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ADVANCE WARNING: Urban Rock Out New Year's Eve Party @ Urbanattic, Capsquare KL

The Story Begins...

Another good option to celebrate your way to 2009! Planning to rocking and partying the night away like there's no tomorrow? Urban Rock Out New Year's Eve Party would be the best choice!

6 local bands + 1 great 3-hour DJ set by the Best Newcomer DJ in the Juice Award.

Check out the details...

Urban Rock Out New Year's Eve Party

Urbanattic KL, Capsquare

It's the New Year's Eve, dammit! 31st December 2008

Live band performances by:
1. Priority
2. Dance to the Radio
3. Maddame
4. Stone Revivals
5. Day 7even
6. Bittersweet

Live music DJ by Foulworks Independent Movement (Darth Sid & Ivan X)

Free of charge!

Its that time of the year again, and Urbanattic presents the big kahuna's of all parties ever held this year! Gather your entourage and make way to our new location in Capsquare.

Urbanattic brings you 10 hours of non stop entertainment as the stage will be a playground for 6 local rock bands brought to you by Mosic Works and DJs from Foulworks Independent Movement.

7pm Dance to the Radio
7.30pm Priority
8pm Maddame
9pm Day Seven
10pm Stone Revivals
11pm Bittersweet
12am Foulworks Independent Movements DJs
3am End street party

Sounds good, huh?

Adli Syahril says: This is my choice. Foulworks, baby!

The End



The Story Begins...

2008 is almost over.
Before we open the new page for the new year, let me share with you some of my personal TOP 5!

Top 5 favorite DJ set:
1. Alex M.O.R.P.H @ Maison KL
2. DJ Shah @ Zouk KL
3. Nenes @ Maison KL
4. Mike Koglin @ Freedom Elite
5. Shitdisco @ Zouk KL

*Tiesto was awesome too! Don't get me wrong.. I am still a fan!

Top 5 favorite live set:
1. Switchfoot @ KL Convention Centre
2. Colbie Caillat @ Laundry Bar
3. Backstreet Boys @ Sunway Lagoon
4. Missy Elliott @ XLive
5. Daughtry @ Sony Ericsson Traffic Jam Party

*sorry Incubus... I did not enjoy your show as much as the one back in 2004.

Top 5 favorite festival:
1. Sunburst KL @ Kiara
2. 2 Days of Freedom@ Port Dickson
3. XLive Music Fest @ Genting
4. Freedom Elite @ Kiara
5. Urbanscapes @ KLPac

*Pesta Malam Indonesia... I was there for Sheila On 7 and Samsons only.

Top 5 favorite party / club night theme:
1. Lapsap
2. Twilight Actiongirl
3. Urban Republic
4. Mix-Tape
5. Hed Kandi

Top 5 favorite club / bar:
1. Barsonic
2. Zouk (Mainroom)
3. Maison
4. Palate Palette
5. Euphoria

*Miss those weekly bar-hopping days! hahaha

Top 5 favorite movie:
1. CJ7
2. The Dark Knight
3. Iron Man
4. The House Bunny
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

*Penelope for my favorite romantic movie of 2008! :)

Top 5 favorite song (English):
1. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
2. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart
3. The Ting Tings - Great Dj
4. Pitbull - Krazy (Feat. Lil' Jon)
5. Radiohead - House of Cards

*I kinda like Jonas Brothers - Lovebug.. hehehe

Top 5 favorite song (Malay / Indo):
1. Aizat - Lagu Kita
2. Faizal Tahir - Aku Punya Kamu
3. D'Massive - Cinta Ini Membunuhku
4. Bunkface - Situasi
5. Laila's Lounge - Mawar Khayalan

*I've over-played Komplot on my laptop. :(

Top 5 favorite song (EDM):
1. Lange feat. Sarah Howells - Out of the Sky
2. Andy Duguid feat. Leah - Wasted
3. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Walk the Edge
4. Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong
5. Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea

Top 5 favorite album:
1. Justice - A Cross the Universe
2. Hujan - ABCDEFG
3. Sigur Ros - (i can't spell it! :P)
4. Armin van Buuren - Imagine
5. Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea

Top 5 who I wish to come to Malaysia in 2009:
1. Daft Punk
2. Justice
3. Chemical Brothers
4. Sigur Ros
5. Radiohead

I don't know what else to put in my top 5 list...

That's all folk!
Let's hope for a better year!

2009, here we come!

The End


BLOG THING: Tagged again!

The Story Begins...

Tagged again. This time is from Aiman.

Nama ‘Timang-timangan’ anda oleh yang tersayang?

  • Commercial name : Adli Syahril
  • Girlfriends : Adli, Ad
  • Kawan Sekolah Rendah : Adli
  • Kawan Sekolah Menengah: Adli, Ad
  • Kawan Universiti: Adli, Syaitan, Syahril
  • Lecturer: Adli
  • Anak-anak buah : *tiada anak buah*
  • Adik-Adik: *tiada adik-beradik*
  • Mama : Adli
  • Ayah : Adli

Anda seorang yang...


  • Err... I can dance from 10pm until the club closed or police raid.
  • Universal music listener.
  • Gelak tak ingat dunia
  • Suka merewang macam orang takde hala tuju hidup
  • Pandai berjimat walaupun kaki shopping
  • Aku terlalu baik. Suka menolong orang walaupun benda yang hendak ditolong tu tidak perlu dilakukan oleh aku.
  • Tidak boleh melepaskan internet ; blog, facebook, myspace etc.
  • Pantang melihat ada event. Confirm tak makan sebulan untuk beli tiket.
  • Low-self esteem.

Describe apa membuatkan dia terlalu istimewa dimata anda...

  • Lawa

Makanan & Minuman favourite anda

  • Food : Nasi kosong dengan telur mata.
  • Drinks : Jus harimau tak sedap.

Favourite colours

  • Red, black, brown

Favourite song

  • 2008: Jonas Brothers - Luvebug (SO WHAT?!)

Siapa yg selalu membuatkan anda tergelak

  • Betty Suarez yang tinggal dalam hard-disk aku.

Sikap yg membuatkan anda stress

  • Tidak tepati masa
  • Suka tikam belakang kawan
  • Suka gunakan kawan
  • Buat taik ngan member sendiri

3 benda yg mesti ada dlm bag anda

  • Camera
  • Organizer
  • Pen

Kali terakhir anda beriya-iya menangis. Kenapa?

  • Melihat Tiesto di atas pentas. Giler bodoh sebab aku ni. Hahahaha!

Perkara yg paling lucu atau memalukan dlm hidup anda

  • Oho... Tak hengat.

Tag 6 rakan anda

1. Najib Idris

2. Zulaikha Zubir

3. Izhaar Rosley

4. Najib Idris

5. Ahmad Syahmi

6. Isham Razalli

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Spin Cycle New Years Eve Party @ Laundry Bar

The Story Begins...

Wondering where to head this NYE?
Hmm... I have some options but I prefer to drive down to Damansara as it will be less traffic compared to Kuala Lumpur.

Here we go...

Laundry Bar is having a big party for the New Year Eve and I do hope it is gonna be great! WHY?

Spin Cycle New Years Eve Party

Laundry Bar, The Curve

31st December 2008

Lapsap, DJ Raysoo, DJ Fuzz & DJ Soya

I am a bit confused about the cover charge... According to Klubbers.net, "Laundry's New Year Spin Cycle party on the 31st December 08 there will be a cover charge of RM50 per person which is inclusive of one drink, but if you have dinner reservations at italiannies and would like to go to Laundry after dinner (booked a week in advance) there will only be a first drink charge to enter or another option would be to just purchase a bottle of liquor from our menu and that entitles you and 3 guests entry and table (4pax entry)."

But as I referred to Laundry's website, they mentioned "free entry".

Who could say no to Lapsap party? Plus, three sounds in 3 stages from Indie, Hip-hop and house. Ermmm... I thought Lapsap supposed to be electro, tech-house and techno... Anyway, the poster said 6 DJs... Who is the 6th DJ? Try and calculate again... Lapsap (that is 2), Raysoo, DJ Fuzz and DJ Soya.. Isn't that 5?

Anyway, the main reason why I want to attend this party is because of Lapsap.

Zouk has a good offer for the New Years Eve also. Will update on that soon.

Image Source: Laundry Bar blog post
Info Source: Klubbers.net, Laundry Bar

Adli Syahril says: 2009 = Social suicide for me?

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel (Turn It Up) & Psychedelic Anniversary Party @ Maison KL (24 & 26/12/2008)

The Story Begins...

Don't know where to crash on the Christmas Eve? Pfft...
Drop by at Maison for the hottest party in town!
DJ Gabriel of Turn It Up (Capital FM) will be playing and it is gonna be great!

Followed by the post Christmas party, Psychedelic celebrates its one year anniversary on the 26th. Check out the guys cuz DJ Ndroid (Juice DJ Quest first runner up) will dropping some hot beats that night alongside with Popcorn Perky, Max Afizz, DJ Syane and non other than Maison's resident, Kughen.

Check out the details below

1. Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel (Turn it Up)
2. Psychedelic Anniversary Party

24th December (DJ Gabriel)
26th December (Psychedelic)

Maison KL

24th December: DJ Gabriel & warm up set by Kughen
26th December: Popcorn Perky, Max Afizz, DJ Syane, DJ Ndroid & Kughen

Cover charges applied
See the image for detail

Christmas Eve with DJ Gabriel
Wicked Christmas eve party, wicked music vibes! Turn the Christmas spirit up with DJ Gabriel (Capital FM) spinning his divine sounds of Tech House, Tribal and Techno.

Psychedelic Anniversary Party
Fast forward and it has been 1 year since the Psychedelic team has been out bursting their finest beats of Progressive, Electro & Trance music nation wide. It is time to get on the dance floor and party to the beast of our local DJs:

Popcorn Perky

Max Afizz

DJ Syane

DJ Ndriod (Juice DJ Quest 2008 1st runner up)

DJ Kughen

Image source: An e-mail by Klubbers.net
Info source: Klubbers.net / Maison KL

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Mogwai Live in Malaysia @ KL Convention Centre (21/1/2009)

The Story Begins...

Mogwai Live in Malaysia

Tuborg Stage, Hall 5, KL Convention Centre

21st January 2008


RM168 (at the door), RM148 (pre-sale, from 9 Jan - 19Jan), RM128 (early bird, 26 Dec - 8 Jan)
Tickets can be purchased at Box Office at KLPac, The Actors Studio at BSC, Rock Corner Outlets.

Soundscape Records is proud to announce a one-night-only show for internationally acclaimed instrumental band Mogwai, here in Malaysia.

With the date set for 21st January, venue at Tuborg Stage, Hall 5, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, local post-rock fans have a lot more reason to celebrate the brand new year.

This will be the Scottish rock band's first ever show in Kuala Lumpur, their second in the region. They performed to a raving, smitten, sold-out crowd at Esplanade, Singapore in 2006 - also remembered as one of the loudest shows ever held at the Esplanade.

On tour for their sixth and latest album, The Hawk is Howling - the band returns to its roots, working again with producer Andy Miller for the first time in a decade. As is expected from the 13-year old band's critically acclaimed brand of instrumental post-rock, The Hawk is Howling is a completely instrumental album - where the only 'conversation' comes from the often intense, sometimes ethereal, but always majestic play of different instruments.

Whatever it is, one thing is sure - Mogwai's breathtaking style of music that sometimes leaves listeners hanging in mid-air with euphoria and send them reeling with uncommon energy, is all set to mark Jan 21st as a historical day in Malaysia’s becoming as an international musical stop point.

To quote an article from The Herald (UK) : " Listening to Mogwai on the stereo only delivers half an experience; this is a band that was born to be heard live. On stage, grandeur and grace trade places with an effect both devastating and delightful"

Prominent local independent music label Soundscape Records who is known for its knack of bringing quality, sought-after international music acts to the region teamed up with Tuborg to present the region with this extraordinary music event.

For more info,
visit Soundscape Records

Source: Facebook events

Related Post:
BLOG THING: Mogwai is coming down to Malaysia!

Adli Syahril says: Hmm.. Kinda pricey but it is worth it.

The End


AFTER PARTY: Launch of WOW! @ Barsonic (13/12/2008)

The Story Begins...

Lapsap finally found their new residency at Barsonic and their night will be happening every month named "WOW!"

Besides WOW!, their other brand night will be once a month titled "LapSap & Co."
There you have it. 2 LapSap night in a month!

The WOW! launch were supposedly to have the indie band from UK, Mystery Jets, as their main act of the night for their DJ set but unfortunately, their flight were cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Anyways, Jet Law from Zouk said that they will replace another date for their special gig. Date and time will be announce soon.

Whatever it is, LapSap rocked the house. At least we all did not regret for not going to ZoukOut. hehehe :P

Check out the photos...

Amal & Yaty

Spotted! Magie & Camelia!

Me & Yaty with the club bouncer menyibuk at the back

Wow! Local version of Lindsay Lohan in the making? Anyway, you rock the party!

They hear the bass and they say "WHOAH!"

... And then they get down on the floor! Word! :D

We gave ourselves a pat on our backs with the "WOW" feeling. Good job, guys!

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Twisted presents Tone Diary with Marcus Schossow @ Maison KL (19/12/08)

The Story Begins...

Twisted presents Tone Diary with Marcus Schossow
Maison KL

19th December 2008

and warm-up set by Kughen

RM40 (Ladies)
RM50 (Men)
cover charges are inclusive of 1 drink
Sweden's wonder kid Marcus Schossow is one of the new breed hardcore; elbowing his way into the Electronic dance scene. Releasing his first single at only 16, at the legendary swedish Prog label 020 records, things have just escalated from there.

Schossow's new unique sound is ready to invade every dance festival, every club and radio stations. With releases such as ‘Mr White’, ‘Moog Me’ that was produced with fellow dj/producer Thomas Sagstad, not forgetting the remix of Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso`s summer hit- ‘Umbrella’ that is being hammered on Pete Tong`s Essential mix week after week, it had already made his way to the dance floor anthem track lists. With latest sensational productions like ‘Girl Suckccess’ and ‘Last Pluck’, the list will go on and on, and what’s great about it…. It’s only the beginning!

Watch out, the Swedish export is on his way to Maison KL.

This 22-year-old DJ had played at XLive in Genting. He did an awsome track. Don't forget to catch the man again exclusively at Maison KL.

I know you wouldn't want to miss it.

For ticket reservation, browse through Klubbers.net website.

Info Source: Klubbers.net
Image Source: Maison

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Vice Modern Disco & Bang Gang 12" presents GLOVES South East Asia Tour 2008 @ Maison KL (17/12/08)

The Story Begins...

Vice Modern Disco & Bang Gang 12" presents GLOVES South East Asia Tour 2008

Maison KL

17th December 2008

G.L.O.V.E.S. (AUS)
Visual by Brandon Tay (SG)
VMD DJs Nazkimo & Ndroid (KL)

Free entry before 11pm
After 11pm: Guys - RM40 inclusive of 1 drink
Ladies FREE all night

‘Gloves’ is the solo project of Yama Indra, one half of Melbourne heavyweight indie/dance duo Damn Arms. Under his Gloves guise he is the one man remixing machine infamous for his ability to turn any track into an disco anthem.

Gloves has wowed music fans, peers & punters alike throughout 2008, sprinkling his disco dust all over remixes for Cut Copy, Sneaky Sound System, Van She & Operator Please resulting in him being signed up to the esteemed Bang Gang 12 Inches label.

With a reputation for bringing the house down with his live sets & having already been playlisted by BBC One (UK), Dazed & Confused Magazine (NY), XFM, (UK) Don Rimini (Fra), The Bang Gang (Au), Pig Radio (Fra) & Martini Bros (Ita), it would seem the tastemakers are unanimous that he is the producer to watch in 2009.

Click here for more info

Info Source: Facebook Events
Image Source: Maison

Adli Syahril says: I clicked at "Not Attending" in Facebook. Sorry. Family holiday :(

The End


BLOG THING: Tagged!?

The Story Begins...



Hey ho, let's go!

1. Do you think you're hot?
Yes, I do. Now turn on the air-conditioner before I take off my clothes.

2. Upload your favorite picture of you

3. Why do you like that picture?
The picture was taken by Aizat at Palate Palette. It was my happiest moment in 2008. So what if I have a crooked teeth? hehehe

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
I can't remember. :(

5. The last song you listened to?
The last song I heard was Prodigy - Hot Ride when I was on my way back home from Friday prayer and a curious friend asked, "You went to the mosque or the club?"

6. What are you doing right now?
Reading blogs and updating my music playlist.

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?
I love my name a lot but my Chinese friends have problem to pronounce it.

People to tag
a) Najib Idris
b) Sarah Sevier
c) Aiman Syazwan
d) Zulaikha Zubir
e) Fuzz of CoolerClubbers

8. Who is number one?
Future editor of Mangga or URTV or Media Hiburan or Mastika. He suits in YEZZ! (Untuk bacaan you all!)

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with?
I dunno. According to his blog, he saw Wild Child with a "friend".

10. Say something about number 5
Di mana ada event, di situ ada Fuzz dan konco-konconya.

11. How about number 4?
She's LOUD!

12. Who is number 2?
Sarah segan

The End


ADVANCE WARNING: Pink Martinee presents JES @ Mist Club (17th December 2008)

The Story Begins...

Pink Martinee presents JES

17th December 2008

Mist Club, Bangsar

Jes Breiden a.k.a. JES!

RM45 + 1 Drink (Guys)
RM35 + 1 Drink (Ladies)

JES BREIDEN will be performing at MIST Club on 17/12/08 to launch the club's Wednesday night, Pink Martinee. JES is the second INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (and yes, we are talking about ARTIST not dj) that performs at MIST Club. For those who are unaware, the first international artist that came down was LIL JON (17/10/08) and he was here to launch the club's Friday night, themed Lollipop. That Lollipop night was extremely packed and there were hardly any space to move around. It was a coincidence that both ARTISTS came down on the 17th but on a different month! MIST Club opens four days a week and currently the club had identified 2 international ARTISTS, LIL JON has launched Lollipop and JES will be launching Pink Martinee.

It seems that MIST is changing the clubbing scene in Malaysia. It’s incorporating artists into clubs. It’s a totally whole new experience for clubbers out there. Although MIST is less 2 months old, we believe MIST will slowly revolutionize the clubbing scene into a different level, a level where Malaysians has yet to experience. We believe time will tell everything………

More than just ARTIST

PINK MARTINEE is proud to present the "Queen of Roctronica" who is also the official Singer for two years in a row to DJ Mag No 1 rated DJ of the year - TIESTO. Under His very own record label, MAGIK MUZIK/BLACK HOLE Recording's, JES BREIDEN burst into the dance scene and gained worldwide recognition when she teamed up with Gabriel and Dresden to form Motorcycle and produced the Billboard #1 Dance Smash "As The Rush Comes", which went on to top charts all over the world and even earned JES a spot on the renowned British television show "Top Of The Pops" alongside Beyonce and Maroon 5.

With this achievement, JES's shining talent did not go unnoticed by the who's who in the dance music industry, and ultimately caught the eye of the biggest superstar DJ in the world, Tiesto and became Tiesto's official singer. JES's music has been incorporated into Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise series 4,5,6, and 7 albums. And together, Tiesto and JES wrote the hit "Everything" for the much-celebrated Grammy nominated Elements Of Life album. JES joined Tiesto opening for his massive 2007 Elements of Life World Tour, performing songs from Disconnect live for arena crowds all over the globe.

JES has an utterly unique style, incorporating elements of rock with an epic trance journey; which soon she established herself as the reigning Queen of Roctronica. JES was nominated for two International Dance Music Awards for Best Progressive House/Trance Track for her first single -"Ghost" and Best Alternative/Rock Dance Track - "Heaven" on Miami Winter Music Conference. She performed live on the mainstage at Ultra Fest and solidified her status as an emerging solo talent to be reckoned with in the Electronic Music World. JES also took first place in the same years International Songwriters Competition for the song "Ghost".

Though the year is coming to a close, JES is definitely leaving her mark on the last couple of months with her nomination for her third single, "Imagination" for the Hollywood Music Awards. Also be on the lookout for some exciting side projects that find JES partnering up with a few very special friends to round out this Roctronica Diva's phenomenal year, including releases' with Johan Geilen, Steve Smooth and JJ Flores and an upcoming work with famed electronica guru, BT. Catch this Dance Diva, JES, live only at MIST CLUB.

Photo Source: E-mail by Klubbers.net
Info Source: Facebook events

Adli Syahril says: Sobs.. Sobs... Tak dapat pergi :(

The End


BLOG THING: Oh damn!

The Story Begins...

That's the right word and expression from me... "OH DAMN!"

All great events and parties are happening in the week that I won't be in this country.

1. Marcus Schossow @ Maison (19th Dec 2008)
2. Jes @ Mist Club (17th Dec 2008)
3. Smartie Partie World Tour @ Kiara (19th & 20th Dec 2008)
4. Massive Worldwide @ CapSquare (20th Dec 2008)
5. Rock The World 8 @ Stadium Merdeka (20th Dec 2008)
6. Lapsap + Co. Presents DJ Knatz (BKK) @ Barsonic (20th Dec 2008)

I can't believe this...
It is worst than any other year that I skipped the December events. Same goes with 2006 and 2007.

Haih... I'll put up more post on those events under "Advance Warning" for more detail, k.

The End



The Story Begins...

I was bored so I create another set of mix and it's a compilation of my current favorites :)

Do check it out!

Link here:

Tracklist will be provide upon request. If I put the tracklist here... This post might gonna be deleted. :(

Thanks! :D

The End


AFTER PARTY: The Relaunch of Twilight Actiongirl Night @ Barsonic (5/12/2008)

The Story Begins...

At last, the final piece of Zouk is complete!

Last Friday, Barsonic relaunch its famous Twilight Actiongirl night. It was totally awesome! The 1-hour-queue was a pain in the ass. We got there by 10.30pm and we could only enter after 11.30pm. Those regular party faces cut our line :(

But... We don't mind cuz we want to rock the dance floor!

Nothing much to talk about this party cuz we all know how TAG spin, right?

Signature rock tracks from Metallica, System of a Down and Korn. Dirty synth of electro tracks by Xu with his favorite Crookers mix and some alternative rock tracks such as Young Folk, Coldplay's Viva La Vida and etc...

About Barsonic... Some people said it is bigger than loft but to me it's quite the same with less tables. The distance between the DJ console and the bar is very near. A bit turn off there. The dance floor is located at the center of the room and it was kinda annoying when people keep walking in and out (like the Loft days) and i thought they have improve! But they are still keeping the same format.

Overall, Barsonic is good. I think the management have to limit the crowd so that it won't be too pack like sardine can. Anyway, I like the concept. Something like Palate Pallette with a better air conditioner.

Check out the photos.

You can see the toilet there.

Mass Commers! :D

Aizat and Tengku Azura

Xu spun some good shits.

We fight for our right to party!

Aryn, Yaty and their friend.

Bodysurfing action from Daryl

Aizat, Dollah and a bit of Yaty.

Pidos, Me, Aryn, Yaty & Irshad (WTF R U DOING HERE? hehehe)

Best picture of the night. Joyce dancing to Feist - 1,2,3,4 at the DJ console! hahahah

It was great seeing everyone at the party. Let's party again soon!

For more photos, click here.

Photo Source: Aizat Aidid

Adli Syahril says: Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha kepada semua umat Islam. Semoga raya haji ini memberikan kesedaran kepada mereka yang masih belum sedar diri lagi seperti Khaleeq Shahzada, Najib Idris, Ilya Qastalanni, Myra Mubin dan terutama sekali ANASTASYA ABDUL GHAFFAR. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

The End


BLOG THING: Mogwai is coming down to Malaysia!

The Story Begins...

Since the announcement of Mogwai is not fully detailed, I am not going to post it under the category of "Advance Warning". In fact, it is too "advance" and no confirmation or announcement of the exact date and venue. It is for sure that these post-rock act is indeed confirm coming here in January 2009.

From the source that I've found (Junk & KLue) saying that their performance is either on the 20th or 21st of January. No venue or ticketing details yet. Let's just wait for the more updates by Soundscape Records as they are the organizer for Mogwai's appearance in Malaysia.

If you remember the movie Wicker Park, you might remember Mogwai's track titled "I Know You Are But What Am I?"

Check out their live vid!

Stay tune!

Check out the post by Pirates of the Bargain Bin

**** UPDATED ****
(7th of December)

It's an all-system go! Soundscape Records have created the Facebook event for Mogwai's concert. Check the webbie here.

It's stated the date as "21st January 2009"

That is Wednesday! YEEEE-HAAWWWW!

The End



The Story Begins...

WOW! presents MYSTERY JETS (UK) - DJ Set

13th December 2008

Barsonic, Zouk

Mystery Jets & LapSap

Cover charges applied
Complimentary entry for Barsonic Facebook members & Premium Zouk members before 11pm

One of the UK's premier superbands get behind the decks for a very special set. By day ... they tour around the globe playing sold out gigs with their indie meets electronica sound. By night they turn into super kick ass DJs who take play awesome after parties, crazy electro clubs and secret warehouse raves. Get ready for the DJ set from Mystery Jets!

Guys and Girls, as we know barsonic won't be having a guestlist, the only way to get in FREE to barsonic will be joining the GROUP so please do so if you haven't k, its a very easy process and when you are accepted you will get in FREE for all future events. Type in "barsonic" at the search tab in groups and you'll find it.

(Search Barsonic in Facebook)
Adli Syahril says: See y'all tonight at Barsonic! It's the re-launch of TAG night, baby!

The End


BLOG THING: Condolence

The Story Begins...

Last night, we were shocked with the breaking news over the Internet about our faculty Deputy Dean, Shafiee Ahmad and a broadcasting student, Mariyam Sakinah, who were killed along with 4 injured students in a road tragedy in New Zealand.

To the family members and friends of the victims, I am truly sorry for your loss.

... Al-Fatihah.

The End


AFTER PARTY: On The Move @ MIECC, Mines

The Story Begins...

Last week, British American Tobacco (BAT) had a re-branding party for Pall Mall called On The Move. They have improved the packaging - not much difference from the old one - and I have not taste it yet.

Few months ago, the same venue was used for Kent Reinvented party and guess what, last week's event was not as pretty as it seem.

We got there around 10.15pm and had a great time at the bar. We worked on those drinks till we could not get our feet on the ground. We pissed a lot and had to leave for the bathroom for almost every 15 minutes. hahaha!

DJ Shary played some good tracks to warm the night followed by our own local underground Trance act, DJ Shane. He has been DJ-ing since he was 16 (3 years ago) and has been playing for some time alongside with veteran acts such as Joey G and Ian Ross. Now, he is already on the next level whereby he shares the same stage with big international names in one event. Later on, Andrew K (you might know him if you have attended the Hennessy event at Zouk back in April this year) went up the stage and controlled the console. Andrew K played around one hour with his good uplifting tracks before Andy Moor hit the deck by 12.30am.

Whoah! Good one, man! By the time this #18 DJ in the World Top 100 spun his tracks, the lasers started shooting at us!

Too bad the authority had to halt the event by 1.30am with undisclosed reason.
We all did enjoyed the first half but unfortunately, the authority killed the fun.

I hope the organizer will put more effort in making their next event to run smoothly. In fact, I am interested to attend any of their upcoming party. They did a good job on the lightings, stage set up and of course, right choices of DJ.

The podium dancers

Please be aware that he wasn't drunk yet!

Watch closely, those chicks were crazy!

That is a juice! Thanks for driving us home. hehehe

The ambience

DJ Shary, DJ Shane and Andy Moor

DJ Shary

It was nice meeting everyone at the party.
Sorry I didn't have the chance to take photo with you guys. :(


Photo Source: Some photos were taken from Bard

Adli Syahril says: To all my buddies, sorry for the guestlist cancellation because they had to limit the crowd. Hope you'll understand. Don't worry. I will bring you guys for the next one.

The End