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Got my haircut on Sunday and lunch at Taipan on Monday...

The story begins...

On Sunday,
My mother woke me up like a terrorist... I was like "WHAT? WHAT? HUH!? APA DIA??!"
hehehhe... Lah and Hafiz were standing in front of my house and I just woke up from sleep...
They wanted to go to Shah Alam Mall because Hafiz has a trouble with his Nokia N80 phone.
History of Hafiz' Handphone
1. Nokia N90 last year...
2. Nokia N80 in June 2006
3. Nokia N73... NOW!

He has the money of course... hehehe...

So, I took my bath and they went for a drink to wait for me... I am fashionably late...
He came to my house at 2.00pm and we ride his MyVi to Shah Alam Mall.
The road was damnnn packed with cars! The JomHeboh was on the same day!
FYI, Subang, Shah Alam and of course, the Federal Highway was filled with slow-moving cars!
We did manage to go there safely anyway. hehehe! I saw the Motorola RIZR phone! I would say that it's the only shop that sell that phone in SHAH ALAM! It's quite cheap compared to KRZR! I mean for making its debut here... hehehe! I was very tempted to buy that phone but... I know where I'm standing. NO MONEY NO TALK! DON'T EVEN PRETEND TO TALK! hehehe

Later, we went to SACC and Plaza Alam Sentral. I got my haircut in Thomas & Guys. Great cut by the hairstylist! She's a nice lady though... Later, I couldn't find the RIZR phone in PAS...

Later at night, I was watching a great game! It was a match between Chelsea and Arsenal... Heavy rain came suddenly right after the second half of the game started! I was like "F**KKKKK!!!! Not NOW!!!" but thank god, Alhamdulillah, I managed to watch the repeat match! The second half was very tense! Chelsea and Arsenal worked their ass very hard for the second half... And the match ended with 1-1. GO CHELSEA!!!

Alrite... Today is Monday.
My mother scolded me on Sunday. She said, "ADLI!! Bila nak basuh kasut Converse tuh??? Macam mana ko nak pergi Rock the World kalau kasut tuh busuk??? Gi basuh cepat!"
I was shocked! She said it herself.. hehehe. She did let me go for the concert! YEEEE-HAW!
So I did washed the shoe and it's sparkling now.. :-)

I chatted with Azrina earlier today... She'll be flying to Australia in February to continue her study! Awwwwww... I 'll miss her so much! We were crazy party people since school! We went to clubbing together since I was 16... I didn't pass the age limit but I did managed to enter the club with her, Nisa, Jolene and Manvinder!

Owh ya, she will be going for the Rock the World concert too with few of the Pussymates! Me, Anis, Afiqah, Azhar, Abdullah and few more will making our way to the concert too! This is awesome... I've already made my planning to go to which stage for each performance.. hehehehe! Looking forward for BITTERSWEET's performance because PIJIE is MY SENIOR!!! YAY! My previous housemate in college was one of the RTW performer too! Arif, which was the bassist for Jeopardize! Awesome guy!

Later, Hafiz (from Bangi) sent me an SMS... He said that he wants to come to my house! I replied him, "OK, Datanglah!". He replied back, "Bukak la pintu! Aku depan umah ko!"
Hahahaha! How funny was that? He was right in front of my door when he sent that sms to me!
So, we went to Taipan, Subang for lunch. Abdullah and Azhar came along too... I had rice with chicken and some squids at Di Kayu... GOSH!!! RM12... Fucking expensive. The squid is expensive! Previously, I had rice with chicken and I paid around rm6... I had a warm water because I'm having insufficient financial! heheheh...

At night, I had drinks with my friends. Again! At Taipan. This time, we had our drinks at the Old Town Kopitiam. Great place for some chats! :-)
Nice environment, great crowd, nice foods at their best service and of course, REASONABLE PRICE! I hung out with Azhar, Aisyah, Afiqah, Nano and Razil. I had this "Old Town Iced Chocolate" drink and it's very tasty! Rm3 and considered reasonable for a quite classy place! :)

After that, we made a sudden plan to Shah Alam's Uptown! hahaha... Everyone of us has our own temptation to buy something but... INSUFFICIENT FUND! Somebody please... Donate us some cash! hahahah... I was tempted to buy this organizer! It was a fake LV and it's so cool!
Nano was tempted to buy this heels but she has no cash at the moment. Aisyah was tempted to buy this fake LeSportsac bag because it's still not over-rated compared to any other brand!

WAAAAAAAAAAA.... I got back home and writing this blog because I've got nothing to do... Great time I had today... Everyday is a great day to me... I love being Adli Syahril... :)

p/s: you guys should watch the Lampard's goal post kick! It's awesome!

the end...