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From "Dirty Jokes" to "My First F*ck"

The Story Begins...

This morning, I woke up at 10am. Iznie text me because she's on her leave today! So, she thought of going out with her friends for a movie or anything in Sunway Pyramid. Later then, a friend of mine from Shah Alam wanted to hang out with me for a lunch before he goes off to work. We did have our lunch together to catch up with some stuff.

After that, I bought lunch for my mum and rushed back home.

Exactly at 3.00pm, Iznie picked me up and Aisyah. There, we met Atiya and their friend from KMPP. We saw this movie called WAITING... which contain sick dirty jokes about penis' and bad sex habit! hahaha... It's kinda stupid but funny... Iznie couldn't bare to watch the movie because it was so dirty! I wonder how could that movie PASS to enter our country!

After that, we met Arlina, my classmate. She's working in Guess for the holidays! Then, we go around the shops to see the YES (Year End Sale) environment... GOSH! Many things that I want to buy! From clothes to bag... Everything! Head to toe! hehehe... What to do? I have no cash!

So, I reached home at 7.30pm and went out again at 8.30pm because I'd promise to have a dinner with my good friends... Afiqah and Nano. Kitorg kluar hang out pun because one of them is having a problem and I think she needed the support from us. What friends are for? A friends should help another friend.... No matter what, me as a friend will always support another friend!
The three of us became close since Form 5 because we sat in the same row!

We really had a great time because we haven't really meet and have a chat for quite some time... Everybody was busy with studies, jobs and other commitment.

I drove back home... I made a u-turn and suddenly this one motorist showed me the middle finger! Sh*thole! hahaha... It was funny because I don't think that I did any mistake... The bike was fast and he startled by me, I guess... By showing me a middle finger, it doesn't effect me at all... There's no use of showing it! Come on... Middle finger is like a trend where everyone doesn't really care anyway! hahahah... That was my first F*CK!

When I reached home, turn on my laptop.. Chat ngan Aini, Fareezan and Syafiq...
I love my friends... I appreciate them... Do they appreciate me?

The End