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XLive in The Star newspaper.

The Story Begins...

Rocking alfresco

This is global warming with a decidedly local flavour.

Yes, come May 17, the temperature of the cool Genting Highlands air will rise a number of significant notches when X-Pax unleashes its inaugural XLive outdoor live music festival, which will be held at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

The likes of Missy Elliot, DJ Yoji, Dan The Automator, Filo & Peri, Marcus Schossow, Stylustiks and Goodnight Electric are all expected to shake the foundations with their rip-roaring sets.

Missy Elliot.

XLive will be the first outdoor music festival to be held in Genting Highlands since 2004 and will also be the first time that a music festival is being held at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

Organised by Pervert Music, the festival will run from 7pm right up to 4am and will be divided into three open-air arenas, namely the XLIVE MAIN STAGE, XL-TRONIC and XLCTRC.

Each arena will feature a multitude of quality international, regional (featuring Yoji Biomehanika, Filo & Peri, Marcus Schossow, Derek K, Gregoire Pagnoux and Raysoo) and local (featuring Dan the Automator, Alhaca Soundsystem, Goodnight Electric, Lap Sap, B4C and Twilight Actiongirl) acts, offering a dazzling array of music genres ranging from hip hop/R&B to dance and rock that’s designed to cater to a wide-ranging audience.

As the name implies, XLive features predominantly live talents, designed to capitalise on the emerging trend and growing audience for live music festivals. XLive isn't a mere dance festival; it is truly a diverse music festival with a plethora of activities to keep festival goers entertained.

In addition to the live performances and DJs at the three main arenas, festival-goers are also entitled to rides such as the Spinner, Cyclone, Astro Fighter and other theme rides to their hearts’ content.

For information on tickets and special room packages, call 1-300-88-0969. Alternatively, visit
www.xlivefestival.com for the list of Axcess ticketing outlets or e-mail:

Owh yeah!
I want to go for this party!
Don't miss this, guys!

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  1. Unknown said...:

    Wahh Missy datang!! too bad i can't go.... kimsalam kat Missy okeh! Enjoy!