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BLOG THING: Ferry Corsten on Twitter!?

The Story Begins...

Ferry Corsten

The hype is on! 2 Days of Freedom is gonna be a big blast with Betsie Larkin joining Ferry Corsten on vocals for the first night of the event.

Are you up for it? woot!

This what Ferry have said in his Twitter:
"In the plane again. Leaving the US. Going back home for 2 days to prepare for this Friday. 1st Twice In Blue Moon: The Experience, Malaysia!"

Oh yeah! Malaysia is the first location for Tweet... Opps... Twice In Blue Moon: The Experience Tour!

Follow Ferry Corsten on Twitter now at www.twitter.com/FerryCorsten

See you guys this weekend!

p/s: Don't forget! Steve Aoki is down in KL for UOX Play Future this Saturday! Woop! Woop!

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