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What A Week, Y'ALL!!!

The Story Begins...

Yay, PTPTN dah masuk!
Ok, aku dah beli an external hard disk, a pen drive and MP3 player...
Lepas tuh beli buku, bayar hutang and segalanya tak hengat...

Last Wednesday also baru pergi KL. Got myself a new Vans shoe, and 2 t-shirts.
hehehe... So what else? Owh ya, for sure... I'll spend it on my assignments!

I will make sure that the money will finish by the end of semester... NOT before the end! What a bad way of spending the money... (no surplus is also a bad way too!)
Ok, I'm sure that I'll use it for the upcoming PitParty... Heard that Marcel Woods and Alphazone will be coming here!

anyway, just got msg from my fren who studying in UK.
She said that gambar aku masuk kat dalam hotlink nyer website untuk velocity event ari tuh! hahahaha

here is the picture!

The end.


After the tiring assignment...

The Story Begins...

Hey there everyone.
Today is the day yg kitorg kene hantar our first group assignment!!!
Issues in Modern Malaysia!
It's tough! I've been kicking and screaming since yesterday for that stupid particular issue, FLOOD!

Alrite, move on to the next story...
CONGRATULATIONS to Nurul Huda! She's currently pregnant for 3 months.
I'm quite worry for her because she's only 19 (turning 20 this year) and still studying.
No matter what, I'm happy for her! Good luck...

Still got tons of assignments to go! Goodbye for now. I have to do some research... :)

The end...


Crazy... Crazy... Crazy...

The story begins...

The first week of 4th semester was awesome! We had a great big party in our hostel! hehehe...
From dance to mosh, trance to hip-hop and not to forget, ROCK! ehehehe
That was the time when everybody got together. I am so proud of my friends because everybody is really, really awesome!

Alrite, yeah..
We've got our very first assignment! Issues in Modern Malaysia with Mrs. Raj...
We have to make the newspaper cutting and make a folio out of an issue. We got SOCIAL ISSUES and I've already did my part at the National Library.

What else?
Hmm... I've won tickets from MTV!!!
Me and Erwan went for AKON SHOWCASE at RUUMS, KL! hahaha...
It was last night! Cool gig!
It was packed with the blacks... It seemed that we were the only Malays.. hehehehe...
I've got no pictures to be upload right now but I'll upload it soon.

Oh ya, right now I'm in Puan Nora's class... She's talking about students sneak in to college after curfew hours and we laugh like crazy...

Yay, I've just received the DJ SUV WORLD TOUR tickets in my mail box... Great! Hope that I've the chance to go... :)

The End

p/s: Hey, I do sneak in after curfew!


Velocity KL Music Festival

The story begins...

29th December 2006... The date that everybody was waiting for!
Event Knights successfully made VELOCITY KL MUSIC FEST at Sunway Lagoon!

DJ Love! Kyau & Albert! Ron Van Den Beuken! JUDGE JULES!!!!!

Kyau & Albert
Kyau & Albert spinned some famous tracks, Are You Fine, remixed of Gabriel & Dresden's Tracking Treasure Down, Topher Jones & Blake Jarrell's remix of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars..

Ron Van Den Beuken
Technical problem happened twice but great tunes... Tiesto's Lethal Industry & Adagio For Strings.. hehehe. Reminds me of Tiesto's PitParty... The great audio visuals, lasers, atmosphere... ok Adli, stop it!

Judge Jules
Played the Fatboy Slim's What The F*ck?, remixed of Tiesto's Dance For Life, and remixed of the Killer's Mr. Brightside for closing. He's GREAT!!!

It was nice to have fun partying with Nonie, Khaleq, Zack, Azhar, Alisha, Zoul, Alina, Atiya and their friends.. hehehee
Hope to party with you guys once again! :-)

Here are some pictures... Courtesy from Nonie's camera! hehehhee

Before the party started!

Nonie, Zack, Khaleq and me!


The crowd...

PARTY PEOPLE!!! Let's shuffl... did I miss the "e"?

Ok, now we can see Zack! hehehe

Kak Nonie yg 1st time sober at a rave party! I'm clean... ALWAYS CLEAN!

Let's party hard, people!!!

The lights and sounds... GREAT!!

Zack the freako...

Do call us when you sober! hehehe...

Errrr... Zoul, ARE YOU FINE??? heheheh... XAXAU!!! KANTOI!!!

OK, I had 2 shots of Johnny Walker without mixing it with any other drink! SOBER, OK!


Everyone's tired... but I'm EXCITED! hehehehe

Thanx to Kak NONIE!!! We really had a great time! Hope to see you again if you're back from UK! :)

The End


Kenangan Terindah bersama Samsons

The story begins...

6th of January, Samsons did a concert here in Kuala Lumpur and I WAS THERE!!! hahhha...
It was me, Khaleq, Farezan and Hafez.
The concert was fun! Opening act by Sofaz, Gerhana Ska Cinta and OAG. Less Indonesian (YESS!!!)

Samsons came on stage roughly around 9.30pm with a medley of Kehadiranmu and Yang T'lah Lalu. After that, they played one of my favorite song, Akhir Rasa Ini. And then, Cinta followed by Kutemukan Cinta. After that, Di Penghujung Muda, Dan......, Dengan Nafasmu. When it comes to the song Bukan Diriku, everyone sang along! And then it started to rain... hahaha! Quite heavy though! Nobody cares if it rains... hahah! Then, they played Kenangan Terindah and Naluri Lelaki as their closing. The only song that they didn't play was the jazzy song, Romansa Cinta.

Check out the pictures... Sorry, I'm using my cheap Sony cam. Some pics are not clear

Hey, I'm a very important person!

Khaleq was busy blowing the Celcom clapping balloon..

Look at the crowd!

Gerhana Ska Cinta on stage!

Shout! Shout! Shout!

Me and Fareezan...

Khaleq, Fareezan and Me!

Samsons! Samsons! Samsons!

Aku.. adalah lelaki! yang tak pernah lelah... mencari wanita! hehehhe

Soaking wet after the concert (it was raining!)

THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!! Thanks guys! :-)


The New Year BBQ Nite

The story begins...

On the January 1st 2007, we had our NYE BBQ Nite at Waney's place. Her parents was supporting us for doing the event. We did the event to gather friends again before entering the new semester (and also celebrating the 1st day of turning 20s... hehehe). Just wanna say that you guys are great and thank you for making it happen... Waney, Aishah, Nano, Afiqah, Abdullah, Hafizudin, Azhar and Wan... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! Not to forget those who came too... Hafiz and friends, Lah's friend, Shahril, Eddy and Nano's sister...

Here are the photos.

Azhar in-charged for the food! He can't stop eating... No wonder people call him "Yot" as in "BOYOT"

Adli Syahril!! Don't!! Belom masak lagi!!

Afiqah, Me and Aisyah...

"Afiqah, don't disturb the food! I'm in-charge!" Said Azhar with the proud feeling.

Makan! Makan!

Aisyah and Wan...

Pass me the food! That one... NO! The other one! hehehe

"I'm the host!" said waney.. ehheaehaheaha

Don't move! Wait till it snap! hehehe

p/s: I've just realized that i didn't take pictures with Hafiz and Waney.. :-(


The New Year Eve

The story begins...

On the new year eve,
aku tatau langsung nak ke mana!!! I've got 3 passes to go to Transit: The Sounds Of Speed but I didn't manage to gather my friends for it. So, I called Faridah Masaki and she said that she didn't know where to go for the NYE!

We planned to go together with Amylina and their brother...

We simple made a plan of going to The Curve. We parked at the HIGHWAY! hahaha...
After the countdown, we all went crazy partying with the R&B beats... hehehe!
Everyone was dancing and partying like there was no tomorrow! No goodbye to 2006! hahahaha....

Here are the pictures...

Baru sampai the curve

Dekat tengah-tengah crowd!

It was damn PACKED!

Exactly tepat pukul 12am... and look at us! WE'RE A MESS!!!

The year is celebrated with fireworks...

More fireworks!!


Crazy party-goer... hehehe

After the tired party... phewww...

The End