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Sunburst Event Schedule!

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Hello everyone.
The most anticipated event (at this moment la), Sunburst KL Music Festival day schedule is already released!

Check it out.

I think it's just great!
Twilight Action Girl should be longer... suit to be the after party! ;)

I want to see Raul Midon, Incubus, John Legend, Twilight Action Girl (but it's clashing with Incubus), Hujan, Bittersweet, Meet Uncle Hussain... If possible, I wouldn't want to miss any of the act!

See ya guys there!

p/s: i only bought my ticket. no friends to go with... :(

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Dance4Life Foundation

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Hello everybody.
I'm pretty sure that most of us (in Malaysia) are not aware of Dance4Life foundation.

Let me quote the info from wiki:

"Dance4Life is an initiative originating in the Netherlands designed to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in secondary school-aged youth. The initiative aims to have one million participants dancing for AIDS awareness world-wide on World AIDS Day 2012."

Since May 2006, Tiesto has become the worldwide official ambassador for Dance4Life foundation. He recorded the official track titled also "Dance4Life" with Maxi Jazz of Faithless and the track has reached top spots in song charts across Europe for 5 weeks.

This foundation has existed long time ago but I think it's not too late to promote this foundation since "the big act" is coming to town

Not only singers & bands can do charity work. Tiesto, a DJ, is doing it too.

Please spend some time to watch the public service advertisement of the foundation.

Pretty catchy tune, right?

Here's the live video of Dance4Life on his Elements of Life closing tour in Mexico. He promoted the foundation in his tours.

"Together we can start dancing, stop Aids" - Dance4Life

"HIV Aids is lethal" - Maxi Jazz

Don't miss Tiesto: 2 Days Off this May 9th in Admiral Marina, Port Dickson.

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More updates of Tiesto's 2 Days Off!

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Previously, I have posted about Tiesto's big comeback this May and I have received lots of feedback through e-mail and comments.

Now let me add more info here in my blog which might be useful for everyone of us! :)

This one is taken from Tiesto's website... IT'S NOT THE OFFICIAL POSTER!

I'm a Tiesto freak and I did a screen capture of it!

See that? He's not stopping in Singapore! To all the Singaporeans, do come to Malaysia for it!

Words from the people who organize the event (Taken from MASH forum) :

"its at the same location as Revelation 2005. Ferry Corsten is also confirmed for the 1st night (friday) and Cosmic Gate on the 2nd Nght (Sat). Watch this space for more updates, will send the artwork to Celt once its ready. its a 2 day event. Starts in the afternoon, ends early in the pagi for both nights. Save up for the event guys, better go for 2 days than just one night la...."

Highlight! FERRY CORSTEN for the FIRST NIGHT (FRIDAY) and COSMIC GATE on the SECOND NIGHT (SATURDAY). Same location as Revelation 2005... that means ADMIRAL MARINA

"So far confirmed signed acts are Tiesto , Ferry and Cosmic. Whether got vocalist or not, need some time to confirm. Location Admiral Marina is Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Save up those Ang Pow money for this 2 days of tangkap giler"

After that, Celt (Gracie) told me that they are considering one vocalist. I don't know who... Maybe BT? Christian Burns of BBMak? or it could be JES again since she said Malaysian crowds are awesome.

"The organizers are Scenique Productions (M) Sdn Bhd. The same company who brought Tiesto down for that fantastic event in Sepang. And also the same company who recently brought Gwen Stefani to KL so you can be sure of Quality."

Read that! Shortage of booze like his previous event? I don't think so...

Be patient, everyone!
More info will be release soon.

More parties in town:
1. Roger Sanchez @ Zouk (14th March)
2. Speedzone Tour 2008 @ KL Tower (22nd March)
3. Tom Middleton @ Zouk (29th March)

Let's watch the clip of Tiesto's F1 PitParty in Sepang, 2006 (recorded by me) to increase your temptation! hahaha!

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The diva is coming to Malaysia! No, it's not Amy Winehouse

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So many live shows, so little money.
Quoted from the latest issue of KLue magazine.

It's true. Last year wasn't as crazy as this.
The first quarter for 2007 was Akon, Muse & Good Charlotte.

This year's first quarter is Switchfoot, Explosions in the Sky, Backstreet Boys, Incubus, John Legend, The Roots and don't forget... the diva is coming to Malaysia.

She sang for the soundtrack of the Oscar's best film, Titanic.
She was one of the performer for VH1 Diva's Live.
None other than Celine Dion.

The idol of Siti Nurhaliza; Celine Dion will be doing a concert here this 8th April 2008 at Stadium Merdeka.

This is big!
This concert has been confirmed since last year.
Even the Malaysia date is inside the Wikipedia!

Funny, ey?

Guess how much is the ticket price...
No.. this is not Muse where you can get as low as RM30 for the top tier after discount.
What? Can't go above Whitney's RM260?
Free show? You think this is M2M doing album promo?

Here are the list of ticket prices...
Take a deep breath, you ballad worshipers!

1. RM988 (Numbered seating)
2. RM688 (Numbered seating)
3. RM488 (Numbered seating)
4. RM288 (Free seating)
5. RM138 (Free seating)

the prices are inclusive of RM3 of processing fee.

These prices are taken from a forum. Please wait for the official black & white from the organizer (Galaxy) cuz it's the full information is not out yet.

Which one would you rather pay?
A grand for F1 ticket with RM50 parking... or almost a grand for Celine Dion?

I'll choose Tiesto over F1 & Celine Dion! hahahaha!

for more info on Celine Dion's concert, browse through www.axcess.com.my

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Backstreet's back, alright!

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Everybody, rock your body!
cuz the backstreet is back!

Whoah... this is LARGER THAN LIFE!
These guys are no Daft Punk or Tiesto. Not even Smashing Pumpkins.

I still remember the old days where everybody can't stop singing their song!
I'll never break your heart, as long as you love me, larger than life, 10,000 promises...

Eleh, don't try to deny it.. i know you do love them too! hahah

Announced today in the newspaper saying that the boys are coming to town for the Unbreakable tour. I'm not really a big fan of them now but i think this is a must go. Remembering the good old days jumping like small kids throughout their songs.

Don't miss Howie D, Nick Carter, Brian Littrel and AJ McLean (Kevin is no longer the BSB) this 27th February in Sunway Lagoon for Backstreet Boys Unbreakable Tour. It's only RM 88!

check out http://www.axcess.com.my/ for more information.

More event:
Explosions in the Sky (19th Feb)
Sunburst Music Fest (15th March)
Speedzone Tour (22nd March)
TOTO (15th March)
Celine Dion (8th April)
Tiesto (9th May)

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Tiesto is back!

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Let me make this short and simple.

2 nights of Tiesto in Port Dickson. 9th May 2008. More info will be reveal soon.

The End



The Story Begins...

Alrite... Someone has leaked the info that I was told by a friend.

"as u guys know...i always love to be the inside man...before it even goes to press...

here goes..evrything is done very very early this year regarding on rave parties...

Malaysian Tourism Board ade approve few Rave parties here and there, so it'll be a lot...one of it is Salem Rave party, which if this comfirms, u'll see me around more, around the states...

and the big one... Tiesto comeback..this time is at PD, and the best part is...its a 2 days thing...its happenin around May or later though, not an F1 thing...talking about ur legs getting chopped off Grin Grin Grin

Peace out yo..and now u guys muc belanja me makan for this news.."

Yes guys. It's true! Tiesto is coming here again this year! :D
I don't think it's the Elements Of Life tour but hearing 2 nights of party is fucking massive!

I don't care if nobody is joining me.
I hope it will be held at the same venue as the Recharge R3velation (R3).

I know more info about this event but I can't reveal it at the moment. Let's just wait for more words! :D

I'm dying to hear his remixes of Radiohead, Justin Timberlake, Imogen Heap... oh gawd!!

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Switchfoot's Concert @ KL Convention Centre

The Story Begins...

2 hours before the concert, a friend sent me an SMS... "Bro, I'm not going..."
I was like... "WHAT?!"
I know you are reading this.
Dude, you suck! The concert was amazing!
We were at the front row! hahaha.

I reached KLCC at 6.30pm.
Jumpa ngan Fareezan.
Let me quote a word from him. "Don't party alone!"

He came with his friends and I joined them.
Love Me Butch sang 4 songs, Altered Frequency did 4 songs too.
Roughly around 8pm, Switchfoot came on stage!
Everybody gone woo-hoo crazy.

They started off with Oh! Gravity followed by Stars.

Famous tunes such as Awakening (my favorite track from the new album), American Dream, Dirty Second Hands, We Are One Tonight, Oh! Gravity, Stars, On Fire, Gone. I think they sang around 16 songs that night.

They did a bit of Beyonce's Crazy In Love to fit in with Gone. Amazing!
After they played Meant To Live, they walked off the stage and made the crowd shouted "WE WANT MORE!"
Jon came back on stage with the "I HEART KL" t-shirt. The crowd went more crazy as Jon played Dare You To Move as encore with his guitar strumming introduction.

It was an awesome rocking night!


Next stop... Sunburst KL Music Festival!!! Ermmm... I would like to go for Explosions In The Sky but I'm waiting for money to drop from the sky first! But maybe I'm not going for it. No kaki la beb :(

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Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2008 line-up is out!

The Story Begins...

Hello. Ignore my previous entry on Sunburst cuz here comes the full line-up for you!
I know that most of y'all can't wait for this event to come.
Damn, INCUBUS is coming! AGAIN!
I love them a lot...
The experience of meeting Brandon Boyd in person when I was in form 5 was great!
It's worth skipping school and stole my bank book from my mum's cabinet.

Alrite, here are the full list of acts:
1. Incubus
2. John Legend
3. Incognito
4. The Roots
5. Search
6. Gigi
7. Tompi
8. Pop-Shuvit
9. Joe Flizzow
10. Gerhana Ska Cinta
11. Atilia
12. Estranged
13. Tempered Mental
14. Hujan
15. Meet Uncle Hussein
16. Y2K
17. One Buck Short
18. Reza Salleh
19. Love Me Butch
20. Bittersweet
21. Najwa

I heard more line-ups will be confirm soon.
Hey, we don't have to travel to Singapore for Mosaic Music Festival! Haha!
But Mosaic has Raul Midon, and the Bird & the Bee.

Sunburst's ticket price is RM200. Grab it before 3rd of February to get a special discount of 30%!

Check out the website for more info on this event

As for this event, I would say "YES! I'M GOING!"
I'm getting my ticket tomorrow... Before attending Switchfoot's gig. YEEE-HAAWW!

The End