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Siti talks on her nomination for Best Song category in the AIM

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Siti Nurhaliza is being nominated for the Best Song category in the AIM for her song, "Menanti Pasti" and "Sekian Lama". In yesterday's press conference with her, she said that she was so glad for being nominated for the category. "It's a good achievement for the song being nominated beside my own album,” said her. She also believed that other nominees were good too. It’s a bonus for her and also the Kayangan team if “Menanti Pasti” wins the AIM for the category.

The song from the Kayangan soundtrack, “Menanti Pasti”, is so special to her because of its element. She loves the melody of the song and she even hardly contributing her voice to this type of song. Even the mood of the song suits her personality. Siti admitted that the she has to soften her singing techniques to follow the melody and that makes it very special.

The song is not available in the album, Hadiah Dari Hati, because she had to follow her production. Siti Nurhaliza will start to record her new album in June/July and it’ll be release at the end of the year.

The Press Conference was held in PNB Darby Park. Kudos to Raden Pictures in making "Menanti Pasti" a success. We'll always support Siti Nurhaliza. :)

A chance of me getting a photo with Siti Nurhaliza.

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