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Kenangan Terindah Bersama SAMSONS!

The story begins...

Hello guys, today i didn't go out at all pasal nak simpan duit! Rock The World is this weekend so I have to save some bucks.

I browse the Internet and of course, MySpace is a must. Hehehhee... I checked my old messages and I wanna share something here.

The Samsons Fan Club management from Malaysia sent me this message.

Hi adli,

Thanks again for the comment. We just want you know that Samsons will be perform at KL Sentral on 6th January 8 PM. Ticket Price: RM 65..

For more information..you can get in the buletin or our blogs..

Thanks again for your support!..Please promote our fc

Can't wait to see you and others..!!


I am so glad that they'll be making their way here.. AGAIN! hehhe
and I can't believe that I could memorize almost every song in the Naluri Lelaki album.
Great album that all of you have to purchase!

Here's the e-flyer of the concert! Shitt... Rock The World, Velocity KL Music Festival, Kenangan Terindah Bersama Samsons... Banyak kluar duit woo...

The End.

p/s: My second Indonesian concert... Hope it's not fill with millions of Indons! Just like Sheila On 7... Less Indon, more FUN! hehehe