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The Story is About the Moon

The story begins...

Semalam adalah hari yg kitorg (bebudak puncak) keluar hangout bersama-sama! hahaha..
we saw tentang bulan dekat Mid Valley... The movie is great! kelakar, teladan yg baik!

It was me, aizat, wan pucat, amal and nisa... we really had a great time at Mid Valley!

Aizat and Amal (lunch at Pizza Hut)

Me, Wan Pucat and Nisa at Pizza Hut.

Me, Nisa and Amal

The house that made from bread and biscuits by breadtalk.

Me and Amal... (amal giler.. berdiri sengsorang kat tengah2 ambik gamba sendiri)

Kegilaan Adli Syahril melanda bertubi-tubi.. ekekke...

alrite, after lepas diorg semua balik... I wait until 8pm because I want to win the tickets for velocity. Unfortunately....

Millions of people came to win those tickets...
It turnout to be a treasure hunting competition... everybody was running around Mid Valley to search for the tickets! hahaha... I was so pissed! So, I text Aisyah and Azhar... they were on their way to KL Sentral from Genting.. YAY!!! Free transport (my wallet left rm2)

More from me and the camera whore! hahaha...

Waney di alam kesengalan! hehehhe...

The end

p/s: yay! velocity KL Music Festival is on tomorrow!


Cerita Itu-Ini...

The Story Begins...

Hmm, quite lama jugak la aku tak update blog (it was like almost a week!)

apa nak buat... aku asyik kluar and balik after midnite! Bila sampai umah, mak aku dah tido. SAFE!

I went to Pyramid 3 days in a row from Wednesday to Friday. Wasting money! stupid me.
Saturday... Family time! It was fun because kitorg hangout dkt Putrajaya.

Sunday... SHOPPING!!! malangnya, The YEAR END SALE seem to be end pasal takde benda dah untuk aku beli. I saw this bag from French Connection the other day and it has already sold out!
I wanted to buy this shoe but takde saiz! End up, tak beli pape... Wasting time and money (for transportation) ehehhee

and now, i just got back from Uptown Damansara... The road was jammed! Christmas eve la katakan.. especially area Damansara, One Utama and of course, Mutiara Damansara...

now, aku dah ngantok... bye

The End


Eragon on Tuesday

The story begins...

Today, Leo came over to my house . We saw 2 movies in my house.
First, the Prophecy and then we saw Borat together...
It was a great movie.

Abdullah and Hafiz came too... and we went to Summit together.
We watched Eragon. F**K! It's not in THX! they put this malay movie called MISI 1511 for the biggest hall in Malaysia!

The movie for me is consider as good. Maybe because it's the first of its installment.
Go and watch it. It's good! Anyway, I won tickets to Velocity KL Music Fest! YAY!!! I'm totally going for this... :)

The End


What can I say about Rock the World 7? One word, AWESOME!

The story begins...

My, Lah and Azhar went to the biggest rock concert in Malaysia! (I guess that's the only rock concert that held every year like Big Day Out and Bay Beats).
We got out of our house roughly around 1pm. Fauzi (Fiqah's brother) also going but he went with his friends. They don't know which way to go there, so he called me for directions.

We reached there around 2.30pm because I had to go to Bangsar before hitting the stadium. Anyway, we did got the t-shirt! YAY! heheheh... I promised Matt that he could join us. Yay, more companion. Azrina text my phone and She just woke up at 2pm. I told her that we got there early because we need to park our car there (we're from Shah Alam, please understand us.)

We had lunch at McDonalds near Petaling Street and then, kitorg pergi balik to the stadium. We met Azlan (Azfar's brother) and their friends. Then, Joy (his real name is Johan from JB. My friend when I was in form 3. We went out together with Anis and Azrina before.) Then, We met Mang and Arif, our degree seniors. Who else? Matthew, my schoolmate! I did gave him a very big bear hug at the concert! hahahahha! Amal, Madi and her sister too... Azrina, Zah and their friend. Our part 4 seniors too. Not to forget, Aznin and Syefri. Owh ya, I guess I saw the "HEY-YA" boys. They were doing the "HEY-YA" thingy like they did at the Distortion concert back in 2003. Lots of familiar faces at gigs. Owh, Ariff, Anas from SS2 PJ with their friends. Ayie and his friends too. I guess they did came all the way from Kelantan for this concert! hahahaha... That's the spirit! Music did brought all of us together!

Me and Aznin

Me and Joy.

Me and my best buddy, Matt.

Me, Lah, Azhar, Matt and Joy at the Main Stage.

About the performances,
There were 3 stages... Main, Indie and Discovery. First one, I went for Indie stage because I really want to see Y2k perform! They were awesome and they did made the crowd go crazy!
I would say that most of our time, we went for main stage. When the sky turns dark, we keep changing places from Main Stage to Indie Stage. After one and another because both stages gave us good bands. Overall, I saw the performances from Y2k, Pop-Shuvit, Lo, Kluk Kluk Adventure, Lucy In The Loo, Love Me Butch, The Times, Infectious Maggots, One Buck Short, Dragon Red, Koffin Kanser, Nervewreck, The A.C.A.B. and OAG.

The best band on stage would be Love Me Butch, Dragon Red, The Times, Nervewreck and of course OAG. hehehhe. The show ends at 12am and I got back with the feeling of satisfaction. This year is the best Rock The World!

The End.

p/s: Velocity KL Music Festival... You're next... if i have the cash... hehehhe


Kenangan Terindah Bersama SAMSONS!

The story begins...

Hello guys, today i didn't go out at all pasal nak simpan duit! Rock The World is this weekend so I have to save some bucks.

I browse the Internet and of course, MySpace is a must. Hehehhee... I checked my old messages and I wanna share something here.

The Samsons Fan Club management from Malaysia sent me this message.

Hi adli,

Thanks again for the comment. We just want you know that Samsons will be perform at KL Sentral on 6th January 8 PM. Ticket Price: RM 65..

For more information..you can get in the buletin or our blogs..

Thanks again for your support!..Please promote our fc

Can't wait to see you and others..!!


I am so glad that they'll be making their way here.. AGAIN! hehhe
and I can't believe that I could memorize almost every song in the Naluri Lelaki album.
Great album that all of you have to purchase!

Here's the e-flyer of the concert! Shitt... Rock The World, Velocity KL Music Festival, Kenangan Terindah Bersama Samsons... Banyak kluar duit woo...

The End.

p/s: My second Indonesian concert... Hope it's not fill with millions of Indons! Just like Sheila On 7... Less Indon, more FUN! hehehe


the name is Bond, James Bond....

The story begins...

Dah tengok, AT LAST!!!

The new Bond is just simply awesome!
This time, no more weird, special gadget! hahaha! Bond, you're no longer as perfect as you were! Yeah, you heard me! :P

This new Bond prefer to work on his own... Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "bodoh sombong"
He is not good enough in fighting like the previous bond but, he's very smart!
Good at gambling too... From the beginning to the end, I LOVE IT!
Some people said that Daniel Craig reminds them of Sean Connery as Bond.
No wonder my parents doesn't like Pierce Brosnan... hehehe.

I'm sure my grandpa would love this one!
It's funny, shocking and I'm sure you can't get enough of this...

I saw this movie earlier today with Syahmi, Hamdan and his childhood friends... :)
Happy 19th birthday, Syahmi!

Watch it. Casino Royale.

The End.

p/s: the ending is a bit hanging but you can guess it! no more spoiler


Blog things...

The story begins,

Today is such a boring day... Me and my friends went to Sunway Pyramid and we did nothing! We had lunch at Mamak Bistro SS14. Then we got back around 3.30pm...
So, I got back home took pictures of my things... :)

This is my workplace, my room, also called my favorite place at home! :)

The phone is on my side. That's my floorlamp. You can see a bit of my printer. The no-longer-working printer. hehehe... That's my laptop! Can't live without it... :)

Here, you can see all my tickets, my dvd and a price tag. I love going to parties, play, shopping, entertainment and of course, going places. There's my Chivas ticket, Tiesto party, Groove Armada event, Revel4tion, PGL: Musical, Pi Mai Musical, Zara tag price, Alang Rentak Seribu play, some movie tickets and Gol & Gincu DVD! :)

Ok, here are my favorite DVD box-set collection! Thanx to my PJ friend, Khadijah, who gave me the O.C box-set of season 2 and season 3. I bought the first one! :)
Lord Of The Rings trilogy in extended version and the Star Wars trilogy! I also have Batman collection too.. :) I just love TV series... :)

Hmm, doing nothing today... Can't wait for the coming Rock The World! :P

p/s: somebody please, take me out!

The End


Got my haircut on Sunday and lunch at Taipan on Monday...

The story begins...

On Sunday,
My mother woke me up like a terrorist... I was like "WHAT? WHAT? HUH!? APA DIA??!"
hehehhe... Lah and Hafiz were standing in front of my house and I just woke up from sleep...
They wanted to go to Shah Alam Mall because Hafiz has a trouble with his Nokia N80 phone.
History of Hafiz' Handphone
1. Nokia N90 last year...
2. Nokia N80 in June 2006
3. Nokia N73... NOW!

He has the money of course... hehehe...

So, I took my bath and they went for a drink to wait for me... I am fashionably late...
He came to my house at 2.00pm and we ride his MyVi to Shah Alam Mall.
The road was damnnn packed with cars! The JomHeboh was on the same day!
FYI, Subang, Shah Alam and of course, the Federal Highway was filled with slow-moving cars!
We did manage to go there safely anyway. hehehe! I saw the Motorola RIZR phone! I would say that it's the only shop that sell that phone in SHAH ALAM! It's quite cheap compared to KRZR! I mean for making its debut here... hehehe! I was very tempted to buy that phone but... I know where I'm standing. NO MONEY NO TALK! DON'T EVEN PRETEND TO TALK! hehehe

Later, we went to SACC and Plaza Alam Sentral. I got my haircut in Thomas & Guys. Great cut by the hairstylist! She's a nice lady though... Later, I couldn't find the RIZR phone in PAS...

Later at night, I was watching a great game! It was a match between Chelsea and Arsenal... Heavy rain came suddenly right after the second half of the game started! I was like "F**KKKKK!!!! Not NOW!!!" but thank god, Alhamdulillah, I managed to watch the repeat match! The second half was very tense! Chelsea and Arsenal worked their ass very hard for the second half... And the match ended with 1-1. GO CHELSEA!!!

Alrite... Today is Monday.
My mother scolded me on Sunday. She said, "ADLI!! Bila nak basuh kasut Converse tuh??? Macam mana ko nak pergi Rock the World kalau kasut tuh busuk??? Gi basuh cepat!"
I was shocked! She said it herself.. hehehe. She did let me go for the concert! YEEEE-HAW!
So I did washed the shoe and it's sparkling now.. :-)

I chatted with Azrina earlier today... She'll be flying to Australia in February to continue her study! Awwwwww... I 'll miss her so much! We were crazy party people since school! We went to clubbing together since I was 16... I didn't pass the age limit but I did managed to enter the club with her, Nisa, Jolene and Manvinder!

Owh ya, she will be going for the Rock the World concert too with few of the Pussymates! Me, Anis, Afiqah, Azhar, Abdullah and few more will making our way to the concert too! This is awesome... I've already made my planning to go to which stage for each performance.. hehehehe! Looking forward for BITTERSWEET's performance because PIJIE is MY SENIOR!!! YAY! My previous housemate in college was one of the RTW performer too! Arif, which was the bassist for Jeopardize! Awesome guy!

Later, Hafiz (from Bangi) sent me an SMS... He said that he wants to come to my house! I replied him, "OK, Datanglah!". He replied back, "Bukak la pintu! Aku depan umah ko!"
Hahahaha! How funny was that? He was right in front of my door when he sent that sms to me!
So, we went to Taipan, Subang for lunch. Abdullah and Azhar came along too... I had rice with chicken and some squids at Di Kayu... GOSH!!! RM12... Fucking expensive. The squid is expensive! Previously, I had rice with chicken and I paid around rm6... I had a warm water because I'm having insufficient financial! heheheh...

At night, I had drinks with my friends. Again! At Taipan. This time, we had our drinks at the Old Town Kopitiam. Great place for some chats! :-)
Nice environment, great crowd, nice foods at their best service and of course, REASONABLE PRICE! I hung out with Azhar, Aisyah, Afiqah, Nano and Razil. I had this "Old Town Iced Chocolate" drink and it's very tasty! Rm3 and considered reasonable for a quite classy place! :)

After that, we made a sudden plan to Shah Alam's Uptown! hahaha... Everyone of us has our own temptation to buy something but... INSUFFICIENT FUND! Somebody please... Donate us some cash! hahahah... I was tempted to buy this organizer! It was a fake LV and it's so cool!
Nano was tempted to buy this heels but she has no cash at the moment. Aisyah was tempted to buy this fake LeSportsac bag because it's still not over-rated compared to any other brand!

WAAAAAAAAAAA.... I got back home and writing this blog because I've got nothing to do... Great time I had today... Everyday is a great day to me... I love being Adli Syahril... :)

p/s: you guys should watch the Lampard's goal post kick! It's awesome!

the end...


The Opening Day of "Cicak-Man"

The story begins...

Thursday, I went for the opening day of Cicak-Man at Summit USJ. I watched it with Amir and Lah. We went for the 3pm show... It was packed with KIDS! It's terrible to watch a movie with kids all around... because they will jump around the cinema, non-stop-talking, kicking my chair and always go in and out of the cinema...

OK, the movie is about this bad guy named Prof. Klon who wants to have the power to control the city of Metrofulus. So, it's a job for Cicak-Man to stop it! NO MORE SPOILER! see it for yourself... ehhehe...

Friday, nothing much... It was great to gather all my frens from school.. :-)
Me, Lah, Fadli, Leo, Shazwan, and Safwan. Went out with Hafizuddin and Amir too.. great to see them...

Saturday, which is TODAY, goshh... I saw CINTA for the second time! Great movie there.. I know that my mother cried a bit! hehehe... She said the introduction is very nice and creative! My dad loves the movie too.. Owh ya, FYI, I went with my parents! ehhehee... Alrite, We got a very good seat. We saw it in GSC One Utama. My most favorite cinema! After that, FRIENDS GATHERING AGAIN!!! hehehehe
This time, Hafiz from Bangi came along! YAY!!! He hasn't hang out with us for quite a long time. Owh ya, Rita and Puteri came along too! :))
At nite, me and afiqah hangout at the Shah Alam's Uptown.. nothing much, she was searching for a new prepaid number and I was hungry.. so we had our dinner there too.. :)

the end... more stories will come


2006 is almost over...

The story begins...

2006 is almost over and I am getting older and older... Next year, I'll be 20! I don't want to waste my "teen" days... So, I want to enjoy this teenage life as much as I can... Go crazy!!!

2006 brought me lots of joy and happiness. Sometimes we're on the top, sometimes we're not! Sometimes we're a winner and sometimes we're a loser! I've to admit that my life is not as perfect as you all can see... Well I do have a life. I love my friends and I really appreciate them...

I remember those events that we all went together... Those fun times that we had...

I remember my 1st experience became a fascilitator in UiTM with Syahmi, Hamdan, Nisa, Amai, and Sarah...
I remember the Tiesto event at Sepang with Khaleeq, Teeya and Leez.
I remember the 1st experience yg kitorg spend the night at the shopping mall in Genting after the Chivas rave with Ilya and Safura.
I remember the World Cup finale at Bukit Bintang... We were crazy! There were almost 20 of us I guess..
Our road trip to the waterfall in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan to celebrate Najib's birthday with Isham, Yan, Lah, Erwan, Tasha, Ilya, Fara and Israq
Road trip to Melaka for the Revelation event with Khaleeq, Safura, Hafiz and Ice.

The dance experience with my seniors for MPG Dinner...
The time that I had with Azmir, Aini, Khaleeq, Matt and Nisa...
The time that we spend the night on the streets together...
Everyone was great!

I really enjoy it, you guys!
Love ya so much...
Hoping that we could get crazy-er next year!



Today, I went out with my friends for lunch at IKEA... hhehe really missed them! We bought "Transamerica" and we watched it at Juli's house... anyway, back to the topic!

More about Cinta... I searched some websites regarding to the movie cinta... Just to know some review from other people. I guess that everybody loves this movie so much! Wow, I think it's much better than the Indonesian flick "Heart".

Here are some of the review that you should read!

Suanie - http://www.suanie.net/2006/11/16/cinta-the-movie/
Lyanna - http://lyanna.vox.com/library/post/cinta-movie-review-by-yours-truly.html
KY - http://kyspeaks.com/2006/11/16/ky-review-cinta-movie/
Fireangel - http://www.fireangelism.com/archives/187
Sultan Muzaffar - http://sultanmuzaffar.wordpress.com/2006/11/26/50-sebab-mengapa-saya-suka-cinta-panahan-cinta-terus-ke-hati/

The movie is not suck but not perfect... :)
It's worth your rm10... (rm11 for weekend movie at Mid Valley, KLCC and Sunway Pyramid)

Oh ya, just got the soundtrack today! I really, really love the song from Zainal Abidin which is played at the starting of the movie for the opening montage... :)


From "Dirty Jokes" to "My First F*ck"

The Story Begins...

This morning, I woke up at 10am. Iznie text me because she's on her leave today! So, she thought of going out with her friends for a movie or anything in Sunway Pyramid. Later then, a friend of mine from Shah Alam wanted to hang out with me for a lunch before he goes off to work. We did have our lunch together to catch up with some stuff.

After that, I bought lunch for my mum and rushed back home.

Exactly at 3.00pm, Iznie picked me up and Aisyah. There, we met Atiya and their friend from KMPP. We saw this movie called WAITING... which contain sick dirty jokes about penis' and bad sex habit! hahaha... It's kinda stupid but funny... Iznie couldn't bare to watch the movie because it was so dirty! I wonder how could that movie PASS to enter our country!

After that, we met Arlina, my classmate. She's working in Guess for the holidays! Then, we go around the shops to see the YES (Year End Sale) environment... GOSH! Many things that I want to buy! From clothes to bag... Everything! Head to toe! hehehe... What to do? I have no cash!

So, I reached home at 7.30pm and went out again at 8.30pm because I'd promise to have a dinner with my good friends... Afiqah and Nano. Kitorg kluar hang out pun because one of them is having a problem and I think she needed the support from us. What friends are for? A friends should help another friend.... No matter what, me as a friend will always support another friend!
The three of us became close since Form 5 because we sat in the same row!

We really had a great time because we haven't really meet and have a chat for quite some time... Everybody was busy with studies, jobs and other commitment.

I drove back home... I made a u-turn and suddenly this one motorist showed me the middle finger! Sh*thole! hahaha... It was funny because I don't think that I did any mistake... The bike was fast and he startled by me, I guess... By showing me a middle finger, it doesn't effect me at all... There's no use of showing it! Come on... Middle finger is like a trend where everyone doesn't really care anyway! hahahah... That was my first F*CK!

When I reached home, turn on my laptop.. Chat ngan Aini, Fareezan and Syafiq...
I love my friends... I appreciate them... Do they appreciate me?

The End


Saturday Entertainment

The story begins...

2.00pm, Aisyah came over to my house... She asked me out with Azhar. She didn't know the conflict between us. So, I did told her about what had happened but I didn't keep my grudge anyway. There's no use if we become enemies.

I told her to invite Wani Idayu to come along also... It could be fun! So, she did! We went to Sunway Pyramid.
We saw....

It's a great movie! FYI, I'm a fan of Denzel Washington since I was a kid... Man Of Fire is still my favorite! :-) The movie is about an ATF investigator working on a crime case that related to one and another. You should watch it... A movie that could mess with your brain. You can use your brain and think. Hehehe...

After the movie, I got back at 6.30pm. Got myself ready... ANDDDD...

Me and my mum went for the musical play of Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. It's my second time at Istana Budaya after the Puteri Gunung Ledang: the Musical play. We got there at 8.00pm and we entered the hall around 8.15pm.

Anyway, we got ourselves upgraded seats! YAY! Dapat duduk kat bawah because not many people bought the rm50 and rm70 tickets. The night's play also attended by our Minister of Cultural, Arts and Heritage (betol ke aku translate nie??).

Most of my friends think that it's stupid to watch this play but come on, who else gonna support it if we as Malaysian don't support our own local talent? The play was very good! Kudos to Othman Hafsham for the great work! FACT students from UiTM too! You guys did a wonderful job!

right now is 1.40am and I've just got home. So tired and need some sleep...

The End.


Cintailah "Cinta"

The story begins...

Earlier today, I went to Istana Budaya to buy the tickets for "Muzikal Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu". My dad picked me up at Bangsar and after I bought the ticket, he sent me to KLCC. So, I called Matt and Anis (a friend from Petaling Jaya). Matt couldn't make it.

While waiting for Anis, I bumped into Fadzli. He booked 2 tickets of Cinta for him and Nadia. I was so stupid for not making any reservation because the showtime showed FULL.

Half an hour later, Anis came and THANK GOD! The reservation seats are open for everyone!
We got two good seats!

Ok, the movie was good... Not great but I can say it is something for us to sit and enjoy good story and good cinematography of sceneries... I can say that the camera shot is really, really good!

The movie is about 5 different stories with different situations of love conflict...
My favorite one is the story about the old couple and the husband and wife!

I'm not gonna give you any spoiler because it's a must-watch malay movie! With the english subs, it would be easier for other races to watch it, right?

I'm sure you can cry your heart out throughout the ending...

You guys should give it a try! It's worth it...


"... Sorry Jason Lo, I couldn't make it"

The story begins...

This afternoon,
I thought of going to Jason Lo's solo performance at the Laundry Bar in Mutiara Damansara. So I called up my friends to gather at his show.
So, I called Azhar, Leo and Lah.
Azhar invited me and Aisyah to go out for a drink after I called them.
I invited Leo and Firdaus came along too.

We planned and we thought of going there...
The people who confirmed to go was Me, Azhar, Lah, Leo and Firdaus.

That night, I've text Azhar and asked what time that he wanna go.
He said 9.30pm. OK! I text the others too...


It's 9.30pm and he didn't show up.
I rang his cell... He said that he is in USJ and I heard noises.
Owh, he's playing bowling!
He promised that he'll come at 9.45pm
Ok, I accept his promise.
I text the others that he might gonna be late.
At first, I thought that he was with Aisyah because she said that her friend is playing for tournament or something... yada yada yada...

The time was 9.45pm and I didn't even see his shadow.
So I waited again...
I called Wani Idayu to catch up with her.
After that, Leo called at 10pm. He said that he's not going if it's late.
I told him not to stop waiting for him because he's always late.
So he did...

10.15pm: I called Azhar again! He was still at USJ. On his way back...

10.30pm: Leo called and he said that he couldn't wait anymore. I called Azhar to say IT'S OFF! I couldn't wait any longer.

Seriously I have had enough of this! Not the first time... but it's the 4TH TIME!!!
I've took it very well for the previous four... this time, NO WAY! Your sorry is like a habit to you!

Let's check out the history!

1st time: We planned to go for a movie. We waited for 2 hours and canceled after 2 hours of waiting. Fadli was very disappointed.

2nd time: Same thing happened. Me, Aisyah and Afiqah waited almost an hour. He felt guilty and doesn't wanna talk about it. Me and Aisyah called Iznie and we went for McDonald because we were disappointed by him.

3rd time: Waited for 2 hours and a half... We did go because Aisyah really really wanted to see the movie but my mood was already spoilt. We even missed the 4 o'clock show. We watched it at 6.45pm show.

4th time: Waited for an hour... Sorry Jason Lo, I couldn't make it.

I called Leo's cell and Azhar is at his house. He passed the phone to Azhar... He told me the truth.
He said that he was with his brothers to play bowling. They were begging him to go out.

I said back to him that he can go out with whoever he wants but please inform us earlier so that we don't have to wait. I don't mind missing the show... Better one will come soon, right? If he's having a family time, just tell me! Don't make us wait like stupid! Even if it's my plan, I'm sorry if it's clashing with your plan. ... but please don't let us wait! Just tell me so that i can cancel!

After that, Lah came to my house. He gave me the chance to drive. He asked what did happen. I told him and when it comes to the part of the "waiting history", I started to cry while driving... I didn't even know which road that i go. I lost myself... This is the first time I confront with someone and I really got pissed off! I don't want to ruin the friendship but he made me ruin it for one stupid thing...

Come on... Azhar, don't be too eager for something. Please think! If you're busy, just say no!

Thanks to Lah, Amir, Leo and Firdaus for cheering me up after the incident... I came back home at 3am from Subang and we really had fun!