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Coming this mid of July...

The Story Begins...

Check out the preview. It'll be release soon.
Malaysia? We'll see

I'm so in love with "The Sound of Goodbye".
Here's the clip of the live one.

Adli Syahril: The song "Going Wrong" in Alex Morph's remix version is still fresh in my mind. :D

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:


    The Sound of Goodbye is gooood.

    C u at Henessy man.

    We all got the invite.

    Lets go hip hop maddd

  1. Unknown said...:

    the person from hennessy has called. but i still haven't received anything in my mailbox yet.

  1. Fuzz said...:


    duno la. my invite was different. they said just go there. name on the list.

    then a week after my invite call, my fren got it. they say have to register at the entrance.

    n then i read somewhere got e-mail invite.

    could be different for diff people or could be the same. duno. tried to call em, cudnt get tru.

    got other parties anyways

    RedSessions now and not Global is in charge of PVD gig. n they have another free party d day b4

    plus KL sing song is around the corner too

    when free, check my blog for info.

  1. Fuzz said...:

    Mocca is hereeeeee

    17 july zouk, 4pm onward

    tix rm 50

    check the blog for info

    im goinnnnn

  1. Fuzz said...:


    CoolerClubbers are getting another chance to online interview

    JUDGE JULESSSS for his new tour/album

    we did an interview with Matt Hardwick (one of the talent agency's artiste) last Speed Zone Tour 08

    so I'm inviting you (if you want la) to pose a few questions for him.

    I'm sure with your vast knowledge of EDM international artiste you can have better questions that what we have.

    mail me at mfahazrul[at]gmail[dot]com

    so i can send you the news release/details of interview offer etc.

    thanks in advance.

  1. Unknown said...:

    That is great!
    I really want him back to Malaysia for his awesome uplifting mix!

    I'll send you the e-mail soon. :D

    thanks, buddy!