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My Dare To Fail Story...

The story begins...
Hey there people... this is me, 'Adli Syahril, in hating exam!
I hate exams. Makes me feel that I'm stupid! hahahaha...

I was so tensed on the 1st exam. I couldn't think... I might think that i'm going to fail
I was f**ked up.

Thursday, I went to Mid Valley to watch the sequel for The Hills Have Eyes. For your information people, I love watching blood & gore movies such as Saw, Resident Evil, Hills Have Eyes and etc... ehhehe

Me, Aizat, Nisa and Pooya went to see the 1st episode when we were in 2nd semester. So we decided to watch the sequel together :) (how sweet friendship can be... hehehe)

At night, Faridah cam eover to my place at 11pm. We went to Maison together with amalyna and her cousin. We had a crazy night. There were so many "pengkid"s inside. I don't discriminate them but they were so irritating. They kept pushing me to let their girls climb the podium. There were quite many Malays at that night. Got back home around 5.15am after sending Amalyna at Batu Caves (she's studying at Unikop).

The next day, Afiqah called me. I was in SHOCKED!!!
She invite me to go clubbing with her at Maison on Labour Day.

Afiqah's history in clubbing scene
"Aku tak minat la bebenda camni."
"Aku tak suka tempat ramai orang."
Since she became an item, we hardly go out anymore.

She's planning to go on labour day because one of her friend is performing that night.

I've asked DJ WllyThKd for guestilist but he hasn't reply anything yet. Kalau tak dapat, tak pergi la kot.. ekeke... But this event is going to be awesome. Trance music + Didgeridoo = COOL!

I've been to the Jungle Jerry event with Dholi K playing the percussion. It was awesome. Thanks to Armin for the guestlist. =)

Exam + Clubbing = Pass or Fail?

Is there an answer to that question?

The End


"Hey Good Charlotte, thank you!"

The Story Begins...

As we all know, Good Charlotte has rocked the city with their promo tour on "Good Morning Revival" album.


If you are asking me that question... WAKE UP, LOSERS!
What did I expect from the concert?
Hmm, lemme guess.. That would be NONE!

Good Charlotte is consider as the MTV generation.
Are they punk? haha... I would say, POSEUR PUNK!

I'm don't exactly favour the band but they do play good songs.
Ok, everyone sure listen to their hit singles such as Boys & Girls, We Believe, Hold On... ETC!
I love the songs too... hehehe

OH MY GOD! I don't know what to say... The crowd don't seem to jump around with the music. Well, we did go crazy at the concert but some of the crowd cursing at us, you know, being unsupportive. We just trying to put some spices to the fun... Most of them were no fun!

Overall, thank you Good Charlotte for coming to Malaysia. It's hard for us to see rock bands rocking us in Malaysia. We are not like Singapore... No RHCP, no Fallout Boys, no Korn... Seeing you guys in Malaysia is already good enough. We are hoping to see more rock acts coming here.

for pictures, check out http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

p/s: Aerosmith might be coming at the end of the year! Save up your cash people!


UV Nation: One Nation, One Tribe (This is our next big party destination)

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone!
On the 9th of June 2007, the next big party destination... UV NATION: ONE NATION, ONE TRIBE will be held at One Utama 5th Floor New Wing Carpark.

This is what the organizer, EMI Entertainment, has mentioned to me through my e-mail.

We are very excited that you have caught the UVNation Fever.

The venue is One Utama New WIng 5th Floor Car park in Bandar Utama, Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

We are in the process of Finalizing the details for the event. We will definitely keep you updated.

In the meantime, please feel free to spread the word...

Also do check out the viral videos on You Tube...
Feel free to rate and download them, we encourage you to embed the links on your website / blog / friendster .

You Tube Links

Nak tau who will be spinning on that night??

1. Benny Benassi

A native of Milan, he usually works in studio with his cousin Alle Benassi and produce tracks together under the name Benassi Bros. The duo started DJing in the late 80s in their hometown, before moving to Larry Pignagnoli's Off Limits production studio in the mid 90s, creating music for various acts, including Whigfield, J.K. and Ally & Jo.

His first big international hit was "Satisfaction", released as KMC with vocals by Dhany in 2001. After moving from eurohouse to electro, he had another successful hit single "Satisfaction" in 2002 and 2004. This reached Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart after the Ministry of Sound record company replaced the original video (an almost still picture of the band overlayed with graphics) with a video of models using power tools. Some of his singles have charted high in the United Kingdom and have been played world-wide in clubs. Benassi also remixes the music of his contemporaries, such as DJ Tomcraft and Fischerspooner.

Recently, Benny created a record label known as Pump-Kin Music. The focus of the label is primarily new and unsigned producers. Through this venture, he hopes to give exposure to some of the lesser know DJ/production talent across the world.

2. DJ Scot Project

Scot Project is one of those rare artists whose musical style is clearly recognizable throughout the dance music world. His signature sound has helped create the harder side of the Trance genre, with unique combination of hard percussive elements mixed with melodic trance rhythms, he has become one of the most successful DJs/Producers in the global dance music.

Over the past few years Scot Project has created waves around club-land with appearances at Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Global Gathering, Homelands, Dance Valley, Avalon, Goodgrief, and many more major festivals and clubs worldwide.

3. Bass Agents (BAXX)

From the Melbourne underground to above the deserts of Australia to the center equator, The Bass agents are born. The name stems from 1 main element, the hardness of a driving bass line. Our music choice includes Hard House, Hard Trance, Hard NRG and HardStyle. The agents consist of 5 aspiring DJs who aim to provide the hardest yet uplifting sound whether it is a fusion mix of Hard Trance & Hard NRG or even creating the most psychedelic sound that is truly original and energetic for clubbers to experience on the dance floor. The Bass Agents has been around for a number of years abroad and locally. Most of the time they have been abroad mainly in Melbourne where the hottest party night goers seek for hard dance. Now, The Bass Agents are pushing Hard Dance to the Kuala Lumpur scene and taking it to another level.

Five faces, one pulsating identity. They are a bass-grinding five-piece consisting of Didjital, Xt-Acid, Ganjaguru, AVX and Feilou with a mission towards dancefloor destruction. Stripping away the gloss of mainstream, they may just be fit your stereotype for disorder. Blending inspiration with determination, mixing sound with light, merging the unpredictable with personal impressions of what’s real, each Agent infuses their individual perspective of how life sounds like in the bass-hood and match it to beat. The result? A sonic exposure in four provocative levels with the certainty of one relentless sound in its periphery - the sound of really hard bass. They conform to all rules of hard dance just so they could keep it tidy by breaking each a little off the edges to bring forth their vicious representation of hard style. The eclectic mix of interpretations give the Agents the ability to flow and shift the vibe of the crowd, creating experiences that will have adrenalines fired up and spirits lifted to thrilling heights. Enough said, keep it real, keep it tidy and keep it HARD!

4. Ben Cracko

5. DJ Desire

6. DJ Blink

7. DJ Goldfish

8. Stylustiks

9. Junior Hustle

MANY MORE (I think so.. because the event is consists of 4 rooms)

Alrite guys... Here are the article from The Star about this upcoming event

"UV Nation Dance Party
1-Utama (New Wing), 5th Floor
Car Park
June 9

It may have been a few years ago when club dance parties were indeed the norm, but there are a few of these one-day rave parties that remain to keep our club scene alive, just barely.

UV Nation will feature international DJs Benny Benassi (Italy) and Scott Project (Germany/Denmark) and they will be joined by local stalwarts including DJs Desire, Bass Agents, Ben Cracko, Blink, Goldfish, Stylustiks, Junior Hustle and more for a four-room dance party in the vein of Revelation and Zouk Fest. Ticketing details to come soon."

Come on guys! This is the next big party destination!!!
I'm sure it'll be fun!

"Push me and then just touch me till i can get my... SATISFACTION!"

The End


MTV Live presents Good Charlotte in KL!

The Story Begins...

YES!!! Good Charlotte is coming to Kuala Lumpur! It's an invite-only concert. Guess what?


There are ways for you people to get the invitation...

check out these websites:
www.lelong.com.my and www.ebay.com.my
search for "Good Charlotte" and you'll be seeing people auctioning off their invites for quite high price! hahaha

Ok, I'm selling two of my friend invites.
each one for rm100... How to contact me?

P/s: Good Morning Revival! Hello Good Charlotte!

The End


Speedzone Tour 2007

The Story Begins...

Speedzone Tour 2007 was a BLAST!!!
Yoji Biomehanika & Marco V did deliver us with their great tunes!
Strong 8,000 crowd has experienced the lights and sounds of speedzone. Believe me, IT WAS A TOTAL BLAST!!!

Lightings, sound system, visuals, fireworks... two thumbs up!


Ok, I am sure that most of us have been to many well known raves such as the PitParty and Revelation, to name a few. We also know that there is only speedzone party for F1 event. NO PITPARTY?? How come? Marlboro make more money ar?

Ok, speedzone has always chose a very small venue. Tahun lepas, the line-up wasn't as good as this year's... Maybe understandable la kalau venue kecik (Gab & Dresden, Blank & Jones, mistress Barbara). This year's line up is bigger! Yoji Biomehanika and Marco V for a small venue???

To the organizer of Speedzone, please improvise! Overall, the music was awesome!!! Keep the bass alive!

For pictures and video on speedzone, please go to this website...

p/s: after speedzone, we had a great time at alisha's after party in duta vista.. hehehe if you know what i mean


Speedzone Tour 2007

The Story Begins...

I just simply can't wait for the coming Speedzone Tour at Menara KL.
You just can't miss this party!
The countdown is on!!!
7 Days from today!

10 of my friends might be going for this party!
Do you have the guts to join us?
Just message me!
COME ON! YOJI BIOMEHANIKA is coming to town!

The End