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Giving viewty a "test drive"

The Story Begins...

It's been almost a week since I use the latest Viewty phone.
I think it's really rockin'!

Let's talk about the flaw first.
It's pretty complicated to take photos at night
You have to change to the right setting to take photos at a very dark environment.
The ISO, Night mode, Super fine images and so on.
So it's a bit hard to have a manual setting camera phone.

But it's works like a charm during the day!
It's equipped with the Xenon flash (exactly like stand-alone camera flash). It has image stabilizer function and up to ISO 800. There's a red eye reduction function too.

Let's check out some images that I have taken.

A Lamborghini in Tapah, Perak.

A good night shot.

The landscape mode. It's the paddy field behind my aunt's house.

Pretty bad of a night shot. I didn't change the settings for the dark environment. :(


What else?

I've registered myself the latest broadband package. Streamyx + Celcom Broadband = RM108.
It's very reasonable because my Streamyx monthly bill is RM88. Add another RM20 a month and I can surf internet everywhere through my mobile!

It's worth it! The current combo package for Streamyx is RM110 a month for 1.0mbps.

Plus, I have my personal reasons too. hehehe. I need to check my e-mail from time to time nowadays.

You guys should register the package. The promotion ends by end of May!


SMS with viewty is really easy!
The QWERTY keyboard can save your time typing message.

Anyway, I'm thinking of selling off my old handphone. In need of cash to buy tickets for the XLive event. :P

The End


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