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Hipster Kids, Loud Music & Pure SHIT! (LapSap vs Shitdisco @ Zouk KL)

The Story Begins...

Last Saturday, I went to Zouk KL for the Shitdisco's gig and it was purely massive!
Crazy shit night! *excuse my language*

Reached there by 11.50pm and thank god, Amal managed to enter the premise before midnight so she got to enter for free and I was in the guestlist.

LapSap was on the deck with good tunes to warm us up before Shitdisco hit the decks. Crowd started to filling up the dance floor as the track went on and on. Funny thing, I saw few kids shuffling to the electro music. Hahahah. Wrong venue, i supposed? Oh, with the hip-hop cap and outfit? Silap hari la beb...

By 1 am, Joe Reeves & Darren Cullen came up and Joe shouted "WE ARE THE SHITDISCO!"
First track they played was a remix of their song "72 Virgins" done by Bloody Beetroots. Everyone went crazy!

As they played their hit song, "I Know Kung Fu", both of them became total lunatic! They did the crowd-surfing in the wave of hipster kids. Guess what? They kept doing it again and again.
Yeahh.. Great action after Steve Aoki's gig! :D

Joe Reeves & Darren Cullen didn't fail to bring up the energy to the crowd as they were singing, clapping, bodysurfing, bouncing and all that shit!

Check out the photos!
Sorry for the bad image. I was using the N73 to take all the photos.


Darren Cullen & Joe Reeves

Check out the deco...

Darren ready to surf!

Amal with Darren!

I took the chance to take photo with Darren... hehehhe.

The badge was already finished!

Joe playing with the spotlight

Playing good shit!

Sorry guys, it's already 3am!

We managed to get the Shitdisco badge!

Going back home... Where's my pillow?

Playing "72 Virgins"

I Know Kung Fu!

The End