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Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 08 @ Stadium Merdeka (29th August 2008)

The Story Begins...

Oh yeah!
The rockstar princess (or POPstar?) will be making her way to our shores this August.

*WTF? Adli Syahril blogging about Avril?*

Hey... I don't discriminate music!
I like what I like, so what?

Who is Avril Lavigne?

Hahahha! She don't need any introduction! If you don't know her, that means you don't know music! Pity you, I must say.

I was a big fan of her when I was in Form 3 (back in 2002). I even memorized every single track in the "Let Go" album. It was the most amazing CD I had in those days. Before heading to school, I played the CD every morning. Of course, I did search for the acoustic version of her songs to complete my collection of Avril Lavigne. I admit! I was a groupie. Plus, she's hot!

The angry-girl-next-door will be performing in town soon. Here are the details:

Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2008
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 29th August 2008 (Friday)
Time: 8pm till end
Ticket prices: (Free Standing) RM338, RM268, RM168
(Free Seating) RM188, RM138, RM98

Any takers for this concert?

For your listening pleasure, do listen to her albums before the concert!
There are so many singles that she might going to perform! hehehe...
Well, I don't know what's on her set list but let's just hope she'll sing all her hit songs.

"Let Go" is her first album with few singles such as "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip". 2 years later, she came up with "Under My Skin" album which she sounded very mature, in my opinion. Same as the first album, she had 4 singles out of it which was "Nobody's Home", "My Happy Ending", "Don't Tell Me" and "He Wasn't".

Lastly of course, her recent album. Well, not that recent. It was last year, i supposed, with the multi-language track, "Girlfriend". The album was called "The Best Damn Thing". After the track "Girlfriend", 2 more tracks called "When You're Gone" and "Hot" became hit.

What to expect from her concert?
Do I need to answer that since we all know how to sing along to 11 of her songs???!!!
She can sing live!
I love her singing the cover of Metallica's "Fuel". :D

For more info of the event, browse through Axcess Tickets Sdn Bhd.

Watch this funny video of Avril Lavigne.

Trivia: According to Canadian Business Magazine, she was ranked at number 7 as the most powerful Canadian in Hollywood in the year 2006.

Adli Syahril says: I'm trying my best to collect some cash for this event even if I have to go alone.

Source: Axcess, Galaxy Events

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:


    Melepas lagi la.

    Best seat in the house is RM338 and that's where you wana be if you wana see her face.

    Yg lain kdg2 buat rugi je.

    Let's rob a bank... hehehe

    I'm serius... no la.

    Btw, u going for LAPSAP Turns 1 nex wed 23/7/08

    Private party beb. free flow n all.

    If u r, see you there n see you at Hennessy.

    Bawa army ke gi Hennessy? I malas la nak lepak ngn Nuffnang bloggers je.

  1. Fuzz said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Unknown said...:

    the problem is.. i haven't got the invitation in my mailbox yet. :(

    so that means... I'm not going.

    Yeah. LapSap private party looks interesting but ada kelas pulak the next day.

    WHY ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!???

  1. Fuzz said...:

    Alamak...dat sux

    tot ble chit chatto while we get 'motivated'

    (i kemaruk clubber melayu ni, dah lame lepak ngan chinese n indian, hahaha. dhaima pun cindian. im the only malay.last malay group was with my-ex's group 2002-2004. 4 years ago)

    btw, Hennessy called us and not emailed

    usually (unless previously stated or mentioned) lg private the party lg exclusive the invitation type

    so in my book, kalau dier tak cakap how they will give you the invites, most probably they'll call to confirm.

    RedSessions, Hennessy (Big sponsors) usually calls you.

    Aisehhh, xle lepak ngan u. Paul van Dyk?

    Speedzone contact us (ader isu wit our post, dah settle dah), so most pobably we got it (kalau x, I xnak kawan Speedzone 4eva.hahaha).

    lapsap pun suruh kitaorg pull out our post bout their thing.

    they said it too private of a party to be publish.

    they dun wan uninvited guest (funny thing is, bout a day after dat I saw the event info kat KLue. hahaha)

    u dah register kan 4 PVD?

    hope u get it. best of luck.

    cross finger beb. RM 70 tix for free.

    c u.

  1. Unknown said...:

    OMG, that remind me of the case that happen to me before this. hehehe

    Hennessy had called me hari tu. Dia mintak alamat so that they could send the invite. Tapi habuk pon tak nampak. I've already confirm my RSVP but still nothing. But takpelah... rezeki takde. hahahah

    Oh, PvD... tengah tunggu respond jer. :)

    Eyh, another event coming!
    I'll post it in my blog later. check'em out soon and please do help to promote them. ;D


  1. Fuzz said...:

    i kno this event, saw it before i went out for onitsuka tiger electric at zouk (boringggg, saje nak test dSLR)

    nasib baik ader 5ft

    tgh drafting.

    i ader 6 back-dated event reviews, 1 promo n interview ngan Judge Jules, Hennessy press con, Aly n Fila, LapSap (diorg suruh post lambat), Levi jeans event..... kire2 ader gak la 10-12 post tgh buat AT THE SAME TIME.

    rase nak tutup kedai je. haaaa.

    bulan julai ni mmg paling giler skali.

    tu blum merdeka month's event, global gathering etc.

    i ingat lg 5 years ago, ape event pun takde. time tu rokok sponsor n booze sponsor bnyk problem ngan legislation.

    sory la kalau terlebih2. bulan ni mmg i psyko skit.

    see you soon man.