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ADVANCE WARNING: U.O.X Play Future @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena (30/5/2009)

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Check out the bottom of this post on how to grab the chance to meet and greet with Steve Aoki!

The UOX Play series is back with its 7th and finale installment. The series is set to come to an end with a bang on this 30th May 2009, Saturday called UOX Play Future which will take place at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena.

Check out the details below.

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U.O.X Play Future

Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

30th May 2009

Steve Aoki
Pase Rock
Stretch Armstrong
Twilight Actiongirl
special appearance by The Cobrasnake

  1. Be the first 1000 U.O.X./Xpax members to reload RM20 at the door to get free entry and 2 drinks (soft drink/water).
  2. Or send REGUOXPLAY to 28881 to download a mobile voucher and get tickets at the exclusive price of RM58 at selected Axcess outlets.
  3. Or Purchase tickets: RM73 (pre-sale till 29 May), RM88 (at the door). Tickets available via Axcess hotline: 03-7711 5000 or log onto www.axcess.com.my

The big finale to the U.O.X. Play series you don't want to miss.

The music will begin at 7pm featuring a stellar line-up of local and international performers such as the most in-demand DJ in the world, STEVE AOKI, New York-based DJ Stretch Armstrong, Pase Rock from the U.S, and the boys from Sh*tdisco for their crazy, mind-wobbling DJ set. The world’s famous celebrity photographer, Mark ‘the Cobrasnake’ Hunter will make an appearance to “shoot” all the partygoers at the event. Make sure you dress well!

Our local finest DJs, LapSap and Twilight Actiongirl, will be hitting the stage during the event. There is no reason for electro addicts out there to say “pass” for this event because it’s going to be KRAAZZZYYYY!!!

For a chance to win exclusive DIM MAK merchandise, members can submit their best party pictures to uoxplayfuture@uox.com.my and be handpicked by Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ to be featured on his official international website (www.thecobrasnake.com) PLUS meet Steve Aoki and The Cobrasnake in person.

Shitdisco Tour 2008 video. Last year at Zouk was fucking awesome!

Do the 1-2-WOOP! WOOP!

Info Source: Press Release
Photo Source: Press Release

Adli Syahril says: I am up for this! Come what may, I'm still going. Steve Aoki and friends will blow you away!

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    This shud be good.

    Big venue, good performers.

    Steve Aoki...

    They have built up momentum and following to reach climax.

    Good job UOX.

    See you there mate.

    PS - Aiseh, kene beli xpax baru coz yg lame dah expire. dlu beli pun sebab UOX. hahaha...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    fuhh... macam best jer event ni.
    Adli, ko gi ngan sapa? nak join sekaki leh?

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeah! come and join the madness!