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The Story Begins...

I've just uploaded the pictures from my phone to my laptop.
So I guess that this is the time for me to upload all my event pictures here...

Here are the Akon photos:

There were lots of "pak itam" blocking my view!

Yay! Akon on stage...

Sorry for the blurry photos...
They were taken by my Motorola RAZR V3


The End


My favorite Indonesian group: DYGTA

The Story Begins

Dygta is back with their latest album... Bukan Kekasih Setia.
What is so great about this group?

1. Muzik dia relax
2. Suits me whenever I feel lonely
3. Great voice
4. Sad lyrics
5. Makes people cry sometimes....

Their 2 previous album was very good! I love it a lot...
Persembahan Jiwa and Pecinta Sejati. Memang worth your listening...
Sadly, it's hard to get their album in Malaysia.
You have to fly to Indon to get their albums or buy it online.

From what I've searched on the Internet, I couldn't find the CD for Bukan Kekasih Setia. Only in Cassette version. I've searched it in DiscTarra's website... DiscTarra is like Tower Records in Indonesia...

You guys should check out their albums... The melancholic music is just simply awesome. Most of their songs is about love triangle. Well, I think the singer has lots of experience in love until he could make great songs about break ups...

Here are the track listings for their latest album:
Side #1

1. Kesepian
2. Berpisah (feat. Nita)
3. Kau Cintaku
4. Demi Cinta
5. 2 Hati
6. Bukan Kekasih Setia
7. Lelaki Sempurna
8. Harus Berakhir (feat. Meda)
9. Yakinkan Dihatimu
10. Ternyata
11. Saat Kehilanganmu
12. Air Mata

Now, I'm going to listen this album again for the second time!

The End


Grandmother's OUT!

The Story Begins...

Thank God, Alhamdulillah!
My grandmother has recover from her second operation.
The other day, when I went to the hospital, she was high on medicine.
She talked crap about kitchen, chores and stuffs (Nenekku SASAU!)
Now, she has already checked out of the hospital!
We love you tokmak! :)
She was as fat as a mad cow.
Now she's as slim as the giraffe.
hehehe.. what a bad metaphor!

Last night,
We went for "mamak"...
It was me and my friends.
We had a great time "eating maggi goreng"
In fact, it was a good "maggi goreng"
We were "bloated" with "maggi goreng"
My "stomach" was "sick"
So, I relaxed myself by "sitting down on a chair"

I'm sure you guys are trying to figure this puzzle!

The end...


The Adli Syahril history in clubbing scene.

The Story Begins...

Right now is 9.15pm
I'm in my hostel at Puncak Perdana, getting ready to have some fun with my peeps!

Let me tell you my clubbing experience.
My first club was Atmosphere at Twelve SI.
I was 15. A week after the last paper of PMR.
I went there with Juliana.
We were so scared that we couldn't enter but guess what, WE DID!

And then, my second time was in 16...
Me and Azrina followed her sister to Telawi Street Bistro in Bangsar.
She wanted to see her friends who graduated from the same univerity when they were in Australia. (FYI, Azrina's sister is an Australian)

Later then, they brought us to Bliss at Twelve SI. Located next to Atmosphere. I still remember that DJ who spins for that night was DJ Cosmo. A lady DJ from UK. Her tunes was fine... More to house latin. The cover charge was rm40 and we entered for free. I saw Camelia and Chef Wan in the club. (Hey, rave was very expensive at that time... Most expensive rave was rm120)

After that, we even wilder! We were clubbing at almost every weekend!
I can't believe that we really had our fun times together. (Me, Azrina and Niesa)
We even make friends with other clubbers... Guess what? We did bar hopping from a place to another. From Voyeur (Club 11:15 has taken over the place) to Shadow (closed down already) to G-Spot and to PJ bars!

We partied like there is no tomorrow. We stop until the sun rises!
Our clubbing theme song was...

1. Punjabi MC feat. Jay-Z - Beware Of The Boys
2. Eve - Got What You Need
3. Outkast - Hey Ya
4. Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch
5. (can't recall the name) - Scandalous

Those were the songs that kept playing every weekend at the club.

The clubbing scene is different!
Most of the R&Bs are not like the old days.
It's more to Pop-ish songs.
Which is still dance-able but cannot compare to those days.

Plus, I have more friends to party together.
It's kinda funny that we didn't expect each other to be a clubber before this. Not until the fourth semester.

"We should do this more often!" - K (bukan nama sebenar) -

Hopefully, we'll stick together as a party people.

The End


The Story Begins...

Hey everybody!
The party is back!
Last year's speedzone, we have seen Blank & Jones, Gabriel & Dresden and Mistress Barbara for MotoGP in Sepang.
ATB for F1.

This year... Speedzone is back with more hard bass! For previous year, it was more to trance and progressive. The line-up DJ for this year, the king of hard-trance is here in Malaysia, YOJI BIOMEHANIKA! Marco V! D-Formation...

I'm sure that this year's Speedzone will be harder and even better.
Come on guys, let's join the event, feel the vibe and experience the sounds of hard bass!

Here is the details on the event:

The DJ line ups:

6 pm - Joey G
8 pm - D-Formation
10 pm - Marco V
12 am - Yoji Biomehanika


4YourEye from Austria will provide live visuals!

Party starts at 6 pm till late!

Tickets can be purchased at:-
1Utama , Lot B-16 *Shop name not stated*
Lot 10, Information Counter
Actors studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Rock Corner Midvalley Megamall
Tower Records KLCC
Music Valley Midland Park, Penang
Music Valley Greentown, Perak
Music Valley Holiday Villa, JB

You can purchase your tickets for just RM20 at ticket acxess counters nationwide, for locations and to buy online, visit http://www.axcess.com.my/main.htm.


The Brand New Akademi Fantasia...

The Story Begins...

I had to stay at home last night.
My mum didn't let me to follow my dad to the hospital.
Cuz she knew that aku menghilang punya la...
Lebih-lebih lagik dekat PJ jer.. ekekeke...
Owh ya, my dad tido kat hospital pasal temankan nenek aku yg sedang tertiarap atas katil spital tuh!

Akhirnya aku duduk di rumah sambil menonton...

Yeah, laugh at me!
Go on... Say what you want to say!
"Giler kampung tengok AF!", "AF is like so yesterday!"

Hey, I am not always a city boy! Berpijaklah di atas bumi sendiri...
Tak kemananya standard korang tuh! Ke kubur tuh neraka jahanam gak! wakakakkaka

About AF... The new season.
The first concert... I don't see any talent in them!
Kecuali for Heliza..
Camner diorg buat pemilihan?
It's hard for me to follow the daily diary because, you know me, I'll be in my college and couldn't find the time to watch it.
With the invention of Torrent, everything is possible right? Ad-free! hahah

Maybe it's the first week of the concert. Let's just watch and wait for a miracle jelah...
hahaha.. kalau dah sumbang-mambang tuh, pepandai la kita tutup telinga... ekekkee

The End


A Movie. A Visit. A Tiring Day

The Story Begins...

I woke up.
Anis text me.
Dia ajak tenot movie!
Ok... So we went to Mid Valley and kitorg tenot...

Of course.. the movie that everybody wants to watch!

I'm sure that everybody know how is the poster looks like, right?
The theme for the poster is actually... "Mukhsin's Wedding"

This is my favorite part of the movie:

Orked dance with her mother (Mak Inom, played by Sharifah Aleya). Part ni memang cantik la. The music band played the song called "Hujan". Adibah Noor nyanyi lagu tu time nie. Lepas tuh hujan... Mak Inom ajak Orked menari... Lepas tuh, jiran diorg (Rozie, the one who is a prostitute in Gubra) kutuk perangai family Orked. In fact, I hate Rozie's character in Mukhsin compared to Gubra.

What can I say about Mukhsin?

Firstly, congratulations to Yasmin Ahmad for showing us your beautiful talent in making this movie. I am really enjoy watching all your movie! Didn't miss a single one in cinema...

Secondly, the storyline... It's perfectly beautiful. When I saw this movie. I felt very calm and relax. BUT! There's a but... I still prefer Gubra because the point of the movie is very clear! The message was delivered to me very good... Gubra = Young woman for older man (two-timing plak tuh!), prostitute who has to raise her young son and suddenly dapat AIDS plak, and etc.
Mukhsin = puppy love, bad neighbour, poor family? Tengoklah sendiri and you'll know what I mean...

Thirdly, congrats to Sharifah Aleya... Great acting from you as Mak Inom. She can impersonate Ida Nerina! Hahaha.... Sharifah Aryana? I'm so sorry girl but your acting is a bit stiff...
The Orked that I know in Sepet and Gubra was more active than the one in Mukhsin. In Mukhsin, Orked's character macam pemberontak! A bit like a rebel.

I guess that would be it... Mukhsin is a very relaxing movie compared to Sepet and Gubra which are more dramatic...

After done with the movie.
I went back home. And suddenly my dad pulak ajak pergi hospital. Tengok tok mak. Guess what? She's getting better now... :)
Waktu aku sampai.. She was high.. I think the doctor gave her drugs to stimulate her... hehehe
Dia dok merapu cerita pasal buat keje kat dapur!

Alhamdulillah that everything turnout to be fine. :)

p/s: I hate the crowd inside the cinema... The part that wasn't supposed to be funny, THEY LAUGHED??? And they kept on talking during the movie... You don't pay to talk, STEWPIT!



The Story Begins...

The first thing after it was done...
aku menjerit sekuat hati di dalam hati...
I lip-biting myself...
I can't believe it at all!

We've made it!
Puan Nora loves our presentation...
Not a little, not a bit...

I was really happy with everything.
I did put all my efforts on this.
And eventhough we had a bit of conflict.

Come on... there's always a black sheep of the family, right?
Ok, maybe two! hahahah

So, everything will be fine...
Adlie is a survivor

The End

p/s: nak celebrate... *hint*hint*


shit... Global Gathering 2007!!!

The Story Begins...

We have heard about many international rave event!
Sensation White, Sensation Black, Love Parade, TMF Award and not to forget...

Something great about this event is that it presents many rock bands and dance music DJ!

Here's the info about Global Gathering (courtesy from Wikipedia)

Global Gathering is an annual dance music festival promoted by Angel Music Group, the company behind Godskitchen, on the last weekend of July each year at Long Marston Airfield, Near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

The festival has been running since 2001, competing with Homelands (earlier in the year), Creamfields and until 2003, Gatecrasher's Summer Sound System.

On March 18, 2006, Global Gathering made its debut appearance outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland when the festival traveled to Miami,FL USA. Acts included Nine Inch Nails, Coheed and Cambria, Avenged Sevenfold, Deep Dish, Adam Freeland, Sasha, John Digweed, and many more dance and rock artists.

Global Gathering, one of Europe’s biggest dance festivals, takes place for the seventh time this year over two nights on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July 2007. The festival site is located in the beautiful green fields of Warwickshire at the old Long Marston Airfield. The event started life in 2001 and has sold out every year since.

The line-up is expected to be confirmed at the end of the month, including some of the biggest names in dance music entertaining up to 45,000 people. The first wave of DJ´s will be announced on 30th of March on Pete Tong´s Radio One show followed by the final line-up announcement on 31st of March at Club Air in Birmingham during the Global Gathering Launch Party.

As well as the music there’s usually The Urban Village with Hip-Hop DJs, Skate Ramps, BMX Riders, Break Dancers and Graffiti Artists, extreme rides in the fairground, a late night lap dancing club, and a cinema.

Tickets are currently on sale. Even though the early bird tickets have already sold out, there are still deals to be had: General Admission ticket prices £ 112.50 inclusive booking fee.

p/s: wish that i can go!!! Kalau nak gi Good Vibrations pon kene lari gi Singapore...

The End


The cool people who taught me to live...

The story begins...

How should I begin this?

Ismail Awang and Zainab Jusoh.
My grandparents...

They are the person who raised me up when I was still a kid until I move to Alam Megah.
Imagine this... 8am till 6pm at their house.
I spent more time with them than my own parents.
Me and my best-est cousin, Asri...
We both spent most of our time with them.

My first bus ride.
My first flight.
My first education.
They were the people who taught me to live...

They let me go out in the middle of the night..
go clubbing and party with my friends.
My grandparents are cool!

Ok, this is what I want to share with all of you.
My grandmother was admitted to PPUM in January.
Usus dia tersumbat, i think la kan...
So, she had her operation and she spent 2 weeks in the hospital.
Guess what? She lost her weight... A LOT, to be precise.
She has to wear a bag to urine because she hasn't recover fully yet.

Last night,
We went to her house in PJ.
At that time, I was just informed that she has to go back to the hospital again for another operation!
I was in shocked!
My mum shook her hand. She began to cry.
Aku pon salam la tangan dia... Lepas tuh terus dia menangis...

The doctor said that her second operation is not until the end of the month but then, they have to make it earlier... Mungkin pasal tu kot dia nangis.

When we went there last night to see her a day before her operation.
I had a feeling that something is going to happen.
Aku tak nak dia meninggal because of an operation.
I don't want anything happen to her...

I want to say thank god, Alhamdulillah because Asri has become a better person now.
I'm sure my grandmother will forgive him for what he has done to her before...

Insya-Allah... Everything will be fine...

The End


Sometimes it is best to let it go...

The Story Begins...

Hi.. It's Sunday Evening and I've just woke up from sleep.
Suddenly, I thought of my friends...
We haven't met for quite awhile.
I always try to contact with them... You know, trying to catching up with them
tapi kengkadang tuh rasa macam diorg yang tak nak.

Should I keep trying eventhough they don't want?
Last thing on my mind... Myself telling me "Let'em go"

Don't make me do it... because I'm letting go one already

The End


Such an amazing week... :-)

The Story Begins...

Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Scorpion, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Incubus, Ryan Starr, We Are Scientist, Architecture In Helsinki and INXS.
Those are the names who were here rockin' Malaysian fans before...

As I mention in my previous post,
I've got tickets to the Muse concert...
What can I say about it?
Best giler babas tahap dewa...
I can't believe it that I was there and I witness the event!
Those who missed it, I'm very sorry cuz it was awesome!
They did played their hit songs such as Knights Of Cydonia, Hysteria, Plug In Baby, New Born, Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out, Invincible, Stockholm Syndrome and many more...
Gosh, it was like the best moment of my life (in 2007... Tiesto's event was the best one for last year)

Here are some photos of the event!

The tickets...

The main entrance

Me and Khaleeq! We bought the Muse tag

Me, Awan, Khaleeq Sarf and Amad... Hey, I bought the t-shirt!

Me and Rantaw!

Me and Nazmo!

The stage

Matt on stage!

The band on stage!

Me, Haziq and his friend... you guys are great!


Hey matthew! Glad to see u there!

The puncak people... :)

Niza.. My friend from subang who currently studying in LKW... :)
The great crowd at the great concert... :)

Ok.. what else is about this week?
I would say that most of my friends are getting along now... Isn't that great?
Even the person who made a sudden change also has become closer to me... :)

Another thing, I felt that I've did lots of effort on something but I don't get credit from it..
In the end, I got the credit itself.. It came naturally... Alhamdulillah. I felt so much appreciated for it...

Hmm... Dance? This semester is tougher... We did this one song from Agnes Monica, Tak Ada Logika and the steps are harder than before... I'm already immune to shuffling, so I manage to do the hard dance! hehehe.

Advertising test? I couldn't do most of the questions.. I would say that I'm getting stupid...
But I'll do my best for the coming Broadcast test... :)

The End...