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Goodbye, Puncak Perdana

The Story Begins…

After three years of fun & tears, we have reach our destination; the end of diploma.

I’ve been struggling since we all were still “freshies”. I don’t know how to say this…

Ok. I’ve put all my efforts in every assignment but I never got credit for it, in other words, I never succeed during my diploma years. People think that I’m a smart student just because they see my hard effort. Looks can be deceiving. Yes, I do look like a nerd. Everybody has their own flaws, right?

I really thank god after all my effort, my blood and sweats, I can see my future now. This final semester has brought me lots of luck. I’m very lucky to be in the GLAM team for my final project. Seriously.

It’s the best team work I’ve ever done in any assignment before. We all work our ass off for 3-4 days in making our final presentation a big success. Ilya, Aizat, Israq & Mahirah. You guys deserve a big bear hug from me. I really enjoy working with you guys. Same goes to the staff of GLAM. Kak Wirda Adnan, Kak Aida Osman, Jac, Jaja, Min, Reezal, Suzie, Putri, Meera, Zul, Ibnu, Razlan, Bustamam and everyone there. Big thanks from me. I really love you guys.

During our final semester, we had to do our post-graduate dinner. FYI, it was a real big success. Not to brag but face it. This came out from the lecturer’s mouth, “The best MPG ever in the history!”

Good things have to be share la kan? Yeah, everybody loves our MPG. I performed for my class and also for my band. Pretty nervous at first but after one performance, the feeling is good and I wanna do it more! Hehehe. Our post event was great too. I’ll post the picture soon.

Which semester is the best for me?

I would say first semester and fourth sem. First semester were great because the lecturers were really nice to me. The feeling was like in the tuition centre. Puan Massila was my favorite in the first sem.

Second sem was ok but a bit tough for me. A lot of things happen which I hate to mention it here. Maybe you can ask me in person about it. Hehehe. Favorite lecturer = Puan Yuslinda.

As for the third semester, the classes got tougher. A few dramas had to start. I hate it. Somehow, it’s more or less related to the second sem. My daily dance practice was the only way for me to forget my problems. Thanks to Kak Am. Eventhough my steps were pretty bad at first, yeah, like you said, commitment and discipline is very important. Favorite lecturer = Cik Mayu and Encik Lan. I could cry thinking back about my photo communication subject. I couldn’t afford the DSLR camera. And for the assignment, some people think that I’m stupid in working with camera.

Ok. Now the fourth sem. It’s the best ever semester for me because I had a real good fun and excitement. Weekly clubbing nights. The Curve, Heritage Row, P Ramlee… I love it! The rave party Speedzone was the craziest party night. I still remember those hangover days. Who can’t forget it?

Advertising subject was awesome! I love our pitch eventhough it was not as perfect as some people but it was a true fun presenting it in front of my classmates. Shit yeah. We played jokes and laughed with the people and made our presentation so much happening even when they don’t understand our theme and concept. Hehehe. The fifth semester was a bit sucky. Hectic semester. It was fine with all the assignment. I just hate it for its busy-ness. No party required.

Final sem. I would call it the experimental team mates. But it was a big successful assignment I’ve ever done.

How we enjoy our diploma years. Yeah, I love the fun. We love attending concerts, clubs, rave parties, and any event. Pussycat Dolls concert, Tiesto party, Muse, Gwen Stefani, Sheila on 7, Recharge 4 & 5, Velocity party, Backstreet Boys, Speedzone, Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical, football matches and whole lot more. Movie nights. Most memorable would be Simpsons, 9 September, Exorcism of Emily Rose and Street Kings. Any other night, we just watch our downloaded TV series and movies. Owh I really love those days.

I enjoy visiting one house to another in our hostel. Gossiping with others, making fun of people. We’re really good at that! Singing and screaming outside the window. Stay overnight outside. We climb our college fence. Owh! Owh! We had this one big party. The whole boys in our batch attended it and almost everyone wore red!

Thanks guys for the fun during the whole 3 years of our diploma days. I really love everyone for making me laugh and understanding me. I’m sorry if I have done any mistakes. I apologize for my wrongdoings.

Here are some photos of our last day in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Puncak Perdana campus

The Panoramic view of my faculty.

Another panoramic image of my hostel (apartment)

I'll always miss Puncak Perdana view.

Najib and Aizat helped my with my stuffs

A goodbye pose by Najib the Camwhore!

The End :)


  1. thnx adli!!!thnx puncak!!!love the memories!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeah! i'll miss everyone there, too!

  1. Fuzz said...:



    im a month away from graduatin too. buat PR degree.

    cam cliche'...

    org social science and communication studies are the most fun-loving, crazy and adventurous people in the uni

    x sambung degree ke?



  1. Unknown said...:

    hehehe. sambung. of course.
    i'll be continuing my degree in July. UiTM jugak :)

  1. nuruliznie said...:

    aku rindu puncak gak..

  1. Unknown said...:

    waaaa... those days has end!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    waha...gambar i very the whore u all..celaka ko nok!!nasib x nampak perut aku..hahah.

    nice memory of puncak!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    sehari ko tak melahar orang, takleh ke?