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Menanti Pasti (from the Kayangan Soundtrack) nominated for the Best Song Category

The Story Begins...

Oh yeah!
I'm a fan of Siti Nurhaliza.
My first ever CD in my life was Siti's Adiwarna back in 1998.
I bought it after I got my first computer.
I was in Standard 5.
How can I forget that?

Adiwarna, Seri Balas, EMAS and Transkripsi won the best album in the AIM.

I now that most of y'all have heard of the song called Menanti Pasti taken off from the Kayangan soundtrack.
I've listen to the album and it's really good. It has different genres in one album.

Guess what?
The song Menanti Pasti is nominated for the Best Song category for both Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) and Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM).
Isn't it great?

I think y'all have read my post on the Kayangan film before and I did recommend you guys to check out the song.
Yes, of course it's different compared to her other songs.
It's good to have such a talented singer like Siti Nurhaliza who can manage to sing multi-genres of music. We've listen to her singing R&B, Dance, Hip-hop (oh yes, the famous Too Phat's Dua Dunia & Million Miles), Ballad and lots more.

Now, Menanti Pasti has a bit of Waltz element. I think it suits the movie Kayangan.
Well, the movie is about the royalty family and the educated kampung girl who is in love with that guy.

Here's a bit info of the song:

"Menanti Pasti’s lyrics were penned by renowned journalist, Abie Abdullah, mixing his love for literature with tremendous vocabulary skills. Ajai then lent his magical talent and expertise to infuse the lyrics with a melody unlike any other. Who would have thought that a Malay song could be composed based on the waltz genre"

You guys should get the album soundtrack in stores! =D
Check out other songs in the album too.
I love the soundtrack as much as the movie.
Sad Angry Babies, Ajai, Farah AF2, Siti Sarah, Zahid AF2, Ning Baizura and lots more has contributing their voice for the soundtrack too.
That made the soundtrack even better.

the song Menanti Pasti is really beautiful and I really hope that it could win the AIM and also APM.
All the best to her.

Check out the video of the song.

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