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HEAR ME: Adli Punya Mix!

The Story Begins...

The title explains it all! It's my own mix. Another trial attempted by me using the software in my lappie... heheheh

If you love Mr. Oizo, Shinichi Osawa and Steve Aoki, you guys should check out this mix because their tracks are included in it.

Sit back and enjoy my mix.

Tracklist is available upon request.

The End


  1. travelbugme said...:

    Sick mix man!! I like it! I foresee myself listening to your mix while at work!

    Can I request for the tracklist please? :)

  1. Fuzz said...:

    Adli.. why dun u put it up on imeem? just a suggestion coz i keep on trying to upload it but its taking a long time n it got disconnected a couple of times.

    really wanna hear ur stuff.

    get back to me on this.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks guys! :D

    I'll upload it on imeem for you, fuzz! :D

    Charlene, i'll send the tracklist to your e-mail. :D