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I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth!

The Story Begins...

Today was my first 3D movie experience at the cinema.
The movie that I saw was "Journey to the Center of the Earth".
It's a movie based on the Jules Verne novel and acted by Brandon Fraser.
This is the first 3D movie in live-action NOT animated.

I must say the 3D stuff is really, really awesome!
I've never experienced it in my life before cuz IMAX always shown those no-movies-but-only-3D-flicks.

Why I wanted to watch this movie so much even though I have heard lots of negative reviews?

It is the technology.
I was informed that the cinema had to use a special kind of projector to project the film reels to the screen. When I saw the trailers before the movie starts, I was WOW-ed!
The picture was really crystal clear! The projector they use for this movie is called "Christie Digital Projector". It's a Texas Instruments Technology. How cool is that?
The 3D glasses are not one of those normal red and blue plastic glass.
It was stated DOLBY 3D Digital Cinema on the glasses. So that means it's made specially for a Dolby experience in 3D.

The 3D glass!

It was amazing!
The journey through out the movie was like a roller-coaster ride!
Some parts do look unrealistic but the experience was the best!

Good job the management of GSC & TGV for blowing us with the best equipment to watch this movie.

Let's talk about the movie.
Hmmm.. It's for kids.
It has lots of science information. I even scratched my head for not understanding the science terms. No wonder I failed my science during school.

The plot was average, acting wasn't that good.
As for the actions, effects, soundsystems... whoah! I would give a perfect ten.
The picture was beautiful.
The 3D stuff was amazing!
I was speechless watching it.

I wanna share the some favorite parts of mine in the movie but I don't want to spoil the fun.
Experience it yourself. hahaha

Anyway, the movie was meant to be 3D. Don't go for the 2D version! Watch it in 3D and you'll be surprise!

Us in the glasses!

I would want to watch it again for the second time. Just for the 3D! :D

Check out the trailer in HD!

The End