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Euphoria by MoS presents Merdeka Eve Showdown!

The Story Begins...

I had the most awesome Merdeka eve last night.
No more typical performer singing whatever-bores-the-crowd and the usual fireworks.

On the day itself, we made a sudden plan to attend the Merdeka event at Euphoria; the imported nightclub from UK.

Unbelievable! It was my second visit and it was waayyyyy better than my first time.
Maybe many people attended the PvD's gig at Zouk on my first visit to Euphoria. hehehe

We managed to enter the premises by 10.30pm. Yeah, kinda early but it's better to enter early rather than lining up for 2 hours. My goodness, the line was very long up to the valet parking of the hotel.

The thing that I was not satisfied about last night's event was the management.

There was no re-entry que!
The door staff gave us the wrong direction to line up!
Many were not satisfied with the service and management after most of them got scolded by them.

Thank god i managed to re-enter before the door closed to the public.

Alrite. Victor G and Ian Ross were fucking awesome!
The dancefloor was like a sea of human.

We joined the crowd at The Deq for some mash up tunes by Patrick Oliver.
Yeahhh!! I love his tunes.
Foo Fighters, Eurythmics, Guns & Roses made me rocking the dancefloor...

After visiting Euphoria for the second time, i think that it is the best club in Malaysia.
One thing for sure... They really need more event night because kids like me, we love event night!

I love the friendly crowd. We did make friends with the party-goers! You guys are awesome!

Cam-whoring while waiting at the long queue

Anis is a cam-whore too!

in motion...

Even I can't see the DJ from the dance-floor

The friendly stranger on the dancefloor

Mat salleh mabok at the bar. He kept babbling some shit of his... hahah!

With Teressa, Eugene and May... The awesome party rockstar at the Deq!

Adli Syahril says: Happy 51st Merdeka and Happy Ramadhan! :D Party break for a month.. but not a break for Hed Kandi if it's confirm. hehehe

The End


Is It True That Bloggers Are Rude And Immoral?

In this modern civilization, blogging has become the biggest phenomenon. People are no longer blogging about their own thing but they are mostly now take blogging as a serious matter and making big bucks out of it. In the January 2008 issue of KLue magazine (a lifestyle magazine), blogging was listed as the “8 trends of 2008”. It mentions that political blogs are in the limelight, updating the nation with the information they could never get through the mainstream media, creating a lot of controversy and table-talk-gossip along the way.

Blog is a short form of “web log”. It’s a website for people to share their thoughts and stories with the world. It’s usually maintained by a person with regular updates of posts, adding images and videos, and description of events.

Many people create blog as their platform of choice to express their thoughts and emotions through words, images and videos. In fact, most of them post their stories without realizing the consequences if their stories include negative elements such as racism issues, touch the sensitivity of the government and the country that would create chaos among the nation. In addition to that, if they got detected by the authority, it is no surprise they would be sent to trial or, even worst, sleeping behind bars for some time of period.

Many perceived bloggers are immoral. We all do want freedom of speech but does freedom means you can simply defame people? I supposed it does not mean that you can disrespect your own country through freedom of speech, right?

Let’s take the recent event hit our country and major mainstream media – Kickdefella’s blog post on upside down Jalur Gemilang titled “Nation in Distress”. I think it’s the most immoral and disrespectful action towards our country. Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi claimed the action as very immoral because Mr. Kickdefella himself influencing others to do the same thing. I was very surprised reading the post because it’s our 51st National Day celebration and there are still people disrespect their own country.

Sometimes, I do wonder myself why are these people don’t feel any shame for their wrongdoings. Are they smart enough to face the consequence?

There are editors and gatekeepers to protect the content of newspapers and magazines. They edit and approve the stories of the writers before it is being publish. Unlike blogs, there is no one to edit and approve their materials. He/she should know the ethics before publish something that might be sensitive towards certain people because you are not the only one reading it, the whole world would read it too. Imagine what will happen to our country if the world perceived Malaysia as a bad place to travel because of the bad administration portrayed by the bloggers. So, bloggers should not violate the rule of ethics.

From my point of view, it is not wrong to criticize and voice out our thoughts through blog but of course, there are limitations. If you have gone overboard, then it is unethical and very immoral.

Let’s take another example. Many bloggers showed their dissatisfaction in their blog post about the Selangor’s Minister to allow ten percent (10%) of the non-Bumiputera to register for Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). From what I have read, many bloggers voicing it out their dissatisfaction in a very positive way. Unlike the post from a blogger named “Mavarique”, he criticized and using bad words in his post. Not only that, he even mentioned that even when the government open the doors for the non-Bumis, they would not have the interest to register in UiTM. I was very surprised to read his post. The word that he used was very racism and the images he uploaded were seen as very sensitive.

I see this matter as something that should not be touch by anyone. The government was the one who let the dogs out and made some bloggers went wild and responded very aggressive towards the issue. Sometimes I don’t see the blame should be putting fully on the bloggers because the government created the big issue and made the public went chaotic. As I mentioned earlier, voicing out is not a criminal but there are limitations that they have to follow.

Another example of blog would be Raja Petra’s website – Malaysia Today. He alleged Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for being involved with the Altantuya murder case. The issue went big because the case of Altantuya was still on trial and suddenly the name of the high profile person was mentioned in the blog. He did not have any proof and later on, the cops went to Raja Petra’s house for investigation. Writing without any proof is unethical. It does consider as a very immoral act because it create problems to the country and not to forget, the whole nation.

Based on my experience, I have a friend who hates her friend so much up to the extend that she posted three posts and she alleged her friends on so many bad things that happen to her because of the friend. In the post, she humiliates her friend and made many people become skeptical of her. I think it is rude to humiliate a person in the blog and very unethical. After her post, many gave her comments about their disagreement of her way to humiliate a person to public. Even such small group would become separated just because of the words are mightier than the sword.

I would conclude that not all bloggers are immoral. There are some who blog just to make people angry but some are just blogging for their passion of writing. These immoral bloggers should learn the ethics of journalism so that they can think before they write. Don’t let one blogger to ruin the whole nation.

The End


Lapsap + Co. Part 2 - "The Farewell to the Loft"

The Story Begins...

photo courtesy of Streething

Lapsap waved farewell to the Loft (Zouk) last night with pure noises, great set of music, and massive turn ups in one great party.

We couldn't think of any farewell song and Lapsap was there to save us all!

The party was warmed up by Kelvin Oon, Arafah Adruce (Arabyrd) and Lim Kok Kean before the awesome dynamic duo, Blink (a.k.a 5ft a.k.a. Lau Hoe Yin) and Xu (a.k.a. Mr Puah a.k.a. Phra Kok Leong) or also known as LAPSAP, spun good shits and brought the house down.

Tons of familiar faces came and witness the most awesome party in town. Usual "We Are Lapsap" crew from facebook partied as hard as the music beats went wild. Familiar tunes were played and made the crowd go crazy hoo-haa such as Shitdisco's 72 Virgins (The Bloody Beetroots Remix), Green Velvet's Shake & Pop, Herve's Cheap Thrills and a whole lot more that made the dancefloor shaking like tsunami! The duo did played the latest song by Bloc Party titled Mercury. Awesome song.

I'm so not getting any drink from the jug after seeing the kids barfing in it. YUCKS!

Check out some party photos!

Azmir is so gonna get mad if he sees this!

Yati: OMG! I sendiri terkejut boyfriend i benarkan i pergi ngan korang semua!

The packed dancefloor

I like electro... I like retro.. I like ghetto... house and techno


The "B" peeps!

The End


So much for a short period

The Story Begins...

I can't believe my eyes that it's already Friday after I took a quick look at the calender.
Wow! Can you believe it? It's already Friday!

This holiday has been very meaningful to me.
I went out with lots of beautiful people that colors my life.
Catching up with some old buddies.
Hanging out and enjoying good music.
Attended awesome parties.
My parents were being really supportive to me.
Shopped here and there...
Everything about this short holiday! It is a whole bunch of great experience!

Me, Anis, Juli, Syafiq and Azhar.

Aizat, Myra, Ilya and Me

My current favorite photo (taken by Aizat)

My research hasn't finish yet...
Got a long way to go.

I'm very tired today. Sorry April for not attending Impulse tonight :(

Adli Syahril says: Anyone going for the last Twilight Actiongirl? YEAHHHH!!!

The End


More Junks Added to My Shelf!

The Story Begins...

I made a plan with Leo (my childhood buddy) earlier today to see the latest Disney flick, Wall-E.
Alrite, i have to admit that I am a Disney movie freak.
I've seen Wall-E already and I'm not over it yet.

We went to AEON Bukit Tinggi in Klang to avoid the bad ticket queue at Sunway Pyramid.
Too bad for us cuz it is the school holiday, same situation happened in Klang; BAD QUEUE!
Thank god, we managed to get the tickets :P

We wandered around the mall and I saw the latest album by Hujan.
Hujan dah keluar album!

And on the other section, I found the deluxe edition of Daft Punk Alive 2007 imported CD!

With the speed of the light, I withdrawed some cash and bought those 2 CDs.

I've took my time to have a listening pleasure to those albums and now, let me give you a review of'em. :D

1. Hujan - abcdefgHUJANopqrstuvwxyz

I've been waiting for the album to release. I think the album is just average because it's the re-production of their old tracks from the previous EPs. They only put one new track in their new baby called "Dugaannya". Ehem, it's my current favorite song. There is this one track titled "Rantai Rasa" (was known as "Rantai Rasa Cinta") which I did not like it because I prefer the older version. Same goes with "Pijak Hatiku" (or known as "Kau Pijak Hatiku Lagi"). Well, I don't know... I'm not a music expert but as a listener who has listened to the older version of Hujan tracks, I must say that I prefer the older version of the songs. The album also features the song from the Impak Maksima soundtrack titled "Jiwa Kelajuan".

As what I usually do, this will be the album that I'm gonna sing along while driving to college.

Rating: I give 3 / 5 --- for the great effort to come out with a new album with all famous track that they played in every gig, and downloaded ones over the Internet. The new production of the songs? Errr... I prefer the older version of some tracks.

2. Daft Punk - Alive 2007 Deluxe 2CD Edition

When I was in school (2001), I hate this french duo! Whenever the TV played "One More Time", I will change the channel immediately. Especially once the bell introduction... DONNGGGGGG!!!! *change channel*
But my perception to them has changed last year after I saw the live video on YouTube and I think these guys are pretty amazing... In the same year, Kanye sampled the song "Harder Better Faster Stronger" in his track "Stronger". Amazing!
What makes this album unique?
They mashed up 31 songs in 13 tracks. I think this album proves these guys are very creative.
FYI, this album is a live album.

Rating: I give 4.5 / 5 --- For the creativity. The 50 pages booklet is worth paying RM70 plus the live video of "Harder Better Faster Stronger". Minus 0.5 for not coming out with the live DVD of the concert.

Adli Syahril says: I've been searching high and low for Tiesto's live DVD... If anyone would want to sell it to me, please drop your comment! I need Tiesto - Elements of Life Copenhagen DVD!

The End


A Break for Zouk KL

The Story Begins...

Not surprised with the title, huh?
Yeah, they are getting a renovation in the month of Ramadhan and will operate back soon.

I think it is time for them to make some changes since it has been in town for 4 consecutive years.
Plus, Euphoria by Ministry of Sound has opened their doors to the public since last month. Fair competition, huh?

One at the city centre and another one in the suburb.

Before the closure of the hippest place in town, you guys can have the last kopek to party!
Here are the events that must not be miss at Zouk KL!

1. Zouk Mainroom: Ghetto Heaven presents STYLUSTIKS (Thursday, 21st August 2008)
- The guys of Stylustiks are brilliant! Love their music.

2. The Loft: LAPSAP + CO part 2 "The Farewell to the Loft" (Wednesday, 27th August 2008)
- Hipsters kids are saying farewell to the Loft in this last week of Loft.

3. Zouk Mainroom: Ghetto Heaven presents Money Exchange Movement (Thursday, 28th August 2008)
- It's the last Ghetto Heaven. :(

4. The Loft: Twilight Actiongirl presents JUMAAT TERAKHIR DI LOFT (Friday, 29th August 2008)
-The last TAG!!! OMG, I'll be missing those fuckers! Can't wait for Bar Sonic... hehehe

5. Zouk Mainroom: Mambo Jambo presents Mambo Pops! (Saturday, 30th August 2008)
- Celebrate your Merdeka Eve... Mambo Jambo style!

6. The Loft: Twilight Actiongirl 4th Anniversary Bash (Sunday 31st August 2008)
- The last party before the renovation and puasa. *sobs*

My selection would be LapSap and Twilight Actiongirl!
Any takers? hehehe

After that, Adli will break for a month due to Ramadhan... But Hed Kandi is in September? hehehe...

All the best to Zouk KL.
I want to see the "beautiful" new Zouk! hehehhe

Photo Source: Facebook

The End


Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 @ Kiara Equestrian Club

The Story Begins...

After the successful of its first installment, Fat Boys team brought us the second edition of Pesta Malam Indonesia, which showcases the best of the Indonesian music scene to our own backyard with the hope that it didn’t scare their Malaysian fans away.

The concert was opened by two finest local acts; Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain. Unfortunately, not many people witness their performance as most of the goers came in late to catch the Indonesian acts. Hujan’s main man, Noh, abruptly left the stage and Ag took over his singing. Nobody knew what did happen.

Dewi-Dewi came up on stage and did a set of cover songs from Dewa and Rihanna. By watching their performance, I wondered myself “Why are they here?” I think they didn’t perform well and didn’t reach the standard to perform for a big outdoor event.

The rain started to pour down heavily; half the crowd rushed for shelter except for die hard groupies when Samsons took over the stage. There were thousands of them being over-excited, making human triangle, shouting hoo-haa along with their favorite band. Thus, they made the locals anxious to get nearer to the stage.

A fight broke off twice when Sheila on 7 (So7) performed “Sahabat Sejati” and the main man, Duta, had to halt their song to pacified the situation. It’s typical when it comes to Indonesian concert in Malaysia. Well, So7 did a great job in controlling their audience for every song.

Ungu faced some technical difficulties followed by the power outage on every booth after the half-hour break. The show had to halt again and the crowd started to throw things on stage. The emcee, Aleya, controlled the crowd professionally eventhough she got hit for a few times. The police began to chase the attackers and made the situation went a bit chaotic. The locals were terrified and they had to move very far away from the scene.

It didn’t stop the show. Peterpan came on stage for their 40 minutes set. Ariel has broke the local performing guideline by took off his shirt for their last song. Lastly, Slank came on stage and brought a different kind of energy to the crowd but only their groupie, Slankers, stayed on but the locals who were not a big fan, and walked straight to their cars.

The concert went on with such big Indonesian acts albeit many difficulties were faced from the audience up to the stage technical. While the Indonesians were having the time of their lives at the front row, the locals were much comfortable watching it from the screen at the back. Well they know how to party harder than us.

Adli Syahril says: ... and we drove straight to Zouk for DJ Shah. hehehehe

The End


Traffic Jam Street Party with DAUGHTRY @ One Utama

The Story Begins...

The 5-minutes press conference

The American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry and his band, Daughtry, were finally here in our shores to rock Malaysians at the recent closed street party by Sony Ericsson.

The perimeter was fully covered by ten foot walls with a very tight security to ensure nobody without ticket can trespass the event. No matter how hard the people attempt to sneak in, they can never get in. Not even a peek from the upper level of the mall!

Daughtry was scheduled to perform on stage at 11pm after warm up performances by Liang, Daniel Lee and Stylustiks. Frankly, I don’t think they suit to share the same stage with the rockstar. Yes, I admit they are good in their own genre but not as opening acts for international rock band.

The crowd chanted for the band after the screen displayed their name. Main man, Chris Daughtry wore a printed black tee with his fiery orange guitar open their set with a track titled “What I Want”. Chris performed a solo of their new stuff titled “Long Way” and I think it was amazing.

The band did good interactions with the crowd and they did rock us all mad from beginning to end. They didn’t fail to entertain the 3,000 attendees and played good tunes such as “Used To”, “What About Now”, “It’s Not Over” and “Feels Like Tonight”. Everyone didn’t want them to stop so they did two songs for encore; “Home” and “There and Back Again”.

The show was a blast and I believed everyone who stood for 5 hours to catch their performance as early as 6pm would say it was worth their pain.

Adli Syahril says: ... and we missed Paul van Dyk's gig... So we headed to Euphoria! YEAHHH!!


Klubbers.net Annual Party presents Aly & Fila @ Zouk KL

The Story Begins...

Oh yeah!
Last week, I did attended the Klubbers.net Annual Party.
The party was awesome.
Many happy faces.
Lots of familiar faces from the clubbing scene were there.
Aly & Fila (err.. only Fila showed up) set was good.
Tracks such as "Lost Language", "How Long", " Out of the Sky" were played by him.
The song that made me and my buddies went crazy was a remix of Breaking Benjamin's "Diary Of Jane" done by Sean Tyas (if i'm not mistaken la.. correct me if i'm wrong). Awesome one!

We were cam-whoring at the event.
Check it out!

Ok.. too many photos to load!
Check them out at http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

The End


Upcoming parties + concert!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
I know most of y'all craving for more great acts and performers to come to Malaysia.
Last week, MTV Asia Awards 08 invaded Malaysia with quite a number of international acts such as The Script, One Republic, Leona Lewis and The Click Five.

Pussycat Dolls were here with a small gig at Coco Banana in Sunway, Panic at the Disco with their less promotional concert and less-than-1000 attendees and they did brought down the house.

A week before, Daughtry rocked Malaysians with a set of rocking tunes. I wasn't a big fan but he converted me to become one!

*sobs... i didn't attend Paul van Dyk's gig because of Daughtry... instead i went to Euphoria*

Great DJ acts were here... Shitdisco did an awesomely show with great crowds and crazy stage diving action. (we know how to kung fu, huh?) and of course, Paul van Dyk's selling out gig every year at Zouk. I heard the club was full before 11pm. Crazy stuff huh?

Not to fret, people!
More great events are coming...

1. Klubbers.net Annual Party presents ALY & FILA @ Zouk (9/8/2008)

It's tonight and I believe it's gonna be one hell of a great party. Seriously, I've listened to the Tranceworld Mix Volume 2 by the man, Aly & Fila, and it's purely euphoric beats. These guys are good quality DJs and if you miss it, you'll regret it! I want to hear them play "How Long"!
website: www.klubbers.net

2. Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 @ Equestrian Bukit Kiara (16/8/2008)

I'm sure this would be a great event since the last Pesta Malam Indonesia in 2006. Good line-ups such as Samsons, Peterpan, Slank, Ungu and more. I'm not sure whether I'm going for this one or not. Anyone going? Takde geng la beb... hehehhe
I didn't get any complimentary tickets for this one :(
website: www.pestamalamindonesia.com

3. Pure Ibiza II with DJ Shah @ Zouk (16/8/2008)

Experience the pure music of Ibiza with DJ Shah. I don't think he needs any introduction by now. He played alongside with Armin van Buuren and collaborated in one track called "Going Wrong". What an awesome track!? This is gonna be good. I love "White Sand"!
website: www.zoukclub.com.my

4. Mocca & InTheBox Records @ Zouk (17/8/2008)

Oh yeah! Let's chill with Mocca and the great openings for the band. I'm so into Decma and the could have been. (Decma TCHB) and I want to hear them performing live. :)
Applejuice is performing too and of course, let's dance and jive to the sound of Mocca. :)
Recommended? HELL YEAH!!!
website: www.mymocca.com

4. Butterfingers Album Launch @ Planet Hollywood (24/8/2008)

They are local but they are totally good.
I've been listening to them since I was 9 years old and now they KEMBALI with a new album. hehehe. I think they will be playing a set of their new songs for this gig.
website: http://butterfingerstheband.blogspot.com/

5. Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia @ Stadium Merdeka (29/8/2008)

Oh yeah! Malaysia is a part of her "The Best Damn Tour"!!!
I don't care if you hate her. I think it's a one-time-chance to see her in Malaysia.
Grab your tickets now!
website: www.galaxy.com.my & www.axcess.com.my

Unfortunately, we have to travel to our neighbor countries to catch big act performances :(
Kanye West, Death Cab For Cutie, Ash in Singapore
The Kooks in Hong Kong

Whatever! We still have tons of great local acts PLUS great gig on every weekend!

Adli Syahril: I can't wait for KAMI final gig in Bukit Jalil this October!!!

The End


MTV Asia Awards 2008 @ Genting (2/08/2008)

The Story Begins...

I went to MTV Asia Awards last night and all I can say is "IT WAS AWESOME!"
I didn't manage to count the sequins on Nicole's outfit but the experience of standing in front of the best acts around the globe was just FANTASTIC!

Panic at the Disco, Leona Lewis, The Script, Pussycat Dolls, The Click Five, One Republic, Super Junior... i don't know! a whole lot more!

Good Job to the MTV crew for bringing this awesome award show in Malaysia.
I was expecting more great acts rather than selling out performers but what they had for the show were already fine. Maybe Malaysia is not ready for bigger acts. This is quite a good start. Maybe next time they should bring legendary performer or music pioneer to the show.

Electrico (Singapore), Super Junior (Korea) and Project EAR was awesome!

Frankly, I was really surprised to see Super Junior performance on stage. The energy they brought did really blew me away. It's no wonder that hundreds of their fan came with LED banners. :P

As for international act, I would go for The Click Five. Good vocal. The blend of their music with traditional Malaysian instruments. THUMBS UP!
Not a fan of them but they're good.

I really enjoyed the whole day and night at Genting. A great experience for me. The red carpet, the main show... Loves it...

Overall, I think this award show is more to promoting new artists, bands and their new album. It seem that the show focused more to performance than the awards. But it was really exciting. You don't have to pay to see lots of acts on stage. hehehe :P

Check out some photos I took at the event

Cam-whoring before the show

The red carpet session

The dolls on the red carpet

Mr host himself, Jared Leto.


Stopped & Stared!

These dudes got panic at MAA!

My second time seeing the dolls on stage! wohooo!

One Republic performed Stop & Stare, and Apologize

Leona Lewis

A Super Junior fan!

More SJ fans...

The drummer of Click Five playing the kompang.

Panic At the Disco as the closing performance of the show.

SPOTTED! hehhehe

Pussycat Dolls performing When I Grow Up.

More photos can be view at http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

The End