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SpeedZone Tour 2008 was awesome

The Story Begins...

SpeedZone Tour last 2 weeks was friggin' awesome!
Thanks to Thaiboxingirl for giving me the opportunity to meet with the DJs backstage.

She said, "Hey Adli, you know you got the backstage pass ar?"

I was like, "OMG, REALLY?"

She replied, "If you don't want then I give it to someone else lor..."

Hey! Never say NO to meet up with the DJ!

Mauro Picotto, Jon Carter, Gianluca Fucile, & Matt Hardwick... You guys are wicked!

Matt Hardwick played a remix of Radiohead's House of Cards.
I always wanted to hear any Radiohead remix at a party.

Oh well, can't wait for tiesto in Malaysia! Who knows? Maybe he'll be playing his own remix of Street Spirit. Or maybe Mat Zo's remix of Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Back to the story,
I would say Jon Carter's set was the bomb among all!
He was crazy!
Mauro Picotto started off slow but the beat builds up throughout his mix.
Matt Hardwick's mix... I would say it's predictable.

Here are some photos that you would envy me! hahahah!

(nahhh... maybe not. Only me, myself who is a groupie in the EDM scene among my friends)

Gianluca Fucile & Me!

Matt Hardwick & Me

Jon Carter signing on my speedzone t-shirt!

Whoah! Mauro Picotto is losing his hair!

And of course, the blogstar; Thaiboxingirl.

Oh ya, last week was my Pre-Graduation Dinner. It was awesome! I'll upload pics n stories soon about it.

Now, I'm busy preparing for my final presentation!

Till then, bye bye!

p/s: 2 Days of Freedom is already ONLINE! Yeah! Tiesto is back! Tickets are on sale! check out www.freedom-08.net

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    hey man...

    cool blog u have here. been looking for event/edm related bloggers, not many in malaysia.

    i envy u getting the backstage pass.

    i tried but couldnt (not enough resources)

    i only got a pre-interview wit matt.

    when ur free check it out


    keep up the good post. will add you to my blogroll