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Sean Kingston took us there!

The Story Begins...

He can bring you to the tropics, sip pina coladas, shorty he could take you there!

Sean Kingston burnt down the house!
He was super hot rhyming those sing-along tunes such as Beautiful Girls, Take You There and Me Love.

Gosh! It was a great experience.
He was totally off the hook.
The crowd was super-hyper-active.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he just sang along with the music without the minus one.
But he proved his vocal after each song finished. He made the acapella version of each and every songs that he just sang, and made everyone sing along with him.

I can say it was a total fun while enjoying great tunes of hip-hop.
Eventhough it was a real short gig but it's worth my free ticket.

He came up on stage at 9.45pm with an intro song and he sang Me Love.
Alongside with him was an emcee named Raheem or Rakeem. I can't remember his name. Sorry.
Followed by another song called I Can Feel It. Great song too. Later on, he sang There's Nothing.

Next, he dropped "Take You There" like it's hot.
What an awesome track?! I sang throughout the song. I believe everyone did the same too. hehehe. Then, he did Beautiful Girls and made everyone gone crazy.

He's 18 years old, 3 hit singles in less than one year and the biggest hip-hop act at the moment in the US of A!
What more can I say?
He was totally off the hook.

*Adli, drop it.. You ain't no black!"

The crowd was great!
I thought that he can't sing but he proved me wrong.
Yes, he's the bomb.

I couldn't agree more. Everyone did enjoy his show.
Eventhough it was short but it was satisfying.

The End


  1. *Adli, drop it.. You ain't no black!"

    ko kan black!!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    sorry, i'm californian!

  1. cik Waney said...:

    credits to meeeeeee!
    i won the quiz!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hehehe... thanks waney for those tix :D
    u should've come with us