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KLue presents Urbanscapes 2008 @ KLPAC

The Story Begins...

How should I start this?
Urbanscapes was totally off the hook!
I was totally enjoyed the marketplace.
I bought a shirt and a very cute cap there.

Performance line-up. Absolutely fabulous!
I didn't manage to see all shows but i'm fine with it.
Acoustic livehouse arena was too pack!!

I did met lots of beautiful people. Thanks for came up and say hi :D
Facebook-ers, Bloggers... Nice meeting you guys there.
Of course... Senior, juniors and friends too.

What did I got to see?

1. The Otherside Orchestra

I chatted with Wan (the guitarist) on the night before the event. They were hoping for a very good soundsystem and stage. Well, u guys did blew us all with such great performance! I really really enjoyed it cuz I'm a fan! Ok. Not a groupie. I love'em because they are one of the unique band in the local scene. Like Wan said, "We want people to feel their money is worth the show. That's why we came up with The Otherside Orchestra." You got my complimentary ticket worth the show, man! :D

2. Estranged

Ok. The stage schedule were given to everyone and we can stage hopping easily. After finish with Otherside Orchestra, It was the time for Estranged! I did met a few friends who doesn't want to see these guys cuz they still wanted to wait for Komplot. HEY! We have the schedule! hahhaha.

3. Komplot

Another favorite band of mine. These guys never failed to entertain me good. hahaha. I was like moving all over the place for Disko Tanpa Risiko and shout DISKO Oh Oh Oh Oh! hehehe.

4. KL Stompers

I was introduced to these guys from a friend. Saw them in his handphone. hehehe. But yesterday, I was totally awed by their performance. Nice music came out from a bunch of "instruments". Believe me, it was not them for causing the rain.

5. Rather Peculiar Theater Presents Rather Peculiar Improv & Some (Al)Ready Made Sketches

What a long name to remember? Had to check out the Urbanscapes' website. Well, I'm not pretty sure by the name but we did check the schedule and it was played before Shannon Shah's performance. Hope i got this right. :P Actually, we wanted to see the Acoustic Livehouse but it was full since MIA PALENCIA's performance! Damn. We couldn't even see anything from the door. Too many people blocking it. :(
But, we did love the play :D

6. Estrella

Another favorite. NOT because of the bassist was my housemate but they really play good music. Very relaxing and soothing. Hey, i'm not old yet!


Lapsap in the house, y'all! Earlier that day, I wanted to buy the lapsap shoe but Blink said they doesn't have my size. Shit.

8. Bittersweet

Let's Burn Berlin Down with Bittersweet! Hahahah! If you hate them... You are a capital L (loser!) hahahah. No offense. Memain jer :P

9. DJ Van

Yeah! Mr. Van Chai dropped some good beats. Great set u gave us at Capital FM and it didn't let us down at Urbanscapes.

10. Twilight Actiongirl

We needed to chill for a drink. So we decided to enjoy the music by TAG! Wohooo... Everyone gone hoooo-weeee. Even Rudy of Hitz.fm went crazy for Metallica's Seek & Destroy. Oh, it was so good listening to Star Guitar as well.

11. Bass Agents

The XPax Box turnout to be an underground hard dancer meet-ups. Awesome lightings! Even better than nightclubs! Many kids with the Baxx shirt. All three "Agents" came to smack us hard! Ganjaguru, Xt-acid and Didjital. I went all out once they drop Kamui's Electro Slut in A*S*Y*S remix.

12. The Times

Oh my god. This is the band that made me happy in my school days. It's great to see them live again. They didn't play the ol' Pesona Algebra :(

I had fun. The best part was... I got the chance to meet my editor. Finally! Hehehe.

The End