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Sh1tdisco vs Lapsap???

The Story Begins...

Guess who's coming down to KL this July?
It's the boys who know kung-fu; SHITDISCO!

I'm so crazy for their upcoming gig at Zouk.
They won't be performing their live set. Only DJ set.
The best part is that they'll be collaborating with LAPSAP!

Hey, it's LAPSAP, y'all!
My favorite!

let me quote from Facebook.

"Sh1tdisco is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the ever burgeoning Glasgow band scene. As a fearsome foursome, these guys have been playing everything from huge festivals to illegal lock-ins and what they call Turbo raves! Their DJ sets have seen them take on clubs, pubs and mega raves alike. What is apparent all the way through is their ability to balance a pop approach with downright unadulterated punk attitude. They are regular fixtures on Dim Mak shows and play at Aoki’s Cinespace night in Hollywood.

This is an act everyone talking about. Much like their support in the form of dynamic duo of Lapsap – Mr Puah and the 5ft. Get ready for a party of epic proportions."

If you think Steve Aoki's gig was crazy, let's see how this shitters do!

Cover charge: RM40 (ladies), RM45 (men)

RSVP now at facebook

Check out their video below

And this is their live DJ set video. Looks fun, huh?

Adli Syahril says: Anyone wanna go with me? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I have no friends to go with but i really want to attend it

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:


    sounds like a heap of electrofun

    but coolerclubbers will be at

    Liquid Jump Up 1st Anniversary @ Bar Blonde, AHR

    supporting DJ Radzy.

    if given a choice between DnB n electro, we go with dnb. especially local stuff.

    btw, see you at hennessy. almost all of us got it. some got it via nuffnang.

    see ya...