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My new gadget...

The Story Begins...

After last year's Recharge event, I don't know why but I think my Sony camera went crazy.
I can take pictures but the system couldn't transfer the photos to my computer. Not only that, it couldn't read my memory stick :(

I really miss my camera. It has been with me on every rave event, concert, party, family matter and record the best memories in my life for the past 3 years.

Early 2008, my grandmother's maid stole my Creative Zen MP3 player! What a B*TCH!

Since I'm having trouble holding an MP3 player, a camera and a handphone, I thought of getting something all in one. Everything in a pocket.

Behold! You're about to view the next technology!

It's my latest phone!
Thanks to my mum & dad for understanding my needs.

They don't want to get me 3 different gadgets, so they got me everything in one.
It's the LG Viewty KU990.
5 megapixels
touch screen phone
and it can play M4a and DiVX.

Now I don't have to borrow Izni's camera or my mum's camera phone anymore...


The End


  1. NaDd A. said...:

    u r one hell of a lucky guy! ur parents r way kool.. enjoy ur new gadget.. take lots of pics.. damn i envy u!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hehehe... don't envy me. :P