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AFTER PARTY: Speedzone pres Cosmic Gate @ Zouk KL (5/3/2010)

The Story Begins...

Before I start this post, shall we count the number of Cosmic Gate's appearance in Malaysia?
Merdeka party, Massive Worldwide, Freedom and Zouk... Oh! That is FOUR!

Their set in Zouk was more or less bringing the same experience that I had at Freedom, PD. I was high, natural high (without any substance), with the melody and euphoric beats. I enjoyed it very much but some of my friends said they were not good enough. How good is good? In my opinion, Cosmic Gate set was way better than the previous Trance event at Zouk - Markus Schulz. Oh well, one man's poison is another man's drink.

Anyway, the mainroom was packed to the brim by 11.30PM. DJ Fono was really, really good at warming the floor and I love his vocal tunes selection.

Party animals went wilder than ever as soon as Nic and Bossi stood behind the decks. I couldn't move at all and there was no space at the front of the console. Surprised to see the usual party crowds hanged at the back though. That includes me.

Overall, I find the music was good. Thanks to everyone who fed me with drinks that night.

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BLOG THING: Space Invaders

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Are you ready?

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HEAR ME: Angels & Airwaves - Love

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One of my idols in the music scene, Tom DeLonge and his band Angels & Airwaves has just released a new album entitled "LOVE". The album can be downloaded for free through Modlife. You heard me right, FREE! The "special edition" version of the album will be available soon in stores. I will find it no matter what! Yee-haw!

The album release was delay due to the Blink 182 reunion tour... but is all good! I like the album very much. Not because of I'm a Tom DeLonge fan, that's for sure. Take a listen and you know what I mean. The band has injected the "space rock" element and it sounded like a fusion of U2 and Pink Floyd. So it's pretty much of a sound experiment which I find it a bit different than the first two albums.

In short, 11 tracks in LOVE are amazing. Download it here.

Angels & Airwaves - Hallucinations

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AFTER PARTY: DJ Chuckie @ Zouk KL (5/2/2010)

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I realised this story is kinda late to be posted here but nahhh... There's not really much to say about this DJ. The set was good but not the best (cuz I've seen better).

"Let the Bass Kick" was stuck on repeat but this dude knows how to hype up the crowd. Good job though... His live mixing-slash-scratching skills are undoubtedly awesome. Hands down but it was just too much of repetitive. Let the Bass Kick, and then I'm in Miami Bitch Remix.... Oh, then he played Turn Up the Bass. Cool... and back to Let the Bass Kick... With a bit of MC.

I guess that was what the crowd wanted. Everyone went wild every time he drop the tune.

I still enjoyed the set.

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BLOG THING: Guilty Pleasure

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Alright, I admit! I was at the Boys Like Girls concert in January! I hate them but I have to admit, their songs are extremely addictive. I could almost memorise every songs from the first album but their new stuffs suck. Big time.

I was at the front line and manage to take this photo. Adli at BLG? Epic FAIL!

So I was at the concert. Singing to the brain-damaging song, Love Drunk:
"I used to be love drunk
But now I'm hungover
Love is forever
Forever is over"

I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the lyrics? and yet, I sang to it.

"Who cares about them? Let's take a photo together like what most bloggers do; CAMWHORE!"

I caught Didi nodded her head to their music and I screamed at her, "OMG, I SAW THAT!!" and found Reta who said, "I'm only here for the beer!"

Love'em or hate'em, Boys Like Girls is making big bucks from us. I kinda like some of their songs too. FYI, I did enjoy looking at screaming fan-girls.

Ermmm... For the million Dollar question, "Does Paul loves you?"

P/s: I have the CD in my car. Oh, FML.

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BLOG THING: Top 5 Favorite Placebo's Tracks

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It's midnight and I just felt like listing down 5 of my favorite Placebo's tracks. Well there's more but I only want to focus on the first five of my favorites. FYI, Placebo is already touch-down in KL earlier today (according to a reliable source) and I am so looking forward for the concert this Tuesday at KL Live. Gotta get down with a checklist before the concert. Ticket, check! Camera, check!

The reason why I like Placebo is obviously the lyrics. There is something about it which makes it too special. Listening to the live version at Angkor Wat (2008) got me close to tears.

So here are my top 5 favorite Placebo's tracks!

1. Teenage Angst

From their debut album (and my current Blackberry ringtone), I think this song is very sublime. This song is definitely on top of my list. Most relates the song to depressed teenager, drugs, escapism, and fear of conforming to society. Whatever it is, this track is absolutely brilliant!
"Since I was born I started to decay. Now nothing ever - ever goes my way."

As we are born, we started to aging and ready for death.

2. Hong Kong Farewell

It's a secret hidden track, also from their debut album. No lyrics. Purely beautiful guitar riffs and piano. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel calm. The drumbeats complements the emotion of the song.

3. Pure Morning

This song is totally reminding me of my friends. The first line of the song grabbed my attention, "A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better". The song is about celebrating friendship... or about a friend who thought she was pregnant and "passed the test"? Great tune, weird lyrics and yet, another Placebo classic!

4. Follow the Cops Back Home

My favorite song off Meds. According to Brian (the vocalist), the song was inspired during his visit to Iceland and it was the 24-hour sun period. The crime rates are so low there that there are hardly any police. So what are the teenagers do in terms of crime? Follow the cops back home and rob their houses? Indeed, this is another meaningful song from Placebo.

5. Because I Want You

Ah, love this song a lot. It's like a medicine of a broken heart. The way he sings "Because I want you" repeatedly is interpreted as very sincere, IMO. Very beautiful track. Take a listen, you'll understand what I mean.

I really can't wait to see them live in KL. I will be there by myself so if you bump into me, don't forget to say hi!

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BLOG THING: Showtek Passes Winners ANNOUNCED!

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Hey guys!

After going through lots of e-mails (phew!), the 3 hardcore dance music fans who have won a pair of tickets each to see SHOWTEK LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR are:

  1. Yip Keen Tuck
  2. Sean Peter James
  3. Chay Kah Kiat
Congratulations to all three! See you at the party! Remember, guestlist will close by 10pm.

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BLOG THING: Couple to Tour the UK!

The Story Begins...

The same people that brought Hujan to the UK in 2008, and Estrella and 7 Collar T-Shirt last year, Kugiran Negara Ke UK Enterprise of better known as KNUKE will now bring our nation’s veteran front-runners of power pop, COUPLE to entertain fellow countrymen studying or working and spread the sound of Malaysia to an international audience in the UK during the universities Easter break between 17th and 29th March.

The universally accepted sound of power pop will give way for COUPLE to prove their own brand of Malaysian music to the cities of Manchester (Students’ Union, University of Manchester - March 19), Liverpool (Backroom @ The Bumper - March 23) and conclude their tour at London (The Fiddler’s, Camden - March 28).

If you are in the UK, catch the quartet power pop band, COUPLE, from Malaysia!

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BLOG THING: Muzika Musim Luruh '10

The Story Begins...

Malaysian youth across Australia will reunited in one band competition - Muzika Musim Luruh which will be held in Melbourne, April 7. Up to 500 musically-inclined Malaysian youth residing in Australia are expected to band together for the third installment of the event.

For your information, Muzika Musim Luruh is a platform for Malaysian youth studying or living in Australia to share their music with one another in a wider scope by inviting participants from all over the country.

In this episode of Muzika Musim Luruh, homegrown Malaysian musicians - Liyana Fizi, Hujan, The Pilgrims, Kugiran D'Tepi Pantai, Aru (Koffin Kanser) and Bo's Bedroom Sanctuary - will be making a special live performance as well.

For more details regarding the event, check out www.muzikamelbourne.com

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BLOG THING: Wanna WIN tickets to see Showtek?

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Hey people,
how are y'all doing?

I believe we all know the world's number 1 Hard Dance act, Showtek, is coming to town next week at KL Live. Tickets are already on sale now at Axcess outlets pricing at RM55 until March 9 ONLY. That is next Wednesday! You better grab it now before it is too late, yo!

Now here comes the good news!

I am giving out THREE pair of passes to see SHOWTEK LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR.
All you gotta do is very simple. Tell me why do you want to see Showtek and send it to adlisyahril@hotmail.com with your details (Full name, I/C number and contact number) before March 8 (Monday).

Multiple entries are allowed. So send your entries NOW!

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ADVANCE WARNING: Twilight of Dance presents Showtek World Tour 2010 Live in Kuala Lumpur @ KL Live (13/3/2010)

The Story Begins...

FOR THE FIRST TIME, the world's #1 multi-award winning hard dance act, Showtek, will be invading Kuala Lumpur. Are you surprised? Even I couldn't believe my eyes at first but yeah, Showtek is coming to Malaysia ONLY. Cough, i don't see Singapore in the tour date, cough!

Back in 2005, I was addicted to this kind of music. Oh you should see the scene back in the days. Kids were stomping the floor in their phat pants. Ermm... I don't think I need to give you an introduction on the pants, yeah?

Sorry I digress.

Anyway, I believe a lot of party peeps out there has been anticipating for this. The duo has produced more than 20 DJ mix albums to date and recently released their third studio album titled Analogue Players in the Digital World.

For the first time a Hardstyle act sold out a solo event in Los Angeles and the first ever Hardstyle DJ that received the honor to deliver an Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 for millions of listeners. They will definitely take you on a crazy ride!


Twilight of Dance presents Showtek World Tour 2010 Live in Kuala Lumpur

13th March 2010 (Saturday)

opening by Bass Agents

KL Live @ Life Centre

Tickets are available at Axcess outlets
RM55 (until March 9)
RM75 (from March 10)

From the Producer of Music Conference Asia (M.C. ASIA), Global Sound Masters brings you yet another highly anticipated event of the year - Showtek World Tour 2010!

The World’s #1 multi-award winning Hard Dance Act, Showtek will be performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the FIRST time as a part of their “Analogue Players in a Digital World Tour 09/10”. Showtek will unite Dance music lovers and enthusiasts on March 13, 2010 at KL Live event hall, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

With stunning live shows, devastating DJ sets and above all, massive production hits, Showtek on stage is an experience that will not easily forgotten and no matter where they play, they will blow the roof off. Stomp the floor with the Hard Dance maestros as they take centre stage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the FIRST TIME!

For more information, log on to www.twilightofdance.com

Check out the official Facebook event page here.

Are you ready for world domination?

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