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More World Class Events!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone!

This is the year that we're going to see more "World-Class" event coming in.
This is crazy! Much more crazier than F1 at night in Singapore!

Firstly, we've already witness the awesome stage, lightings, sounds and line-ups of Sunburst KL International Music Festival. Joe Flizzow, Hujan, Tubby, Atilia, Incubus, The Roots... YOU NAME IT! All genres in one event. It was a real success! Congratulations to Pineapple Events.

Next in the list would be Tiesto's 2 Days of Freedom event in May. First time ever in Malaysia, 2 nights of Tiesto alongside with Ferry Corsten & Cosmic Gate. 3 big DJ names in the world DJ top 100 poll are coming to Malaysia in one event! An event by Scenique Production who did the controversial Gwen Stefani's concert last August (hey, Gwen Stefani's concert was the bomb!). From what I've seen before, the name "FREEDOM" is by Winston as they can't use their original brand name to sponsor event. Correct me if I'm wrong. I saw it during last year's Global Gathering. Like "RECHARGE" by Salem, "SpeedZone" by Marlboro and "7ASTE" by Mild Seven.

I was also informed that Live & Loud 2008 is still under planning. Please bring in rock band for this year's L&L. I demand CHEAP tickets too! The season pass was not worth paying. In my own opinion la kan?? hehehe. :P

the world's music festival is back in Malaysia!
Don't be fear of the mudd because GLOBAL GATHERING is back!

Does this made Malaysia as the official country for Global Gathering in Asia?
Wow! We're in the list for the biggest international event!
2 years of Recharge's bad reputation; early curfew in 2006 and muddy venue for Global Gathering last year. I'm hoping for something new this time. Ermm, floorboard for the whole venue, who knows? hahahah. In my opinion, Global Gathering should be held somewhere in the Klang Valley. Easier for people to travel, am I right?

Last year's Global Gathering was a big success for having 35,000 attendees.
Well, me and another 34,999 people are craving for more raves!

One of the people who organize Recharge event mentioned in a forum that the event is confirm but not for the location as they had problems & difficulties from last year's venue. I hope they'll do something with the venue.

So, save your cash. Book your airline ticket.
Cuz Global Gathering is back in November 8th.

The End