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Blog things...

The story begins,

Today is such a boring day... Me and my friends went to Sunway Pyramid and we did nothing! We had lunch at Mamak Bistro SS14. Then we got back around 3.30pm...
So, I got back home took pictures of my things... :)

This is my workplace, my room, also called my favorite place at home! :)

The phone is on my side. That's my floorlamp. You can see a bit of my printer. The no-longer-working printer. hehehe... That's my laptop! Can't live without it... :)

Here, you can see all my tickets, my dvd and a price tag. I love going to parties, play, shopping, entertainment and of course, going places. There's my Chivas ticket, Tiesto party, Groove Armada event, Revel4tion, PGL: Musical, Pi Mai Musical, Zara tag price, Alang Rentak Seribu play, some movie tickets and Gol & Gincu DVD! :)

Ok, here are my favorite DVD box-set collection! Thanx to my PJ friend, Khadijah, who gave me the O.C box-set of season 2 and season 3. I bought the first one! :)
Lord Of The Rings trilogy in extended version and the Star Wars trilogy! I also have Batman collection too.. :) I just love TV series... :)

Hmm, doing nothing today... Can't wait for the coming Rock The World! :P

p/s: somebody please, take me out!

The End