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Loveparade 2008

The Story Begins...

I did realized that there are lots of traffic coming in to my blog and mostly is about the Loveparade.
I did not post about this year's Loveparade because it's not happening in Malaysia.

But guess what?
We MALAYSIANS can experience Loveparade 2008 tonight at Channel V!
I did checked the TV Guide and Channel V will be playing Loveparade 2008 tonight at 10pm till 8am. LIVE TELECAST VIA SATELLITE!

That is awesome!

Cuz DIGITALISM is performing at 5.20pm for their DJ set (sadly, not their LIVE set).
That is 11 something in Malaysia time!

wants more?
Armin van Buuren! Paul van Dyk! Richie Hawtin!

So catch LOVEPARADE 2008 tonight!

Watch the trailer below!

The End