16. Loops Collective
  17. Cosmic Kitchen
  18. Reza Salleh
  19. Juwita Suwito
  20. Projek Pistol
  1. Nidji (Indonesia)
  2. Agrikulture (Indonesia)
  3. Andra And The Backbone (Indonesia)
  4. Sixx (Singapore)
  5. Maliq & D'Essentials (Indonesia)
  6. Twentyfirst Night (Indonesia)

Tickets are already available at Axcess counter.
RM143 (Early bird price until Feb 6th)
RM203 (Pre-sale)
Rm253 (Door price)

Online booking can be done through Axcess website.

For the second time in Kuala Lumpur, the grounds of Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club is about to pulsate with the beat of some of the biggest, most influential international names in music, playing side by side with regional superstars from Indonesia and home grown talent from Malaysia. This mishmash of Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Soul, Dance and Jazz's finest stars is about to entertain Malaysian and international music fans alike, spread out over 6 different stages.

The Sunburst signature Sun and Sky Stage will return as the main platform for the international headliners and established local acts, while a massive indoor marquee will house the Livesounds Stage and Tuborg Loud & Clear Stage, showcasing the best local and regional acts in a more cozy setting. The Speedzone Interactive Tour will feature Formula 1 and Moto GP simulators within a futuristic club feel environment with DJs pumping out tunes as you race along your favorite track. Last but not least, the Silent Disco Arena makes its first appearance at Sunburst with not a single speaker in sight as an intimate number of revelers groove to tunes by A-list DJs via the 300 pairs of wireless headphones.

This one day music festival, cramped into a 12-hour programme of continuous music and various activities and games is accessible to everyone for just RM200 per pre-sale ticket. Tickets are available at all Axcess Tickets outlets nationwide, online and through phone booking. The festival will be held at the Polo Pavilion, Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Doors will be open to music lovers, party-goers and even families starting at 2.00pm on March 21st 2009.

Event Layout:

To those who are still holding on to their tickets, congratulations! Now we are on the right track! no more unclear picture of Sunburst 2009!

According to KLue's website, Coldplay will not be coming. Razman Razali, Managing Director of Pineapple Concerts explained that if they had booked Coldplay, they would be the only international act playing the show (eg they were too expensive). He goes on to say that while that may suit some festival-goers, that wasn't want he wanted for Sunburst. He wanted a festival that could cover most genres.

For more details, click here.
Join Sunburst on Facebook!

Info Source: Sunburst
Photo Source: Sunburst

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Adli Syahril says: I'm satisfied with the line-up!

The End


BLOG THING: Disconnected

The Story Begins...

I am currently disconnected from the world. The house phone is down and same goes to the Internet.

My Astro also doesn't work!

Only my Celcom Broadband can bring me to civilization but sadly, this is 2009. I don't want the 56kbps speed modem in 1998, goddamnit!

No worries.

I have complaint to the Customer Service of TM and hope everything will be an "all system go" by next week.

Wait for more After Party updates, party animals!

The End


BLOG THING: Sunburst 2009 line-up coming soon?

The Story Begins....

I've found something on Sunburst's forum. Someone posted a thread and the information he put got my attention. A very interesting one to share with everyone indeed... hehehhe...

Check out the statement:

people!!!!! i just found out that KORN is confirmed!!! i went to the the KLIUC just now. pineapple has a booth there. and among the confirmed ones are erykah badu, skye, 311 and korn. there are few other names for international acts.

i think it's part of their gimmicks. maybe they didn't think people would get really pissed off. like effing pissed off like i did.

and yeah u can still get the rm143 tix at KLIUC til this 19th of feb.

the promotion is like: buy 5 tix then u can choose a cd. if u buy 10 tix, u can choose a cd AND they'll try giving u backstage pass to see KORN!!!!!!

too bad ive bought 4 tix earlier...

one more thing, i found they're gonna have another press conference on the 23rd at celcom. i don't which celcom. but yeah, the guy said celcom.

seems to me all these ARE part of their gimmicks.

but yeah, prodigy and coldplay are still TBC-ed *sigh*

p/s: i feel like a paparazzi typing all these =p

I cannot confirm anything but please hold on to your tickets. Don't sell it yet because your dream of an awesome festival could come true :)



Check out this link for the latest update!

The End


BLOG THING: Just Mix It (Feb 09)

The Story Begins...

Hi guys.

I got bored earlier today and I made this mix.
Hope you guys like it...

If you want the tracklist, please drop me your e-mail add.

Download here and enjoy! :)

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Foulworks Independent Movement?

The Story Begins...

Psst! I have a story to tell...

A little bird told me that Foulworks Independent Movement will be frequently playing at Zouk KL!
Isn't that a good news?

YEAHHHH!!! The winner of Juice's Best New DJ 2008 is finally residing at Zouk!

This 26th Feb will be their first gig there, every alternate Thursdays (4Play night) at Barsonic, Zouk KL!

Do check out their gig at these following dates:

1. Crescendolls Night presents Mixing in Action, Foulworks & DJ An @ Cloth & Clef (25/2/2009)
2. Part of Bangin' Never Ends (PBNE) / 4Play @ Barsonic, Zouk KL (26/2/2009)

For more information, join their Facebook Group.

Be a part of the movement, soldiers!

The End



The Story Begins...

This article is taken from Pineapple Concert website.

10th February 2009

Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd regretfully confirms that the Rihanna Live In Kuala Lumpur concert scheduled this Friday, 13 February 2009 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil has been rescheduled to a future date.

Mr. Razman Razali, Managing Director of Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd, has received an official statement from William Morris Agency (Los Angeles) that the show will be rescheduled to a future date.

In light of recent events involving Rihanna, the artist management will confirm within 2 (two) weeks from now on a replacement date to be mutually agreed by Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd and the artist.

Please note that this is not a cancellation but a postponement.

Ticket buyers are advised to hold on to their tickets and wait for future announcement regarding the replacement date.

We sincerely regret this unavoidable shift in schedule and apologise to the fans for any inconvenience caused.

For further media inquiries regarding the show, please contact our Media Department at media@pineappleconcerts.com

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Adli Syahril says: Make sure she will come here! I've paid for my ticket already!!!!

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Heineken Green Room @ ODC (28/3/2009)

The Story Begins...

Djuma Soundsystem

Heineken Green Room

ODC (Orange Dance Club)

28th March 2009

VHS or Beta
Djuma Soundystem
Box Frenzy (Formerly known as B4C)

By invitations only.
Invites can be obtained by registering at Heineken website

Heineken Green Room returns with a super-charged line-up of electro pop, twisted electro grooves and a heavy dose of breaks and beats. Leading the way are US electro-poppers VHS or Beta, thrilling underground act Sweden's djuma soundsystem, and Malaysia's Box Frenzy (previously B4C).

Info Source: Junk Online
Photo Source: Junk Online

Adli Syahril says: OMG! OMG! It's Djuma Soundsystem! Will put more updates soon. The registration is not open yet

The End


ONLINE RADIO: Malaysia Unite Tonight II

The Story Begins...

Malaysia Unite Tonight II

21st February 2009

Listen through online:

DJ Droo
Nicky C
Victor G
DJ Nikki
Ray Soo
DJ Chinois

Direct to your computer! Click yourself to NERadio

A 12-hour online event featuring 6 Malaysian DJs, non stop in the mix on international radio station, NERadio International. We're sending this signal direct from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to around the globe.

Catch all these outstanding Malaysian DJs back to back for one night only!

Get ready for the next Malaysian Invasion!

In December 2008, NERadio International brought you the first Malaysia Unite Tonight that featured a 12 hour non stop broadcast of mixes from Malaysia's finest DJs. Listeners from around the globe tuned in for the exclusive event that smashed ratings and caused some serious dancefloor damage around the world. Thanks for all your rave reviews!

This February, Malaysia Unite Tonight returns with it's second instalment themed Love Stream. This time the broadcast will feature a completely different line up of house, electro, progressive, and techno DJs and producers. DJ Droo, Victor G, Nicky C, DJ Nikki, Ray Soo, and DJ Chinois, all household names in Malaysia, will entertain you with 12 hours of massive hysteria as they takeover the airwaves for one night only.

This is an event not to be missed, so wherever you are on the planet, on 21st February 2009, there's only one stream to listen to, and that's Malaysia Unite Tonight II : Love Stream right here on NERadio International.

For more info,
click here

Info Source: MUT2 Facebook Event
Photo Source: MUT2 E-Flyer website

Adli Syahril says: Check it out, guys!

The End


BLOG THING: Puteri Gunung Ledang Season 3

The Story Begins...

Last night was the gala premier of Puteri Gunung Ledang 3 and I got excited when a friend of mine invited me to go with him.

I did went for the previous season.

What can I say?

This season's production is bigger and better. I could not believe my eyes when I watched it. It's like a magical performance on stage.

They brought in the ship! That part looks better compared to the previous season. I love the "7 Syarat" part. The music, the scene and the act = Awesome.

Ida Mariana (as Bayan) and Tiara Jaquelina (as Gusti Puteri) in the first act.

My favorite Bayan (Ida Mariana) did a very splendid performance. I was wow-ed by her voice and her acting.

The ghost (nenek kebayan) of Gunung Ledang (This image looks like the one from Season 2)

The nenek kebayan part was really really good. It's been my favorite scene since the last season. Kudos to the production for improving the scene and I'm still loving it.

Anyway, Puteri Gunung Ledang 3 is a MUST-SEE performance of 2009. It is great. You'll see the magic!

Photos taken from PGL3 official website.

The End


AFTER PARTY: Maison presents JOHAN GIELEN (30/1/2009)

The Story Begins...

Maison once again served Trance fans with another international DJ, Johan Gielen, who did great sets of track few years back for Recharge Revelations series at Port Dickson and Melaka (Global Gathering). All 35,000 crowd were blown away by his music back then.

Last week he was down in KL once again. Awesome crowd. Lots of people waited from 10.30pm. We all enjoyed pure Trance music and yes, thanks to Johan Gielen for showing his love towards his fans.

From new remixes to classic choons towards the end. I believe everyone had their marvelous moment when he played LED.

Check out some of the photos.

Sardine packed!

Johan Gielen were crazy!

Danny, Alisha, Faridah, Me & Mervin

Richard working hard

Luq & Alisha

Faridah and her friend

Johan Gielen on the mic!

Faris, Aiman & Me

Don't forget to catch Alex M.O.R.P.H next week at Maison KL! He will blow you away.

Adli Syahril says: Happy Birthday, Alisha! We had a great time! :)

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: The Official Launch of Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2009

The Story Begins...

The highly anticipated Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2009 is back to rock Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the second year. This Annual event organised by Pineapple Concert Sdn Bhd, will be held on 21st March 2009 at the Polo Pavilion, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, Kuala Lumpur from 2.00pm to 2.00am.

To up itself from its inaugural success, Pineapple Concerts promises this year's festival to be even more exciting, putting together 12-hours of non-stop, back-to-back live performances by renowned international names playing side by side with regional and home-grown superstars, coupled with numerous activities to cater to fans of all ages.

2009, the year of the Ox, will bring about raging performances by some of the music world's biggest names. To start off with, they are proud to announce N.E.R.D from the United States as one of the International headliners. With superstar producer / fashionista / rapper Pharrell Williams in tow, N.E.R.D is widely regarded as one of the most influential groups in the Hip-hop genre. While there are other massive International headliners lined up for Sunburst 2009, they will announce them in collaboration with their partners at a later date.

Other acts to look out for at Sunburst KL 2009 are Butterfingers, Nidji, Andra & The Backbone, Meet Uncle Hussein, Estranged, Hujan, Agrikulture, Bunkface, Maliq & D'Essential, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Estrella, Dead Mushroom, Joe Flizzow, Projek Pistol, Sixx (Singapore), 21st Night, Pesawat, They Will Kill Us All, Arabyrd, The Otherside Orchestra, Russian Winters (Australia), Juwita Suwito, Reza Salleh, Aseana Percussion Unit (APU), Cosmic Kitchen, Twilight Actiongirl, Loops Collective and many more - great mix of rock, hip-hop, R&B, pop, jazz, soul and dance.

The performers for Sunburst

The wide diversity of music genres will entertain music lovers across 6 performance stages. The Sunburst signature Sun Stage & Sky Stage will return as the main platform for the international headliners and established regional and local acts, while a massive indoor Marquee will house the Livesounds Stage and Tuborg Loud & Clear Stage showcasing the best local and regional acts in a more intimate setting.

The Speedzone Interactive Tour will feature Formula 1 & MotoGP simulators within a futuristic club feel environment with DJs pumping out as tunes as you race along your favorite track. Last but not least, the Silent Disco Arena makes its first appearance at Sunburst KL where not a single speaker will be in sight as revelers rock out to groovy tunes by A-list DJs via 300 pairs of wireless headphones.

The Sunburst KL 2009 mind-blowing experience can be attained at just one ticket price of RM203 for pre-sale tickets, or RM253 for Door Sale on show-day. Fans can get their tickets at all Axcess Tickets outlet nationwide or via online at www.axcess.com.my. The Axcess Tickets hotline at +603-7711 5000. Fur urther details on the festival, please log on to: www.sunburstkl.com

Pineapple Concerts is honored & proud to be in collaboration with the following partners for Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2009:

Supported by Kuala Lumpur Tourism Action Council & Tourism Malaysia
Presenting Sponsor: XPax
Main Sponsor: Tubor
Official Partners: Livesounds, Speedzone Interactive Tour, MTV Asia, Junk Magazine, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Brandavision.

Me and Matt sampled the Silent Disco.

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Adli Syahril says: Grab your tickets now! Early bird price will end on the 8th Feb.

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: ALEX M.O.R.P.H. Purple Audio World Tour @ Maison KL (13/2/2009)

The Story Begins...


Alex M.O.R.P.H. Purple Audio World Tour

13th February 2009 (Valentine's Eve)

Maison KL

Alex M.O.R.P.H.

Before 11pm - RM 35 Ladies & Guys
After 11pm - RM 50 Ladies & Guys

Bottle Promotions:

3 Bottles @ RM688 before 11:30pm
1 bottle @ RM288 after 1:45am

Choice of Dewar's 12 Whiskey, 42Below Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin & Bacardi bottles.

With gigs all over the globe and an impressive array of highly respected productions, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is one of today’s most wanted producers/remixers in the uplifting trance genre.

He made over 80 Remixes for fellow artists and released more than 30 own productions as well as big collaborations, which all found their way into the record boxes of the worlds top DJs, like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren or Above & Beyond, to name a few.

He always tries to show his versatility in multiple aspects, including a well-known radio show HeavensGate and a stunning solo artist debut album coming soon. Bringing the most upfront trance music imaginable in his sets, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is able to make a crowd go wild any time. He also teams up with Woody van Eyden to perform legendary Back2Back sets the people don’t forget too soon – if ever...

Even the world’s most credible magazine for dance music (M8 Mag) supported them with a covermounted Christmas CD in December 2006, mixed by Alex & Woody. Furthermore, their weekly radio show HeavensGate is broadcasted on a world wide network of radio stations, such as Sunshine Live, BFBS + DAB UK Radio/Sky Digital or Kiss FM Ukraine.

In 2008 his growing popularity becomes obvious by climbing up the DJ Mag list ( top 100 with his b2b partner Woody) , more then 75 festival + clubgigs like Mayday Germany + Poland, Cream Ibiza, Gatecrasher, Colours , Godskitchen , Loveparade etc etc. Productions with Paul van Dyk (“Get Back”, ”In Circles”) and Woody van Eyden (“I Love Trance”) and remixes for high profile DJs/producers like the Armin van Buuren (“going wrong”) proof that Alex M.O.R.P.H. won’t have much time to rest in 2009 either.

Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s highly anticipated debut artist album will feature 13 tracks with more than 7 attached remix EPs, exclusive digital bonus tracks, interactive specials and a promotional world tour throughout 2009! PURPLE AUDIO is an advanced, credible, sexy and global product. It reflects the extroverted nightlife of international clubs, the splendid vibe of an Ibiza summer holiday and the ageless love to music and technology of our target group. The art design for Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s debut album PURPLE AUDIO will see a continuous concept from CD artwork branding to website layout, tour artwork look and merchandise design.

With more than a decade in dance, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is known as one of the busiest touring and producing artists around the Trance globe. Exceptional for an artist with his background, success and award blessing: his first solo album took more than 10 years to see the light of day and clubs! His high standards and expectations on himself and the perfect album made Alex’ production time of PURPLE AUDIO longer than the general producer – but with a non-the-less outstanding result!

Image Source: Maison KL
Info Source: Klubbers.net

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Adli Syahril says: A good after party after Rihanna's concert! I LOVE TRANCE!

The End



The Story Begins...

Earlier today, I clicked through a friend's profile. I flipped through her photos and I found a photo of concert tickets.

I don't mind if people put their concert tickets over the Internet. It's not a big deal to me. Anyone can buy it.

But what disturbed me was a comment by this one fellow:

org free passes lahh weihhh"

Three words for you, YOU ARE PATHETIC!

I do get free passes once in a while but please, don't brag to people especially to your friends who cannot manage to get free pass.

If you still want to tell the whole world, go ahead... but try and read the comment once again...

It is like.. "You bought tickets? How pathetic!? hahahaha I got free passes la weh!"

I believe u are the pathetic one.


p/s: Just my two cent.

The End